Travel From Peru To India With Easy To Apply E-Visa

Indian Visa for Peru Citizens
Published on: 22-09-2020

Travel From Peru To India With Easy To Apply E-Visa

Visa stands to be the most important part of the international travelling must have's. Without a visa, one cannot step into another country and will have to face legal action. Before, people use to line up and apply for a visa at the embassies, but now things have changed allot. Now there are online visas to help travellers make easy visa applications and get the visa at home digitally.

So, if one is from Peru and want to visit India, they can apply for a visa online. This is where the electronic travel authorization ETA visa comes handy. Today, Peruvians will not have to line up in an India embassy to get a visa, instead, they can get the e-visa before coming to India, and then stamp visa on arrival at airport.

What is e-visa?

E-visa is a feature that allows international travellers to acquire their visa online. The Indian government has launched e-visa in 2014 to make it easy for travellers to get a visa for a travel authorization. In a total of 161 countries are given the option to apply for e-visa online. This is made to simplify the entire hectic process of getting a visa from the embassy for the travellers.

One will have to get a real visa on arrival at the airport. All one need to do is, go to the online portal of e-visa by the Indian government or by many other third party websites, and fill the form. After filling the form pay the visa fees. After a few days, the e-visa will be sent to one's email address.

What is visa on arrival?

Simply having the print out of the e-visa is not enough. One can board the plane with the e-visa, but after reaching India, one will have to get a real visa. This visa is called the visa on arrival. The visa on arrival is pasted as a sticker on the passport page by the immigration control authorities. One will have to show their passport along with the print out of the e-visa to get the visa on arrival.

Therefore the passengers need to carry a printout of the e-visa with them to the immigration control. Also, the traveller will not get a visa on arrival sticker in case if they do not have the e-visa print with them.

What are the types of e-visa?

One should be mindful of the fact that e-visas are not of a singular type. For different travelling reasons there is different e-visa. So while applying for the e-visa one should fill the application form of that particular type only, based on the reason behind one's India visit. There are four types of e-visa that one can apply for:

  • E-tourist visa: this visa is for the one who is planning to visit India for recreational and tourism purposes. This will include meeting relatives and friends in India or going to a yoga retreat. This visa valid for 30 days, 1 year and 5 year.

  • E-business visa: this visa is for the ones who are visiting India from Peru on business purposes. This can include attending meetings, purchasing or selling trade, and recruitment, give expertise on a project, to set up a venture etc. One will have to show the required details and letters related to these works while applying for e-business visa. This visa is valid for 1 year.

  • E-medical visa: this visa is for those who want to visit India for medical treatment and get a medical consultation. This visa is only for those who require medical treatment and not for the family or spouse. One can visit India under this visa three times, which can happen within the time limit of 60 days. One will have to provide supporting documents related to the hospital or doctors while applying for the visa.?

  • E-medical attendant visa: this visa is for those who will accompany the patient under medical visa to India. As, a medical visa does not allow the family to tag along, they will require a separate visa. This visa has the same validity timeline as the medical visa and will be given to the blood relatives of the visa holder of the medical visa.

What is the validity of the e-visa if travelling by sea?

If anyone is planning to travel to India from Peru through the sea, then the e-visa will be applicable only in a few ports. It will be accepted in seaports of Mangalore, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, and Cochin. Other than this, if one arriving at any other seaport, then they will have to apply for a normal traditional visa from Peru. The traveller can depart from any ICP (immigration check post) on India.

What is the cost of e-visa?

The cost of the applying for e-visa to India will depend on the type of visa and the processing time one is choosing, faster the processing time, more will be the visa fees to be paid.?

1.) E-tourist visa: this is cheaper than the rest two types of visa.?

  • Standard processing time: this will take 5 days to get processed.

  • Rush processing time: this will take 3 days to get processed.

  • Super rush processing time- this will take 2 days to get processed.

2.) E-business and E-medical visa:? these two types of visas cost more than the tourist visas.?

  • Standard processing time: this will take 5 days to get processed.

  • Rush processing time: this will take 3 days to get processed.

  • Super rush processing time- this will take 2 days to get processed.

What are the documents required to fill the e-visa form?

While filling up the e-visa form one should keep in mind the fact that several things should be kept handy and should be scanned and saved to be uploaded. The important document includes:

  • Passport? and passport?s information page scan

  • Passport size clean photograph in white background.

  • Letter from the business organization in case of business visa.

  • Letter from the hospital in case of medical and medical attendant visa.

  • Debit / Credit Card for Payment.?

E-visa facility allows the traveller to get a visa online without much hassle. One can get the online visa and then can travel to India and then get a visa stamp on arrival. Remember to carry the print copy of the e-visa and have an authorized passport before arriving in India. Having any kind of problem with the documents can lead to immigration problems at the airport or seaport.

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