The Ultimate Guide For Sri Lankan Citizens To Get Indian Visa

Sri Lankan Citizens To Get Indian Visa
Published on: 11-11-2020

The Ultimate Guide For Sri Lankan Citizens To Get Indian Visa

For Sri Lankan citizens, getting an Indian Visa is easier than ever. They have been given access to different services. They do not have to leave their house to visit an Indian embassy to obtain an electronic visa. Their smartphone with an internet connection is everything they need to apply for an eVisa. Here you will be provided with the right information to apply and the documents and other things required.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Do I need a visa to India when I have a Sri Lanka passport?

When you are planning on visiting India, you will be required to have an electronic tourist visa.

You should not worry about the process as it is very easy and quick. The requirements for applying for an eVisa are provided here.

2.) What are the types of visas provided for Sri Lankans?

Below are the provided options:

  • Tourist eVisa

  • Business eVisa

  • Medical eVisa

Click here to know more about them

Note: This article is purely dedicated to tourist eVisa. The information associated with the Business eVisa and Medical eVisa may vary in different cases.

3.) What do you mean by India Tourism eVisa?

The official document which is needed to enter within the territory of India is known as India Tourism eVisa. Your passport is directly linked to it.

4.) What is the duration that visitors with a Sri Lankan passport stay and travel in India with a tourist eVisa?

A maximum of 90 days per entry can a Sri Lankan enter India and stay continuous in the country with a Tourist eVisa. The visitors are permitted to enter multiple times in India.

5.) Which documents do you require to apply for an Indian Tourist eVisa?

The list of the documents that have to be provided by the Sri Lankan citizens for applying for an eVisa is very precise and short. You just have to submit or upload the documents and the rest will be handled by eVisaMart. Below are the documents mentioned you need:

  • Passport

Nowadays, it is very easy to get a passport and most of people have it. You should make sure that the passport has not expired. If it is expired, you should get it renewed before applying for an eVisa.

  • Digital photo

You should have a digital photo of yourself which has been taken recently. It is advised to avoid making any facial gestures along with the background being nothing but white.

  • Scanned passport

Your passport carries a lot of information. This is why you are asked to get the information page of the passport scanned.

  • Payment method

There are different payment methods provided by eVisa Mart. If you have a credit card, you can make a payment through it while you can choose a debit card if you have that.

6.) What is the validity period for the Indian Tourist eVisa?

After the day your eVisa has been issued, your Tourist eVisa will be valid for 30 days, one year or for 5 years. This means that you are allowed to use it within the validity period.

7.) What are the options related to processing time and prices?

The only thing to concern about for Sri Lankan citizens is the service fee. On the other side, eVisa Mart provides an outstanding service at a reasonable price. The cost of your visa can be determined by your processing time and visa type. Below are the options from which you can choose one:

  • Standard processing

As it is the cheapest option from others, most of the applicants choose this method. It takes not more than five days to get processed.

  • Rush processing

As compared to the previous processing, this processing takes less time but the amount goes higher. This processing takes around three days.

  • Super Rush processing

This is the fastest processing option that gets the work done in two days. The price associated with it is higher than any other option. To start your application process.

8.) How long does the Indian Tourist eVisa work for?

Your visa is processed using the Indian e Visa system by eVisa Mart. The information provided by you is entered by us. Then, the process of reviewing your passport takes place by the government and after that they grant it. The document is sent to the email that you have provided us.

9.) How much time is spent in applying for an Indian Tourist eVisa?

The process involves the filling of the application form along with the documents required which will take less than ten minutes. The rest of the work is done by eVisaMart.

10.) What is the procedure of applying for an Indian Tourist eVisa?

The procedure is completed in three steps. Below are the steps: -

The first step is to answer your general information which will take around five minutes. You will also be asked about your preference in processing time and type of visa.

In the second step, you will have to review the last form and make the payment. You should keep a lot of attention when you are putting the payment information. Even the spellings should be checked thoroughly.

The last step will consist of a few personal questions which you have to answer. There might be documents that need to be uploaded in this step. The documents are not necessary but depend on your case.

To start, click here. After you have completed the three steps, you are required to submit the form and wait for the arrival of your visa. In case you are experiencing any problem while filling the application form, eVisa Mart has provided an excellent support service that is available 24/7.

11.) What is the next step after I have completed the application process?

You will receive your eVisa on your email in PDF format after you have submitted the application form. You can avoid going to the Indian embassy. Then, you should get the eVisa printed so that it is ready to be shown after you have arrived in India.

12.) Should I get separate tourist visas for my minor children?

Regardless of any age limit, every passenger must have an eVisa.

13.) What is the process to apply on behalf of my family or friends?

When you are applying for others, you should have the documents just like in your case. Just like you filled your application process, you have to fill their form using their information. As you apply for new people, just click on the ?add new applicants? and follow the same steps.

14.) What if I made a mistake in filling my application form?

It is better to contact someone associated with our team of customer service provided immediately. You can click here to get in touch with our experts.

If you contact someone on time when the application is not submitted, then you can make the right changes, If you are late and the application has also been submitted, you will have to apply again.

15.) Is eVisaMart a safe platform to get my India Tourist eVisa?

There is no place safer than eVisa Mart to insert your personal information. It is very common to doubt a particular platform about leaking your personal information or getting in the wrong hands. With our services and security features, your personal information is 100% secure, as safety is very important. We put a lot of resources and efforts into making our webpage safe for people. Click here to read the reviews about our previous customers who are satisfies with our services.

16.) I have some more questions, where can I find answers for them?

You can contact our customer service representatives on call or text to get a faster service. Click here to find more questions and FAQs related to Indian eVisas.

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