Get An E-Visa Online For India From Panama All The While Saving Time

E-Visa Online For India From Panama
Published on: 30-09-2020
Get An E-Visa Online For India From Panama All The While Saving Time

These days one will not have to go to the Indian embassy to get an Indian visa. Instead one can apply for an Indian visa online from any digital device with an internet connection. It is an easy and fast process and the approval takes only a few days at the most.

The Indian government in 2014 launched the e-visa facility for the international traveler who wants to acquire an Indian visa. According to this e-visa facility, 150 country nationals are allowed to apply for a visa from their homes by filing a visa application and uploading a few important documents online. They will have to fill the form and pay a certain fee, and the visa will reach them at their email address in a few days. This has reduced the hassle of applying for a visa by going to the embassy, thus saving both time and effort.

Can anyone travel from Panama to India on e-visa?

If one wants to travel from Panama to India, they can get e-visa for their travel. 150 countries are listed on the e-visa list. These countries can apply for an online visa from their home without much hassle.

To check if one's country is on the list of the e-visa countries, one can find a good e-visa checker online. Simply put the name of the home country and India as the destination country and see of the e-visa facility is available or not. If the online visa facility is available then it is great, if not then they will have to apply through the nearest Indian embassy in the traditional way.

How to get e-visa for India?

Getting the e-visa is a pretty simple and easy process. One will need a digital device like a computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. It is advised to use a computer.?

One will have to click on the - Apply Now and then will have to provide all the needed information step by step. One will have to provide their personal information first like the name, address, location, region, email address, contact information, etc.

After, this one will have to complete the payment process. For this step, one will have to provide the payment details either using a credit or debit card. The payment process is completely safe and has no setbacks. Also, one will have to choose between the three processing time according to which the fees will change.?

After completing the payment, one will be redirected to the application page. On this page, one will have to provide the visa-related information in detail and with complete accuracy. If there are other applicants as well, then their details should be filled in the subsidiary form accurately.

What are the documents required?

For filling the e-visa application one will have to provide the accurate details to avoid any rejection of the application. One will have to add the details from the documents, while some documents need to be uploaded digitally by scanning them. The list of the documents required is:

  1. Valid passport: One should have a valid passport with all the correct information printed on it. The passport should have 6 months of validity from the arrival date in India.

  2. Information page of the passport: One will have to get a scan of the information page of the passport. The scan of the page should be clean and blotch free.

  3. Passport size photograph: One need to upload a digital copy of the passport size photograph as well.? The photo should be on a white background and there should be no gesture in the picture. Any discrepancy in the picture can lead to rejection of the application.

  4. Letter from the business entity: Now if one is planning to visit India for any type of business reasons, there is a need to upload a copy of the letter of invitation from the organization.

  5. Letter from hospital: In the case of a medical visa, one will have to provide a letter from the hospital that one is visiting for treatment.?

How long the e-visa stands to be valid?

The e-visa validity depends on the type of e-visa. Tourist Visa is valid for 30 days, 1 year, or 5 years and one can visit India multiple times during that duration. The business e-visa is valid for 1 year and allows multiple entries. The medical visa valid for 60 days allows only three visits during the visa validity period.

There are three types of e-visa that one will have to apply for and one should keep in mind the type so as not to get the visa rejected.

  1. E-tourist visa: This visa is for a general visit to India.

  2. E-business visa: This visa is for a business visit to India.

  3. E-medical visa and e-medical attendant visa: E-medical visa is for those who are going to see a doctor in India and an e-medical attendant visa is for those who are accompanying the patient.

The cost of each type of visa is different. Also if one wants to get a visa urgently that is, in less than 4 days or so. Then, they will have to pay an extra fee for that as well.

How to use e-visa after reaching the Indian airport?

Almost every Indian airport out there accepts e-visa. One should have a print out of the e-visa with them while leaving their country. After reaching the airport, one will have to show the print out of the e-visa along with the passport to the immigration control authorities. They will provide a visa on arrival stamp on the passport, which will then act as a valid visa for the travelers.

Having an e-visa means one can visit India. However, one should read the terms and conditions properly, before applying for the e-visa to avoid any confusion in the later stage.

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