Know The Process Of Applying Indian Visa For Mozambicans

Indian Visa For Mozambicans
Published on: 12-10-2020
Know The Process Of Applying Indian Visa For Mozambicans

The convenience of applying for an Indian e-Visa online

Getting an Indian visa to travel to any country is not a difficult task anymore. Travelers are not required to obtain this Indian visa from the Indian embassy anymore. Instead, they can reluctantly carry on with this entire process of acquiring their visa from the comfort of their home. Similarly, the nationals from Mozambique can obtain an Indian visa for their travel to India.

The Mozambicans do not have to wait in a long queue outside the embassy to get an Indian visa. Instead, they can apply for the visa online from their smart-phone or computer through a good internet connection. The Indian visa that the Mozambique nationals can get easy access to via the internet is electronic. There is an entire visa application process that the citizens should complete while applying for an online visa.

Knowing Indian e-visa in detail

Before applying for an electronic visa, the citizens need to know all about the electronic Indian visa in detail. Indian e-visa is a type of electronic visa that the Government grants for travelers from Mozambique and many other countries. Tourists from Mozambique traveling to India can apply for this digitally produced electronic visa for tourists, medical reasons, and business purposes.

The immigration authorities issue for this legal document. This legal proof enables citizens from Mozambique to travel to India for a certain period. These type of visitors needs to pay a certain amount of fee for this electronic visa. Once the payment is made online, Mozambique citizens who wish to travel to India would receive this visa right before their travel. The process of applying for this visa is very easy. Before applying for the same, you would need to know the requirements, regulations, and tips to get hold of the medical, tourist, and business visa online.

Documents required for the Indian e-visa application

We have already learned that the Indian e-visa works as a legal permit for allowing all the visitors from Mozambique to India. The visa applicant receives the finished digital copy f this electronic visa after the Indian authorities authenticate it properly. There are very few documents that the Mozambicans need to show the Indian authorities. Submission of all these documents will get the authorities started with the actual process. Here are some of the required documents that the Mozambique citizens can access the Indian e-visa online to travel to India.

Passport:?The process of getting a valid Indian passport is a lot easier for the Mozambicans. If the citizens already have a passport in their possession, they need to worry about it. The validity of the passport needs to be for almost six months and should not be expired.

Your Digital Photo:?This is a very important document since the entire process is virtually done on digital media. This digital photo is required for the process of visa application. The applicants need to upload their photos virtually. The tourists must click new, recent, and colored pictures for their visa application. The travelers can hold of this through scanning.

Income Proof:?You must have a steady income to be able to obtain your visa. The travelers can either show their salary slips, income tax returns or pay slips as income proof. While traveling to India, the Mozambique citizens need to show these documents to prove that they can support themselves.

Scanned Passport:?You have to scan the information page along with an attached scanned passport. This should be sent along with your passport.

Payment proof documents:?The travelers need to pay a certain amount to apply for the electronic visa. They can make this payment via any of the payment methods. You need to attach the payment proof along with other documents.

Copy of Business card/ Invitation letter:?If you are traveling to India from Mozambique for business purposes, you need to have a copy of the business card and an invitation letter from India's business.

Hospital Confirmation proof:?In case your travel is strictly for medical reasons, then the Indian e-visa application would like to see the confirmation proof from your hospital as well. Without a valid confirmation, your travel to India from Mozambique would be denied instantly.

Types of Indian Visa accessed by Mozambicans

The Mozambique citizens are allowed a very few types of Indian e-visa for their visit to India. The three common visas that the Mozambicans can apply for are given below:

  • Business e-visa
  • Tourist e-visa
  • Medical e-visa

On their visit to India, the Mozambique citizens apply mostly for tourist e-visa. The process of obtaining this e-visa is extremely easy. To obtain this, Mozambique's nationals do not need to travel to the embassy and do it from their home instead.

Validity Period for Tourist e-visa to India

There is a very specific validity period for all the types of Indian electronic visas that the nationals from Mozambique can apply for before their travel to India. Since these nationals mostly apply for an Indian tourist e-visa through digital media, there is a validity period for this type of travel. After you have already issued an Indian tourist e-Visa, the validity period for this visa type is one year. This means the citizens of Mozambique can enter India as tourists only for a year, after which they will no longer be allowed to travel.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much time does it take to apply for an Indian e-visa through digital media?

It is up to the Mozambique citizen to choose the time they would need their India e-visa. Three different processes include the standard, rush, and the super rush process, based on which you can get your Indian visa accordingly. The time you receive your visa would also depend on which option you choose.

How much does it cost to apply for an Indian visa online?

The service fee for applying for an Indian e-visa by the Mozambique nationals depends on the delivery time of the visa or visa type, they have applied for.?

What is the appropriate time for the Mozambique nationals to apply for an e-visa online?

The Mozambique nationals should apply for the Indian e-visa through a digital process within 120 days, depending on your arrival date. You might have to wait in a queue in case you do not apply within the given time. This might lead to not getting a visa for the given time of your arrival.?

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