All About Getting An Indian E-Visa For Swiss Nationals

getting an indian evisa online
Published on: 12-11-2020

All About Getting An Indian E-Visa For Swiss Nationals

Getting your hands on an Indian Visa could be a complicated procedure at times, especially for those people who do not have a private vehicle. This generally happens because when you apply for a regular visa, you need to make several visits to the Embassy of India. Even after constant effort, you still might not see the progress any time soon. It would take up a lot of your time and energy with unsatisfactory results as well. Nobody wants to go through such a difficult and time-consuming process just to get a Visa before they could visit the country of their choice.

Well, if you are someone who is a Swiss National and wants to go to India on a trip or a vacation soon, then this is the best news that you'll hear today. You can now apply for a Visa online all the while sitting on your couch at the convenience of your home!

Sound too-good-to-be-true? Well, it isn't. You can apply for an online version of a Visa that is known as an e visa by going to the online portal of eVisa Mart and filling up an application form. For this, all you need is a device that can access the Internet and, of course, a stable and active internet connection. Once you have got these two, you know that you are ready for applying for an e-Visa!

If you have any queries regarding e-Visa and how you can apply for it, leave all your worries aside as this guide will provide you with all the information that you might need.

Is it necessary to get a Visa to travel to India?

If you are a Swiss national who wishes to visit India whether for business purposes or just for recreational trips, no matter what the reason may be, you have to get yourself an e Visa for visiting the country. This should not make you worried as the process has become extremely simple after being shifted online. You can now easily apply for your visa online, which means as long as you are eligible to get it.

Why should you get an E-Visa?

You will have several advantages if you choose to get an E-Visa instead. These benefits include:

  • It is convenient

  • Time-saving

  • Cost-effective

  • Simple and quick

  • Doesn't require many documents

  • No need to learn difficult procedures

  • Get started at your home with ease.

  • Track all the updates regarding your application.

Since India e visa has all these additional benefits while also serving the same purpose as a regular Visa, there is no reason for you to opt for the conventional method. It is a wise choice to opt for the process with minimal effort and the best results.

How to know if you are eligible for an e visa for india?

Citizens of over 150 countries are now eligible to apply for an E-Visa at their convenience. IF you wish to know whether your country is included in this list or not, you can easily check about it online by using the online checking tool.

If you are a Swiss National, you don't even have to go through the process of checking this as you are 100% eligible to apply for an E-Visa. All Swiss nationals can easily apply for an Indian E-Visa online as long as they do have a valid passport and fulfill basic requirements.

What types of E-Visas are available?

There are different types of Visas that you can opt for when applying online. These differ based on the reason why you are thinking about visiting the country. For example, whether for just a vacation, for business work, or medical reasons.

  • For recreational trips and vacations, you would generally opt for a Tourist Visa. It is the most common form of a Visa that most people apply online.

  • For any kind of business work, people generally go and apply for an online Business E-Visa which serves their purpose more easily.

  • If you have any medical condition or are facing a medical emergency where you have to visit the country urgently, then you can apply for a medical E-Visa, provided you have all the documents that you may be required to furnish.

While opting for a tourist eVisa is the best option, you need to ensure that you have some special type of documents that might be needed additionally if you are applying for any other type of an E-Visa. For example, you have to provide a business letter of invitation if you are opting for an official business E-Visa.

If you are opting for a Medical-purpose E-Visa, then you might need to supply the hospital-related documents such as a letter from them.

What is the average duration of a simple tourist E-Visa?

The average duration for which the Tourist Visa or E-Visa would be considered valid remains about a year from the issue date. If you plan to visit the country after this period, your Visa would be considered illegal and would not be accepted as it has already been expired.

While the Visa is still in its validity period, you can enjoy features like multiple entries into the country for a period of continuous stay of a maximum of 90 days altogether. You can enjoy all these features easily so prepare how to make the most out of this benefit.

What to do if you need the visa urgently?

If you need the visa urgently, you can opt for a different type of processing option, if you are ready to pay a little more for it. As you pay them more, they will be able to provide you a speedier service so think before you choose from these options.

  • Standard Processing Period: Finishes in about 5 days or 120 hours.

  • Rush Processing Period : Would take only up to 3 days to complete your request or 72 hours.

  • Super-Rushed Processing Period: With a super-rush option, you will be able to get your request completed within just 48 hours or 2 days.

Note that it will cost you a lot more if you choose a speedy delivery option. Therefore, you should think wisely before you choose either the cost or the processing time.

What is the cost of the different processing options?

The cost of the different options has been mentioned below:

  • Standard Cost: the cost of choosing the standard delivery which makes it the cheapest option available. It is also the most viable option if you have budget constraints.

  • Rush Cost: For taking a rush delivery option, you have to pay a higher cost compared to the Standard one. This happens because your order has been prioritized and needs more effort to be completed sooner than the normal process.

  • Super-Rush Cost: If you opt for the Super-Rush delivery where your order will be given the highest priority, you will also have to pay the highest amount of money for it. The cost of this option is more than both the Standard and the Rush options.

It is important to think wisely while choosing one of these options.

In simple words, if time is the biggest constraint, choose Super-Rush delivery, if the price is the biggest constraint, choose the standard delivery. If you need the Visa urgently but cannot afford to pay very high, then choose Rush delivery.

What documents should you get ready before applying online?

Make sure to keep all these documents ready before you start applying online:

  • Scanned copy of your official document & Passport

  • Scanned copy of your most-recent photograph

  • Scanned copy of all other documents containing your personal and important information.

  • Any other essential documents, if specified.

  • Any special documents, for different types of Visas.

What is the process of online application for an E-Visa?

For applying for an Indian E-Visa online, all you have to do is follow these three steps:

  1. Fill the basic application form online. This step hardly takes about 10 minutes or less. Don't hurry and fill up accurate information. Proceed to the next step.

  2. Ensure that all the documents are kept next to you. Scan the copies as required. Next, you should upload all the scanned documents whenever it is asked in-between of the process. Read all the instructions carefully.

  3. Review all of the information and make sure it is 100% accurate as you do not want to make any mistakes that could lead to a decline in your request. Once that is done, just pay the fees and submit your application.

Do children qualify for getting an E-Visa?

Yes, children who are Swiss Nationals can also get an E-Visa. They have to hold a valid passport and other documents as well.

Now that you know all that is necessary for applying for an Indian E-Visa online, you should visit India now!

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