Everything you need to know about getting an India visa for a Palau citizen

India visa for a Palau citizen
Published on: 29-09-2020
Everything you need to know about getting an India visa for a Palau citizen

Have you ever imagined how things would be if you didn't need anything to travel the world? Not even money? Well, while that would certainly be a utopian scenario, the reality is far different. In addition to money, you also need to possess some other documents, if you wish to step in other countries such as India. To many Palau citizens, traveling to India may be a destination on their list for a variety of reasons ranging from vacation to visiting a relative or even settling down permanently. This article will guide you on what a passport and visa and also how an India visa for Palau citizens can be obtained.

What is a passport?

To put it simply, passports are nothing but documents that verify the owners' nationality and identity. A passport normally comes in a small, rectangular card. The card bears various details such as name, date of birth, age, nationality, passport expiry date, and a digital photo of the owner. There are many different types of passports, each designed for specific uses as you can see below:

  • Official passports are the ones issued to citizens by the government. These passports are the same as regular passports except that they indicate the holder is traveling to the destination country in an official capacity on some kind of official business. There are no exclusive privileges for holders of an official passport.

  • Diplomatic passports are also passports given to the government exclusively for diplomats. Diplomats normally travel to foreign countries to attend conferences, meet with heads of state, and main good political or economic relations. Unlike an official passport, a diplomatic passport grants the holder a number of privileges including tax exception and the immunity to avoid prosecution in the country they are traveling to.

  • Emergency passports are issued only in the event of unfortunate emergencies. These include losing or misplacing your passport on board a flight. If you need a passport to board the connecting flight, all you have to do is contact your embassy stating your problem and they?ll quickly issue an emergency passport that is valid only for that specific journey till you can get home.

  • If a group of children is traveling on an exchange mission with another school abroad, they can apply for a collective passport. One collective passport is enough for a group of students. However, students are often encouraged to apply and get their passports. So collective passports are a rare sight in modern times. Family passports are similar to collective passports but are used for family members instead. One family passport is enough for a family traveling together. However, these too are not issued to the general public nowadays

What is a visa then?

A visa or evisa is described as an official document that grants official permission to the holder to legally visit a country. Normally visas are stamped on the holders' passport and grant the holder certain rights. These rights depend on the type of visa issued. Some of the different types of India visa for Palau citizens are:

  • Tourist visa: This visa is for those who want to visit India for tourism, for yoga retreats, or for meeting family and friends who live in India. This visa can be attained by anybody and does not require any invitation documents. Also one can stay with tourist e visa in India for 90 days.??

  • Business visas: - This visa is issued to people normally traveling for business-related purposes such as attending a business conference. These visas grant the holder certain special privileges that allow them to freely conduct business in other countries.

  • Medical visa: This visa is for those who want to visit India for getting any type of treatment from the hospitals and clinics based in India. For this one will have to submit the appointment letter from the hospital in India while submitting the visa application

Traveling to India:

Palau citizens will have to apply and complete their passport application process before moving on to getting a visa. Getting an India visa for Palau citizens is very easy as Palau is among the 150 nations that are eligible to apply for an electronic visa when traveling to India. However the only disadvantage of an electronic visa is that it is not valid at all airports in India, a select few airports and seaports accept evisas.

To apply for an India visa for Palau citizens, you can either do the process yourself or you can approach a website or service that does the job for you. All you?ll need to do is provide some official documents and identification details.

Frequently asked questions:

Ok fine, if you're someone new to traveling abroad, these can all seem pretty confusing. So let's wrap this up by summarising key points:

Q. What?s the difference between a passport and a visa?

Ans. A passport is merely proof of your identity that indicated that they are a citizen of your country. This allows you to re-enter the counter after you return from your travels. A visa is an official endorsement that allows you to travel to other countries for various purposes which depend upon the type of visa issued.

Q. Can Palau citizens apply for an eVisa to travel to India?

Ans. Yes, Palau is among the 150 countries whose citizens have the option to apply for an e-Visa to India.

Q. Do you need to go to the embassy for an e-Visa?

Ans. Well, the best part about an e-Visa is that you can apply for a visa from your home itself. So there is no need for you to go to the embassy and wait in long queues.

Q. Do students have to apply for an e-Visa?

Ans. Yes if you are a student moving to another country for higher education you?ll need to apply for a student visa through Indian Embassy. If you are traveling for Tourism purposes you can apply for Tourist e-Visa.

That?s all there is to know about visas and passports. It?s generally quite easy to get an India visa for Palau citizens, so you shouldn't expect to run into many roadblocks provided the details you submitted are correct.

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