Applying E Visa and Explore India for Swedish Citizen

India for Swedish Citizen
Published on: 26-10-2020

Tourism has become a part of our social and personal life. Whether it is a National or International traveling. The different tourist service providers of India are providing the best and cheapest means of traveling. There are various visa and passport consulting agencies that are always ready in providing you the best service. The travel industry faces a lot of difficulties but they always make sure that there is no delay or complications in providing services to the passengers.

What is a visa?

Visa is a traveling document that allows the holder official permission along with a passport to leave, stay, or enter a different country for a specific period of time. There are different types of visas like Travel, Business, Medical, and work and transit visas.

What does an online visa mean for travelers?

Suppose if you have to travel on 5th August, then you can simply go ahead and apply online for it on 1st August. You will easily get your visa within a few days. This is really great for the travelers as they do not have to apply for the visa months before.

What is an E-visa?

The term E-visa means an electronic visa, that is electronically linked with your Passport and it is a document that permits you to enter a new country. E-visa has become very convenient for travelers as they can apply and make payments online and enjoy the best visa services in just 5 business days. It has a validity of one year after being issued by the Government. And according to the per-entry basis, it allows a maximum stay of 90 days.

There are basically three types of E-visa. They are tourist e-visa, business e-visa, and medical e-visa.

What are online visa agencies?

There are different trusted online agencies that provide E-visa in just a few days and provide you the up-to-date and comprehensive information about the visa facility using different databases including all types of visas available in the country. One of them is Evisamart.

How can you get the Visa online as a Swedish citizen?

Basically, you have to fill online visa forms, Submit it with documents and visa fees and after approval, you have to get a print out of the e-visa approval letter.

Things you required to apply for the visa: --

  • A valid passport, just makes sure that it has not crossed its expiry date.
  • A recently clicked digital photo as your face gestures in the photo should match with your current look. Make sure that the background of the photo should be white.
  • A scanned copy of the bio page of the passport that contains your photo and information.
  • Basic detail of your parent?s name and address
  • A credit or debit card to pay for Visa fees.
  • If you are opting for a business E-visa then provide your business card copy and invitation letter.
  • If you choose a medical E-visa then a letter from the Indian hospital is required.
  • Make sure you have a separate E-visa for your children.
  • Do not forget to keep 2-3 prints of E-visa to avoid any complications during your visit to India.
  • Once your E-visa is approved you will get an email with an e-visa approval letter and that contains your application ID, visa number, and visa validity.
  • Keep all the documents safe and ready including both soft and hard copies so that the Airlines and Immigration officials will easily verify all your detail?
  • Evisa customer service is always ready to guide and help you in case if you face any difficulty while processing your E-visa.
  • You can also chat with the E-visa customer support for more knowledge

What are the prices and processing time for E-visa for Swedish citizens?

The price will depend upon which country or nationality class you are and what type of visa you want to prefer and also how urgent you need it.

Basically, there are three types which are offered to the travelers ?

  • Standard processing time - Most commonly requested and in demand nowadays where you can get your visa in just 5 business days. This process is the cheapest.
  • Rush processing time - this option price a little high for the travelers as compared to standard processing time and you will get your E-visa in just 3 business days.
  • Super rush processing time - and now, crystal clear, the fastest one as it takes just 2 business days.

Currently, over 150+ countries have adapted this E-visa procedure and provide tourist, business, and medical visas to India from Sweden.

How to apply for Indian tourist e-visa for Swedish citizens?

When we work with a filling of forms, most of us have some negative experiences and later on, it becomes very difficult to edit the data that has been already mentioned in the form. But you need not have to worry as e-visa has made all these things easier with the wonderful support of 24*7 customer service.

  • So, the first step for applying for an e-visa is to insert all the basic information as per your passport which includes name, address, e-mail, passport size photo, date of birth, marital status. And in this same step, you have to choose the visa type and the required processing time that you want.
  • Now the next step is about the revision of the details and the payment procedure. You have to re-check all your personal details and ensure that the information which you have filled in is accurate and correct as later on you will not be allowed to make any certain changes in the whole data and the application.
  • The last step is a personal questionnaire and uploading of documents.

Nowadays, more than 150 nationalities are applying for the electronic visa for India and it is becoming day by day popular since the day it was launched. This is because of its unique and convenient features which are very suitable with respect to the traveling criteria for travelers.

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