Detailing on the Indian e-visa for Papua New Guineans

Indian e-visa for Papua New Guineans
Published on: 01-10-2020
Detailing on the Indian e-visa for Papua New Guineans

Easing up the load

It is a well-known fact that every visit to foreign soil requires an authentication document or seal that proves out the identity of the individual. To streamline this process, the concept of visa rose in the first place. As a result, every country has an embassy office at global positions from where the visas can be issued to the citizens for different purposes.

However, this process has the major lacunae of the slotting procedure where the applicant has to wait in a queue for its turn to finally come up. Such problems had to be encountered even when the purpose of the visit is short-term.?

To ease up this issue, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Government of India initiated the concept of e-visa for the foreign visitors aiming to come to India. Out of the list of 150+ partner countries, Papua New Guinea is one and the upcoming content speaks in more detail on the procedure for the natives over there.

Will Indian e-visa be useful for Papua New Guineans?

As stated in the previous paragraph, e-visa is an effortless and digital document that directly gets connected to the Applicant passport. Therefore, a lot of time, efforts, and resources get saved up on planning of the procedure for the Guineans and then sustaining those practices.

What is the defined purpose list for the Indian e-visa?

For the New Guineans, the Indian e-visa is issued for short-term purposes and the following list elucidates out on those:

  • Casual vacation with family and friends

  • Visiting some relatives staying within the country

  • Undertaking minor recreational activities like yoga program.

  • Business meetings of MNCs or other partner corporations

  • Medical treatment in case of getting a referral to India for cheaper and high-quality options.

Thus, the same can only be issued if any of the above reasons are mentioned in the application form.

What are the eligibility criteria?

Apart from just the above-mentioned purposes, the following list also shows the other necessary criteria that need to be checked off by Papua New Guineans: -

  • Valid citizenship of Papua New Guinea

  • The passport issued by the country holding a period of a minimum of 6 months of validity from the time of arrival in India

  • No pending cases in the courts of law of any of the nation

  • Not holding diplomatic positions in the nations

  • No dependency on the passport on some other member of the family.

Thus, ensure that all of these criteria are fulfilled before beginning with the application process of the Indian e-visa.

What is the ideal period of application for the e-visa?

The e-visa can be applied at a minimum of 4 days in advance before the travel date and can extend up to a maximum of 120 days. Thus, plan the entire process out to avoid any end moment delays or processing errors for the e-visas.

What are the types of e-visa that the New Guineans can apply?

The following are the major types of Indian e-visa that can be applied by the Papua New Guineans:

  • Tourist Visas meant only for the vacations or casual trips to meet friends or attend certain recreational camps organized within the country.

  • Medical Visa meant for the treatment of any serious ailment and has been referred to India by any of the registered hospitals in Papua New Guinea.

  • Business Visas meant for business tours to attend meetings organized within India.?

What is the validity period of each category?

The following list shows the validity period of each kind of e-visa that can be applied for by the New Guineans:

  • The Tourist visa can hold the validity of 30 days, 1 year, or 5 years. The last two types allow the maximum continuous stay of 90 days within India.

  • A Medical visa can hold the validity of 60 days with a maximum cap of 3 entries into the nation during the entire period.

  • A Business visa can hold the validity of 1 year with the maximum allowable continuous stay of 180 days.?

What is the process of application?

Follow the steps given below to complete the process of e-visa application: -

  • Visit the eVisa Mart and open up the fresh window for filling up of new application form.

  • Enter all of the details given correctly and post moving forward, another window would get prompted showing re-confirmation to update the details.?

  • Upload all of the documents required as per the category of e-visa applied and ensure that the same is done within the specified size and type limits.

  • Move to the payment gateway and complete the payment of the application fee.

  • Receive the confirmation email on the registered email address.

After the e-visa is received, the applicant can either go for printing of the same to show at the destination airport or directly get the passport scanned to get the digital authentication on the e-visa.

What are the documents required during the application?

First of all, the following are the general documents that need to be submitted irrespective of the category of e-visa:

  • Scanned pages of the valid Papua New Guinean passport.

  • Recent passport-sized photograph.

  • Proof of the citizenship of the nation.

  • Valid means of online payment to complete the application fee.

Apart from that, different categories can ask for additional documents. For a Tourist visa, you need to show them return tickets of the journey and the confirmed details of the accommodation in India.

For a medical visa, you need to show the referral letter from the hospital in India that clearly defines the details for travel.?

For a business visa, you need to show the letter of invitation sent by the organizer conducting the meetings in India.

How long would it take to process the application?

As an applicant from Papua New Guinea, you can freely choose any of the given options to define the processing period: -?

  • Standard processing, with the period at 5 days.

  • Rush processing, with the period at 3 days.

  • Super rush processing, with a period of 2 days.

In the case of a Business Visa or Medical visa, fee is higher than Tourist Visa.

Therefore, apply for it much in advance to avoid payment of a huge amount at the last minute.

Can you choose the entry and exit points?

Yes, the Papua New Guinean applicants can freely choose the entry and exit points within the designated list of 28 airports and 5 seaports. Any change beyond this list needs additional approval from the respective Indian Embassy in New Guinea.

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