How Can You Go About Getting An e-Visa If You're A Saint Lucian?

Indian e-Visa for Saint Lucian
Published on: 05-10-2020
How Can You Go About Getting An e-Visa If You're A Saint Lucian?

If you are someone who loves to travel to different parts of the world and visit countries with vast culture and heritage, then you must want to visit India sometime soon. If that is the case, you should very well visit this country as you will not regret going to this wonderful place. India is a country that will fill you with joy and give you inner peace as you explore some of the oldest historical places in the world.?

While going to India itself isn't anything problematic, there is one issue that every traveler has to face when making a trip to another country. This is a problem that is hated by all the travelers and which stops them from exploring the world as much as they would like to. You might have already guessed it, but if you haven?t, it's the process of applying for a Visa.

You might think that this big issue that comes in almost every country that you wish to visit would also chase after you when you're trying to visit India. Well, fortunately for you, this isn't going to be the case if you are a Saint Lucian who wishes to visit India for a trip.

The Indian Government has shifted the entire process of applying for a Visa online and it is now something that is called an ?e-Visa?. It is nothing special, just when you apply for a Visa online instead of going to an embassy and chasing after them, it is called an e-Visa or an Electronic Visa.

This would increase your reasons for going to India even if you think about it practically. It is time-saving, cost-effective country to visit. So why not learn more about e-Visa in detail and get to the process of applying for it right away?

Can you visit the country without a Visa?

If you are a Saint Lucian national, you can't visit India legally as you cannot go there without the official permission that has been issued by the Embassy of India stating that you're not someone who could be a possible threat to the country and who is a genuine person wanting to visit for recreational or other purposes.?

This should, however, not make you worry since the process of getting a Visa is extremely simple. It will not take you much time and you can get the Visa online easily.?

What is an E-Visa?

An eVisa is a simple virtual document of the official authority of the Embassy of India wherein, they are issuing you legal permission, just like a Visa document, to visit the country for a specific period within a specific time. With this authority, you can easily make a trip to the country without any hassles.

Do you need a Visa while you are in-transit?

You should keep in mind that you don't need to have a Visa if you're visiting India but are not going outside of the Airport. This could happen if you are on a flight that is going to some other country but while in-transit, it stops in India for a while. As long as you are not going out of the airport and traveling to other places, you should be okay even without a Visa.

Do children need to get a Visa for visiting the country?

Yes, if children are also going with you on a trip to India, they will also have to get their Visa documents made either traditionally or by the online portal of e-Visa. This happens because any passenger, whether or not of legal age, who wants to visit India and is a Saint Lucian, will have to get the permission of the Indian Embassy by getting a Visa issued to them before they can make their trip official.?

What is required while applying for an e-Visa?

If you are someone who wants to apply for an e-Visa online to avoid the hassles of going to the embassy yourself, then you will need to have some specific set of documents right by your side. These documents are:

  • A Valid passport with your genuine details.

  • Scanned copy of this passport.

  • Scanned copy of any of your recent photograph.

  • Scanned copy of any other necessary document.

  • Scanned copy of all documents specifying your details.

  • Any additional or special documents.?

What are the special documents that may be required?

Some special documents that may be required if you are not applying for a regular Tourist e-Visa but are looking for something like a Medical or a Business e-Visa are:

  • In case of a Medical visa, you would need to furnish the letter from the hospital that you would be visiting in India.

  • In case of a Business visa, you would have to provide the details regarding your organization along with an invitation letter from the same.?

You would not be required to produce these documents if you are only applying for the basic tourist e-Visa where you are visiting India only to perform recreational activities.?

How can you fill the e-Visa application form?

The process of typing and filling up the details onto the application form that is provided by the e-Visa Mart online is so simple and fast that you would not have to think about it twice. Just get your documents ready, open your smartphone, laptop, or PC, connect to the internet, visit the online portal, and fill up the application form.?

The steps that would be required at this stage are simple and quick. These have been listed below:

  • The initial step is of filling up some of your details that are very basic or general. You would not have any problem at all when you reach this stage as it will just require you to fill up some of the easiest information. With no interruptions, you can easily fill in all the required details in just less than 5 minutes. You can then proceed to the next step.?

  • With the next step, you should carefully upload all of the necessary documents that you would have already scanned so that the embassy could check the authenticity of your application and see whether or not you're eligible for the request. This should be done without making any errors as you will not be able to fix them in a later on stage.?

  • After you are done with these two steps, you need to give it a check again and revise all that you've written. Make sure no information is wrong and everything that you have filled up in the form is 100% accurate without any errors or mistakes.?

  • After you have completely reviewed your application and made sure that there are no errors, you can then proceed with the payment procedure where you will be specifying the mode of payment that you are comfortable with. Then the portal will specify the amount of fee that you will be charged. You have to accept and pay this money so that your request will be sent to the Embassy.?

  • Just submit your application after you're done with this entire process.?

What would be the different processing time options?

The different processing options depending upon the time is taken ar:

  • Normal: With the normal type of processing, you can easily get your Visa within 96 hours, i.e., 4 days. This is the general period that it takes for them to complete most of the requests and it is also the most common option.?

  • Rush: By paying some more, you can get a rush delivery where you will get your E-Visa delivered within just 72 hours which means you will get the processing completed in just 3 days after applying for it online.

  • Super-Rush: The super-fast method of processing will provide you with our delivery of the e-Visa as fast as possible. You will pay the highest for this option but then your application will also get the highest priority and will be finished in only 2 days which means under 48 hours.?

What is the price of each processing option?

The price of each of the processing periods will vary depending on the type or processing time that it takes for them to finish the job. The longer your application takes, the smaller the price you pay, and so on.?

How can you be certain if your application has been approved?

You won't have to worry whether your application has been approved or not. Leave this work at the embassy. They will email and notify you when your request has been received as well as when it is officially approved by them.?

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