Gathering upon the Indian e-visa procedure for Mexicans

Indian e-visa for Mexican citizens
Published on: 24-09-2020
Gathering upon the Indian e-visa procedure for Mexicans

Adding up to the convenience?

Every individual has the dream of traveling to a foreign nation for different purposes within both personal and professional fronts. One of the very important documents that need to be carried on such journeys is the visa, which acts as the proof of authentication and identity to enter and exit the foreign soil easily. The conventional methods demanded the applicants to book slots and then wait in line at the embassy offices to get the visa done for even short term visits.

However, the Indian government has eased up on this by introducing the concept of Evisa for short visits. Partnering with 150+ countries, it would be good news for the Mexicans to know that they are also eligible for the facility. The upcoming content clears all of the queries on this matter.

How would the Indian e visa help you?

For the Mexicans, Indian evisa would act as the digital proof to enter and exit the Indian lands freely without any hassles. It gets linked to the issuer?s passport and gets scanned automatically at designated airport or seaport visited. The main idea for this concept is to cut short the waiting time that would have been wasted in waiting for the day of the appointment at the embassy.

What are the purposes for which it is allowed?

The following are the short-term purposes for which Mexicans are allowed to receive the Indian e Visa:

  • Vacation with the family to famous Indian destinations.

  • Business conferences within the company or other associations.

  • Recreational activities like yoga from a good school.

  • Short-term language course registered under international norms.

  • Cheaper and effective treatment options from Indian hospitals.

In some cases, the purpose can be a combination of more than one of the above-mentioned.?

Are you eligible for applying?

The following pointers define the eligibility to apply for Indian EVisa:

  • Permanent citizenship of Mexico, with proofs to supplement the same.?

  • Minimum of six months of validity of the Mexican passport at the time of arrival in India.

  • Financial proof to back up the entire expenditure of the trip, including the residential details.

  • No position holder as a diplomat in the nation.

  • No dependency on other members in terms of the passport.

What are the types of evisas that the Mexicans can apply for?

The Mexicans can go for the following types of Indian electronic visas, based on their purpose of entry into the nation:

  • Double entry / multiple entry tourist visas that allows for the purposes of vacations with family, meeting up with friends, or rejuvenation activities in the country.

  • Multiple entry business visas that allows the continuous stay of 180 days and includes only the business conferences or educational seminars.

  • Triple entry medical visa that allows a continuous stay of 60 days and includes only the medical treatments in case of serious ailments.?

In the first category, the validity stays for 1 year and 5 years. In the second category, the validity stays for 1 year from the date of issuing of the visa.?

What are the documents required in general for e-visas?

The following are the general documents required for Mexicans wishing to apply for eVisa in India:

  • Scanned copy of the passport holding a minimum validity of 6 months.

  • Two blank pages in the passport before entering the country.

  • A recent passport-sized photograph with a clear definition of the individual looks as per the specifications.

  • Citizenship proof for Mexico (e.g.- National ID proof, Voter ID, etc.)

What are the additional documents required?

In the case of a medical visa, you need to have the referral letter from an Indian hospital giving up all of the requisite details to process the application further.

In the case of a tourist visa, you need to upload your passport copy and latest photograph with some information?s like your accommodation in India, your purpose of visiting etc.

In the case of a business visa, you need to have a letter of invitation from the organizer in India

What are the details asked up in the application form of e-visa?

For Mexicans, the common personal details are asked in the application form, like the complete name as per the registered records, sex, age, occupation, marital status, educational background, and others that are deemed necessary.?

The other important parts of the application are the documents (both generalized and special ones as per the category of application) and the recent passport size photograph. Any incomplete details provided can lead to disqualification of the form.?

What are the next steps after filling up the application form?

Post filling up of the application form, the next steps include the following:

  • Payment of the application fee via any of the registered online payment methods.?

  • Receiving of the online confirmation via the registered email address.

Within the next few days of completion of the payment, the eVisa is shared to you at your registered email address.?

How can you select the processing time?

Based on your urgency of getting the e visa, you can opt for either of the plans mentioned below and it also defines the application fee that needs to be paid online after filling up the form:

  • Standard Processing take 5 days for Approval.

  • Rush Processing take 3 days for Approval.

  • Super Rush Processing take 2 days for Approval

Thus, plan for your e-visa in advance to avoid late moment delays in the processing.?

What is the experience of filling up the form?

As mentioned earlier, the form is very easy to fill up and requires hardly 15-20 minutes to fill up all of the details correctly. Ensure that the same is done in the first attempt to avoid any delays in the processing of the request.

Also, ensure that all of the documents uploaded are updated as per the recent norms.?

What are the restrictions in terms of the e-visa?

For the Mexicans, the following restrictions come up with the issuing of the Indian e-visa:?

  • The visa is applicable only for the mentioned purpose of visit and cannot be transferred within other categories.?

  • It cannot be used to enter into the restricted parts of the country.

  • Every traveling member needs to have its own e visa and cannot club the same with any other.?

  • The period of validity cannot be extended unless special clauses under the e-business type.

How can you reach out in times of queries?

Just use the reference number generated during the application to report any of the queries, like delay in the processing of the application or errors in the details.

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