Procedure For Obtaining Indian Visa For Mosotho

Obtaining Indian Visa For Mosotho
Published on: 08-10-2020
Procedure For Obtaining Indian Visa For Mosotho

India is said to be one of the most attractive countries Worldwide, and the process of obtaining a visa for traveling or visiting India is quite easy. Most countries will no longer need to visit the Indian embassy to obtain a visa for traveling within the country as the process of applying for a visa has now been also shifted to online.

This also includes Mosotho. Now, the applicants from Mosotho can easily apply for the visa by staying at home. Significantly, getting an electronic India visa is one of the easiest ways to obtain a visa than in other countries. Back in history, you were asked to visit the Indian embassy for the same process of obtaining a visa. Applicants can easily apply for the visa via their smart-phones or desktop to obtain an electronic visa.

What is an Indian e-Visa?

Indian Electronic Visa is a legal document for the applicant to visit and travel within India issued by the immigration authorities. Electronic Travel Authorization allows citizens of around 160+ countries to visit or travel within India without having a requirement of physical stamping on the passport. The same can be obtained easily by filling up accurate information in an application form with basic biographical and passport details. However, the electronic visa is linked to the passport of the applicant. Electronic Indian Visa act as a legal proof that you can live and stay in the boundaries of India.

Documents required by the applicants of Mosotho

Firstly, every applicant has to fall into the criteria of who is allowed in the country given by India's immigration authorities. Meanwhile, Indian immigrant authorities allow the citizens of Mosotho to visit or travel in India. The Indian e visa is a process of simplifying the complication faced by the applicants for obtaining the e visa for traveling in India. Obtaining an electronic India visa is not a difficult task if you go through the process appropriately. Fortunately, the list of documents for citizens of Mosotho is short, and the process is convenient. The most significant documents which are required for applying the Indian e visa by the Mosotho applicants are mentioned below:-

1.?Applicant's Passport:?Most of the citizens living in Mosotho already have a passport, and if not, then the process of acquiring the passport in Mosotho is hassle-free. However, the applicant must have a passport for obtaining the e visa, and he/she must ensure that their passport holds validity for another six months from the arrival date in India.

2.?Applicant's Photograph:?Since the process of obtaining a visa is done virtually, one must have to upload their recent photo at the time of filling the application form. The photo should be professional, as face gestures are not allowed.

3.?Income Proof:?For obtaining the e visa for India, one must have to show the income proof, which can easily be shown by the monthly salary slip or income tax returns.

Besides these basic documents, one must have to have a passport scan of the information page. Although several visa application providers will complete the process of applying for the Indian e-visa but still have any queries regarding the same, they also have the facility of 24/7 if you need any help.

What will be the process of filling the Application form for Mosotho Applicants?

As mentioned above, the process for Indian e-visa application is simple and easy. All you have to do is to follow some basic steps for flying to India. Firstly, you will be asked to fill an application form with accurate information. The application form will include basic information such as name, surname, personal details, contact, email, age, marital status, and many more. After filling the details asked in the application, you will also be asked to upload your photograph for the identification. You need to make payment for your application for obtaining the e visa to India, depending on the visa you choose.

You must ensure that the information you have filled is accurate, and before pressing the button of submitting, you must check the details twice. You can now make your payment via debit or credit card. After applying, you will receive an email after approval of your visa application that will have your electronic visa and self-declaration form. Also, the citizens of Mosotho can apply for the three most common visas for traveling to India are mentioned below:-

1. Tourist e-Visa for Mosotho Applicants

2. Business e-Visa for Mosotho Applicants

3. Medical e-Visa for Mosotho Applicants

Mosotho applicants apply for Tourist e-Visa to travel within the country. You are requested to get a printout of your electronic visa and self-declaration form to present before the officials at the time of arrival. Both documents are essential as they permit your entry into the country. However, for traveling in the country, you must have enough amounts to spend. However, the electronic Indian visa gets processed in a couple of days, but it also depends on the processing time you select. There are mainly three processing times, which include Standard Processing, Rush Processing, and Super Rush Processing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should the applicant of Mosotho apply for the Indian e visa?

The applicant must apply for the visa before 30 to 120 days of your intended arrival date.

How many times an applicant from Mosotho is allowed to apply for the Indian e visa?

An applicant from Mosotho is allowed to apply Indian e visa two times a year (January-December).

What would be the payment method for applying for the electronic Indian Visa?

As per your assistance, the payment method is very easy. All it requires is a debit or credit card for fulfilling the payment work.

How many types of e-visas are available?

Mainly there are three types of e-visas that include Tourist e-Visa, Business e-Visa, and Medical e-Visa.

Does the amount of e-visa is refundable?

No. The amount once paid is non-refundable.

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