Read This Before You Apply For Indian Visa For Slovaks

Indian Visa For Slovaks
Published on: 15-10-2020
Read This Before You Apply For Indian Visa For Slovaks

Applying for visas is an arduous task that, by the time the request gets approval, half the excitement of the trip disappears. Well, not anymore; this article is going to be the holy grail guide for any Slovakian regardless of whether they are only a resident or originally from Slovakia. If you plan to visit India for vacations or any other event, this bit of writing will help you nail the nitty-gritty and get easy access to a visa.

Why is an Indian e visa for Slovaks easy to get?

Slovaks can apply for an Indian visa online without there being a requirement to visit the Indian embassy for approval. All you need is a device with an established internet connection. As long as you have the correct documents, you are eligible for applying for a visa.

What are the required documents when applying for a visa?

If you are worried that you may not have the needed documents, you can relax as the documents required are quite rudimentary, and in case that you do not have them, it is easy to get them made. The papers required are:

  • Passport- Most foreign travelers will possess a valid passport; however, if this is your first trip and you do not have a passport ready, you can effortlessly contact and fix an appointment at the government passport office of your country and get it made. If you do not know how to do so, there are several travel agents available that can help you get one made.

  • Photographs- There are specific photographs required in official work. The term is "passport" size photograph. These kinds of photos require a clear and precise snap of your front profile for identification. If you do not possess such a picture, you can go to any professional studio and get them.

  • Scanned passport- As you will be uploading your documents online. You need to have a clear scan of the information page of your identity. These pages get usually located in the first few pages and the last page of your passport. Ensure that the scanned copy is clear and displays all your details correctly.

  • Payment- Visa requires a fee. Regardless of whether you apply for it online or offline. Ensure that your accounts have the needed amount of money and have online modes of payment accessible to you. There are several modes of payment offered online, such as credit and debit cards.

  • Business- If you are applying for an Indian e visa for business reasons, you will be required to present a business card or invitation letter. The visa applications respective to business are called "India business e visa."

  • Hospital- If you are applying for a visa due to medical reasons, you will be required to submit a copy of the letter of the hospital you will be visiting. Indian hospital visas are extremely common, as medical treatments in India are comparatively lower in cost from other countries.

Suppose you have your documents ready and are prepared to get your travel approved. You will find anything and everything you need to know about getting an Indian e visa over eVisa Mart online platforms.

How much time and money will it take for approval?

A standard visa can take anywhere up to ninety-six hours or four days for approval and processing, but if you are in a hurry, you can opt for other methods such as:

  • Standard permission- As already mentioned, it can take up to ninety-six hours (four days) to get approved. The charges less for your application, however; if the travel reason is business or medical, there is an additional charge for a visa.

  • Rush permission- For those who cannot wait for four days, have this option to get their visa application approved in seventy-two hours or three days. Very obviously, the costs of this tend to be higher than the standard ones.

  • Super rush permission- It is the highest charging process for a reason. It approves within forty-eight hours or two days of application.

The total charges stated are for the tourist visa, whereas the additional fees will depend on your reason for travel.

What is the easiest way to apply for an Indian visa?

The application form has three simple steps, and if you ever get confused while filling in your details, you can contact their 24 / 7 available customer care number. This means you will have support even at 2:00 am in the morning.

Let's talk about the steps in the form:

  1. First step- You will have to fill in your rudimentary details, including name, address, email, passport information, date of birth, marital status, visa type, and permission you require depending on the time.

  2. Second step- This step accounts for a revision of the information you have provided. To ensure that the details you have entered are accurate, as once you submit, you will be unable to make edits. Hence, you must double-check the input information with the utmost care. The second step also includes payment. You can select your preferred mode of payment.

  3. Third step- This involves a personal questionnaire round, and you will also be required to upload your photograph. You may also have to upload a few other documents, and that's it. Once you submit, you will receive an email on your submitted email address within the applied timeframe.

There is no reason to worry about for e visa to India if you are a Slovak. All your worries will get solved when your visa will be approved, and you will get your journey started in no time!

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