Know The Application Process Of India Visa For Thailand

India Visa For Thailand
Published on: 26-10-2020

To visit any country you need a mandatory passport you know that very well. And to visit any particular country for a reason like a tour or medical checkup or something more important you need a visa from that country. Basically, a visa is a document where you will get a solid ground to visit the country you want and it is limited permission from the country you want to visit. So if you want to visit India you need to go Indian embassy of Thailand or You can apply for an India visa from Thailand Online.

How to apply for an Indian visa?

You can apply offline- means by walking into the office or online- means sitting at home and apply through the internet.

  • Offline procedure:?To apply for a visa you need to visit the embassy of India in Thailand with your proper documents. You need to fill-up the form there with a valid passport, photos, and Thai citizen identity, and also with the reason for visiting, count of days you need to stay, etc. Then wait for someday to be approved and you will get your gateway pass for India.
  • Online procedure:?Now if you have an emergency purpose or you have got a sudden plan to visit India for some days you can apply for an online visa. Just you need to have a smart-phone or personal computer at home with an internet connection to go through the process step by step. If you are not tech-savvy you can go to a cyber caf? near you to make it easier for you. Keep your documents with you like- scanned passport pages, your recent passport size photos, identity card. So visit the e-visa website where you will apply the e-visa form with the information. After all the process you will be asked to pay online. You can pay with your debit card or credit card. If you do it your own only you have to pay the visa applying charges and if you have taken help you have to pay a little amount of their helping time. This online process of Indian e Visa is far better than the offline process because you don't have to wait for a long time in a dragon-tail line in front of the embassy, rather you can sit on your chair and apply with ease.

Types of visa:

When you are applying for a visa it is mandatory to mention your purpose, you will get three types of visas online, and you can apply for a Double-entry or multiple entry e-visas to enter India. ?

Tourist visa

If you apply online for a tourism purpose you will get

  • One month e-visa means 30 days with Double entry validity,
  • E-visa for one year means 12 months with multiple time entries.
  • E-visa for 5 years with multiple time entries.
Business visa

Applying to get a business e-visa is a little bit expensive than a tourist visa. The Business e-visa is valid for one year with multiple entries. For this visa, you need to show your business documents and invitations from Indian business authority. A scanned copy will be enough for this electronic process.

Medical visa

For an emergency medical e-visa, you will get 2 months of valid entry, which means you will get 60 days to stay in India with three times of limited entry. Here you have to give the proper purpose of medical e-visa.

  • Suppose you are a patient and with critical medical conditions, so you have to submit doctor recommendations and medical reports along with other documents.
  • Another purpose is for health staff- if you are a doctor, nurse, or another medical person you need to show the invitation copy of your hospital or medical camps along with your identity documents.

Pros and cons of the Regular and e-visa application:

  • You will get your Regular visa with 15 to 20 days through courier. But In the Online process, you will get your evisa within 5 to 6 business working days, and if you have any emergency, in that case, you can stimulate the process by paying extra fees to the website and you will get it within 3 days.
  • Manually you will get an authorized stamped mark before you start for India. In the online process, you have to wait for some time after arriving at the airport of India to get stamped on your passport at Immigration Checkpoint.

Now after knowing all the facilities and issues of visa application, decide your process on how to make it worth applying an India visa for Thailand citizens.

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