Process of Applying For Indian Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Indian Visa for Myanmar Citizen
Published on: 09-10-2020
Process of Applying For Indian Visa for Myanmar Citizen

Citizens from all over the world traveling to India need a valid Indian visa to do so. There are different systems introduced by the Indian Government to apply for an Indian visa for Myanmar Citizens. Most citizens from different countries tend to choose the most simplified system of the Indian Visa that can allow visitors from all abroad countries to travel to India. This simplified form of applying for an Indian Visa is an electronic visa or commonly called the e-visa. The reason why this Indian visa is the most simplified version is that it can be applied online.

Understanding the importance of e-visa online

Most recently, we have discussed how the Government of India had introduced an e-visa or an electronic visa. Citizens of almost 150 countries can apply for this Visa. Myanmar is one such country that can apply for the same visa as well. Myanmar's nationals would not need to visit the Indian embassy and stand in a long queue to apply for an Indian Visa. Instead, these citizens can easily apply for this visa to travel to India from a trusted digital platform.

eVisa Mart is the trusted digital platforms where the Myanmar citizens can apply for an Indian visa online provide convenience. Travelers can easily apply for their visa some days before visiting India via online platforms from their home's comfort. A very simple and easy method must very carefully complete the application process for Indian e-visa online. It has thus, now become extremely easy to apply for an Indian visa online. All you would need is an excellent internet connection, a computer, or just a Smartphone to complete this entire easy process of applying for an e-visa online.

List of the documents needed for applying an e-visa

There are more than a few documents required to apply for an Indian e-visa through the digital platform. These are the most important documents that any citizen of Myanmar must carry with themselves while traveling to India from Myanmar and applying for an Indian visa online. Given below are some of the necessary and important documents needed during the Indian e-visa application process:


Through the easiest method, the citizens of Myanmar need to acquire a passport. The passport that the citizens acquire needs to be valid. The citizens need to make sure that the passport's validity period is not expired while trying to apply for the Indian e-visa online.

A scanned copy of the passport

Once you have checked your passport's validity. The next document that you need to attach is the scanned copy of your passport. This scanned passport copy, along with the information page, is required.

The citizen's digital photo

It is another important document without which the list of your important documents would be incomplete. Myanmar's nationals need to click a passport-size picture of them and ensure that the background is a single color. The photo should show a head-shot clearly. Apart from that, your digital photo should be taken most recently.

Business Travel proof

Suppose the travel purpose for any Myanmar citizen is business-related. In that case, the person traveling to India needs to have a valid business invitation proof or a card that can prove your travel to India. Only this document will allow visitors from Myanmar to visit India without any trouble.

Medical travel proof

For business purposes, if any Myanmar citizen is traveling to India for a medical reason, the citizen would require a document that could be a hospital or doctor confirmation. This document as well needs to be valid and well-dated. This document needs to be attached to the online e-visa application form.

Valid payment means

Your entire process of applying for a valid Indian e-visa would be complete only if you have successfully made the online payment. The payment is required to be made online for the Indian visa with certain online payment methods. The citizens from Myanmar traveling to India need to prove the payment they have made online. This payment slip should be attached along with other documents.

Process of applying for an e-visa online

The process of applying for an e-visa online is not very difficult. This process includes some very simple steps. These very simple steps of applying for an electronic visa online are:

  • Visit the online platform for applying for e-visa.
  • Fill up the complete form for applying for e-visa online.?
  • Make the online payment for the e-visa.?

After completing these three simple steps, you would receive your e-visa via email in a printable form. Myanmar's citizens would receive this online e-visa, depending on the delivery method they have chosen.

Types Of e-visa available for Myanmar citizens

Only three kinds of e-visas are available for the citizens of Myanmar. All of these visas are easy to acquire through online platforms. Three of these visas that the citizens of Myanmar can apply for their visit to India from Myanmar are:

  • Business e-Visa
  • Medical e-Visa
  • Tourist e-Visa

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For how long can a citizen of Myanmar stay in India with the tourist e-visa?

A citizen of Myanmar can stay in India for continuously 90 days with an e-visa. They can also visit multiple times in India with this Indian e-visa.

How fast can you acquire an electronic visa online?

The online delivery of the Indian e-visa can be acquired based on the delivery processes that Myanmar's citizens choose for themselves to visit India. These processes involve the standard process, rush process, and the super-rush process. You can get the visa within 2-5 days.

What is the cost of acquiring an e-visa online?

The cost of the process also varies based on the delivery time of the e-visa that the citizens happen to choose.

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