Getting an idea on the Indian e-visa for Paraguay citizens

 Indian e-visa for Paraguay citizens
Published on: 01-10-2020
Getting an idea on the Indian e-visa for Paraguay citizens

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The Traditional Visa process involved filing up for slots in the respective embassies of the country and then reaching the office on the day of the appointment with the set of required documents. This was done for both short-term and long-term visits and often delayed the process in the former category. Therefore, to ease it up, the Indian government decided to introduce the concept of e-visa for the citizens of Paraguay of the 150+ nations that it partnered with.

Paraguay is one amongst those and thus the upcoming content speaks in more detail on how the citizens from this nation can complete the entire process seamlessly.

How would the e-visa ease up the journey for the Paraguay citizens?

The best features of e-visa are that the entire processing period for the application is scaled down to a maximum of 5 days within the completion of the payment period and the document gets linked electronically to the passport of the applicant.

Hence, it would remove out the wastage of time and resources in waiting in line for even short-term visits to India and makes it optional to carry the printed e-visas to the airports for stamp approval.

For what reasons can you apply for e-visa?

The Indian e-visas is meant only for the short-term visits to India and thus include either of the mentioned purposes for the citizens of Paraguay:

  • Family vacation to any of the spots of India or visit the family friends staying in the country.

  • Participation in some short-term program of yoga.

  • Treatment of serious ailments at cheaper prices and a better center of excellence.?

  • Business purposes that can include either trip for business meetings by companies.

What are the pointers to define eligibility for e-visa?

The citizens of Paraguay need to comply with the given pointers to get eligible for the entire process in the first place:

  • Registered record within the national citizenship database for Paraguay.

  • Passport validity at a minimum period of 6 months as per arriving date in India

  • No holder of diplomatic powers within Paraguay.

  • No dependency on the passport of other members of the family i.e. individual passport for individual applicants of e-visa.?

  • Confirmed return tickets for to and from the journey of India.

Therefore, prepare all of these at the right time to ensure that the processing does not get delayed for unnecessary reasons.

What are the types of e-visa for Paraguayans?

The citizens of Paraguay can apply for the following categories of e-visa:

  • Tourist Visa, for the sole purpose of vacations to India to either, roams around places or meet the acquaintances staying at the nation.

  • Business Visa, for the sole purpose of conferences or seminars organized by the companies or educational institutes.?

  • Medical Visa, for the sole purpose of getting the top-class treatment for diseases under the center of excellence set up within India.?

What are the documents required during the application of Indian e-visa?

The general documents required for the citizens of Paraguay are as follows:

  • Scanned copy of the first and last two pages of the valid passport.

  • Recently clicked color and a passport-sized photograph.?

  • Confirmed details of the tickets and accommodation during the entire period of stay in India.?

  • Financial proof to support the cause of application.

  • Proof of the citizenship of Paraguay.

Apart from that, additional documents would come up for the required categories of the e-visa. Like, a medical visa can ask for the documented proof of the patient's ailment history and a letter from the Indian hospital where the patient comes to get the treatment.

Similarly, a business visa can ask for a letter of invitation from the Indian company or his / her business card.

What is the procedure for the application?

Refer to the given steps to complete the process of application:

  • Visit the eVisa Mart and open up the window for a new application.

  • Enter all of the details asked in the form correctly and ensure that the country of origin is selected as Paraguay.

  • Re-confirm the details submitted in the next window to allow any further changes in spellings or missing information.

  • Go to the payment gateway and complete the same for the application fee defined for the type.?

  • Receive the alert on mobile and email related to confirmation and tracking details of the e-visa with the reference number.

What is the period for processing of the document?

The following types define the time required for processing of the application of e-visa:

  • Standard processing- 5 days within the completion of payment

  • Rush processing- 3 days within the completion of payment

  • Super rush processing- 2 days within the completion of payment.

What is the application fee?

Again the application fee is decided by the types mentioned above. Do remember that the fee includes the service charges also and thus the citizens of Paraguay do not have to pay for any additional sum in the name of hidden charges.

What are the cap on the stay and multiple entries for e-visa?

  • In the case of a Tourist Visa, the validity periods are either 30 days, 1 year, or 5 years. The continuous period of stay can extend up to 90 days.

  • In the case of a Medical Visa, the validity period is 60 days and the maximum number of entries into the nation is capped at 3.

  • In the case of a Business Visa, the validity period is 1 year and the maximum continuous period of stay is 180 days. Any extension beyond this needs special approval from the Embassy.

What would you do in case of processing or payment errors?

In cases, if the processing or payment gets stuck at a certain point, then immediately escalate the issue to the grievances cell with the reference number given in the confirmation mail. The issue would get resolved within a few hours of receiving the complaints.

As a safety measure, refrain from additional online sources that claim as forums for the application of e-visa. Keep all of the documents ready and handy in advance to avoid any changes in the end moment.

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