Formal steps to involve in getting an India visa for Omani citizens

India visa for Omani citizens
Published on: 28-09-2020
Formal steps to involve in getting an India visa for Omani citizens

Travelling is a wonderful way of spending your time. You get to travel to different places, meet people of different cultures, and try different cuisines. However, to travel, you need two basic things, a passport and a visa. Getting both can be tricky and hectic but the process has been eased over time. This article will focus particularly on how to get an India visa for Omani people.

A myth that needs to be cleared

Before you read on any further you probably associate getting a visa with long hours of standing in queues and a lot of paperwork that you really don't want to be doing. Well thanks to the power of modern science and technology, this hindrance no longer exists. Normally you'd have to travel all the way to the Indian Embassy. Now, however, you can obtain a digital version of an India visa for Omani people. This visa is also known as an electronic visa or e-Visa. The only requirement to apply for an e-Visa is to possess a computer, laptop, or smartphone device with internet connectivity. Thus instead of wasting time in never-ending lines, you can get your visa to India from the comfort of your cozy couch at the fastest time possible.

However, no good thing comes without any caveats and the e-Visa is no exception. The e-Visa is accepted at only 28 airports and 5 seaports in India. Normally this should be enough for most Omani travelers but if by chance, you are traveling to an airport or a seaport, not on the list of spots accepting an e-Visa, and then you?ll have to make a trip all the way to the Indian Embassy. You can easily check the list of eligible airports and seaports by performing a quick Google search or visiting a visa checker website.?

Basic requirements

Normally, you have to possess and provide some mandatory documents whenever required:

  • A passport that is valid. It means, if you're already planning to fly abroad then you probably already have a passport or you're in the process of applying for one. Either way bringing a passport is pretty much a no-brainer and the number one rule to flying abroad. Check once again if your passport hasn?t expired or else you'll have to apply for a new one.

  • You need to provide a digital photo of yourself. The photo should not be a selfie-and you should not be making any sort of funky gestures of poses in it. A white background is generally preferred for digital photos. Ensure it is of good quality as well.

  • You also should present a clear passport scan of the information page. A passport scan can be done in two ways. Either you can pay a visit to a Xerox shop and get it done there for a small fee or you can use a number of free scanner applications on your phone. All you have to do is take the photo and let the application work its magic on the photo. However, it's preferred to go toa Xerox shop as it's more professional and generally gives a better output.

  • For Payment you can use your Debit / Credit card to pay your visa application fee. With such a wide variety of payment options, you have one less thing to worry about.

  • Business card: if you are a businessman or into business, you should already be having a business card. A business card bears basic details and is used as a formal method to hand contact information to someone when you are on a business trip. If you are traveling to India on a business trip, you'll need to carry both a business card and an invitation letter. This will make you eligible for a business e-Visa.

  • If you are traveling to India for a medical-related reason or a medical emergency, you always have the option of applying for a medical e-Visa. The only requirement for an India visa for Omani citizens is that you need to possess a valid letter from any hospital located inside India.

Going through on an online visa service

Normally, if it's your first time especially, it is advisable to go for an online service that gives India visa for Omani citizens. The website will handle the steps required for processing your visa. A good service will normally require you to perform just three basic steps:

  • ?First, you'll need to type in some basic information about yourself. While this won't take long, you'll also be presented with options to choose the mode of processing which will affect the price and speed at which your visa gets delivered.?

  • Next, you?ll normally be asked to review the information you typed in. Do not skip this information as any small mistake can lead to your visa application being rejected. So make sure that you look through everything twice.

  • You may also require answering some personal questions in addition to uploading your digital photo and passport copy in the final step. Try to answer them honestly before submitting as everything has an impact on your visa application process.

That?s all there is to get your visa application processed. As mentioned earlier, the processing time is very much dependent on the model you choose. The general process should be the same as it is mentioned above. Always go for the safest and most trusted service without blowing a big hole in your budget. Travel safe and have fun!

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