A Detailed Guide On Getting Indian E-Visa For Rwandan Nationals!

Getting Indian E-Visa For Rwandan Nationals!
Published on: 03-10-2020
A Detailed Guide On Getting Indian E-Visa For Rwandan Nationals!

In the traditional process of getting yourself a Visa to visit India, you would have to go through a lot of trouble as it would have been necessary for you to make a few visits to the Indian embassy and arrange all your documents physically for them to be submitted.?

This could take up a lot of your time and money in travelling to the embassy as well. It would also require you to interact with the people associated with this service along with understanding the highly complex procedures of finally getting your request accepted.

Thankfully, if you are a Rwandan National, you wouldn?t have to face any of these issues if you choose not to. This is because the government has introduced what is known as an ?e-Visa? or an ?Electronica Visa? which has helped thousands of people get an official document for Visa online without facing any issues whatsoever.

With the help of the online portal, you can easily apply for a new copy of an e-Visawhich will work efficiently, just like a physical document. It could be used to travel wherever you want across the country with no restrictions as long as you have an e-Visathat is still in its validity date.?

Now that applying for an e-Visais so simple, it is a good idea to visit India since it can save you all the hassle of making constant arrangements just to get an e-Visa!

If you have any further queries and doubts, all will be solved here in the form of a detailed FAQ.

Is it necessary to apply for a visa before visiting India?

Yes, if you are a Rwandan national, you must apply for an Indian Visa before you can legally visit the country without facing any issues. This happens because you must be legally authorized by the Embassy of India as a genuine person. Without this permit, you will not be able to visit the country.?

What are the basic requirements for getting an e-Visa?

The basic requirement for getting an Indian e-Visa is to at least have a valid passport when you are applying for it online as it needs to be furnished as one of the most important documents.?

It is also necessary for you to be eligible for an e-Visa. If you are a Rwandan National, you are eligible to get an e-Visa easily as you are included in the list of the countries that can opt for getting an e-Visa to India.?

What are the types of e-Visas that you could apply for?

If you want, you can easily apply for three types of Visas online. In this, the first one is the basic and the most common for an e-Visa and the other two are special e-Visas that are issued only in case of a specific situation.?

Normal E-Visa:

  • The Tourist Visa is the basic form of getting a Visa wherein, you apply for the permit as a normal person who just wants to visit the country for a trip or a vacation. There are no ifs and buts and you?re just going for a specific period with only the motive of performing recreation activities.?

Special Types of e-Visas:?

In some special cases, you can get a different type of e-Visa that is specifically made for your situation. Depending on your requirements and the reason why you're traveling abroad, you can get two different types of Special e-Visas.

  • Medical e-Visa: A medical e-Visais generally issued to those people who are visiting India with a medical purpose or for a medical emergency. This includes reasons like getting treatment from a hospital in India.?

This type of E-Visa may require you to supply some further documents like a specific letter from the hospital in India that you're visiting.?

  • Business e-Visa: A Business e-Visais generally issued to those people who are visiting India with a business motive in mind or for official work purposes. This includes reasons like an official trip, meeting Indian clients, and more.?

For this type of E-Visa, you may be required to furnish some additional documents that are specific to your situation. This could be a business card or invitation letter, etc.?

What is the maximum period of validity of an Indian e-Visa?

Leaving special cases aside, normally a Tourist e-Visa would be valid for 30 days, 1 year, and 5 years after the date of its issue. This means you can travel to India anytime in the specific period until the visa becomes outdated or invalid.?

What are the basic documents required for the application?

As mentioned previously, you would need to have a passport that has not yet expire and is still valid to date before you will eligible for applying for an Indian e-Visa. However, while it is necessary to have a passport, it is not a sufficient condition. This means that even if you have a Passport you still need to furnish some more documents that will be required for processing your application and approving your request further. Without these documents, you won't be able to apply for the e-Visa online. These documents apart from the Passport are listed below:?

  • Scanned Photographs: You would be asked by the e-Visaportal to furnish some of your recent photographs that are clicked in a decent environment to further proceed with your application

  • Scanned Copy of all your documents: You need to keep all your important documents scanned and have several copies of this if you want to avoid any kind of interruptions or errors in the application process.?

  • Scan of Personal Details: You will also be asked to supply some other documents by scanning them and uploading them onto the portal. These documents will specify some of your important personal details that are necessary to proceed further.?

  • Scanned Last Page of the Passport:?

How can you choose the processing period for the e-Visa?

Various types of processing periods could be opted for when applying for an e-Visa online. These types can range depending on the time that is taken for the Visa to be processed. With faster processing types, you will generally see a higher price associated with them. Whereas, with comparatively slower processing periods, you will see that they don?t require you to pay much. You can save money at slower speeds or save time by paying more money.?

Based on the time taken, the processing periods can be classified as follows:?

  • Standard: By opting for a standard period for processing your e-Visa request, you are simply letting the Embassy know that you are not in a hurry or any kind of emergency. This will let them keep the prices low as they won?t have to put a high priority in finishing your order on time. This will generally take more time that could last up to 5 days.

  • Rush: With a rush period for processing the request, you are simply stating to the Embassy that time is a big constraint for you and you need to get the Visa as soon as they can do. This could be a useful option for those people who do not want to spend too much time just waiting for the Visa and need to hurry up the process for some medical or business purposes, etc. With this, you will be able to enjoy a faster speed of processing where the request will be completed within 3 days only.?

  • Super-Rush: With the Super-rush delivery option, your processing speeds will be the highest. This processing period is the fastest and will let your request be completed in no time. If you have some emergency where you cannot wait at all and need to rush to the country as soon as possible then this is the only option at your hand. You will get your visa delivered within 2 days of request which is the fastest way possible.?

How to apply for the Visa online?

You can easily apply for a visa online through the e-Visa Mart portal where you will have to fill out your general information, supply scanned copies of the necessary documents, upload them including your picture, pay the required amount of fee depending on the processing period you chose, specify a suitable payment method that you prefer and finally, go ahead and submit your application.?

It will not take you more than 10 minutes to submit your request.?

Get your Visa application approved as you get yourself prepared for submitting all the documents before opening the portal. With this, you can easily take the help of this guide and apply for an e-Visa and visit India now!

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