The Straight Forward Procedure of Indian E-Visa for Citizens of Tonga

Indian E-Visa for Citizens of Tonga
Published on: 19-11-2020

The straight forward procedure of Indian e-visa for citizens of Tonga

The process made it more comfortable!

Who does not love the concept of travel! It is a different spirit altogether and requires a unique skill set to accomplish the set goals. International travel is one of the sought after plans to view the scenic beauty beyond the regional boundaries and make the best of memories. Like everything happens under the purview of law; similarly, the travel to such locations also comes under similar rules.

In other words, a visa is an important document required for setting foot on international soil. It acts as the pivotal proof of identity and grants various perks during the stay. However, staying up in long lines for the slots often becomes daunting and mixes up the issuance priorities. To avoid this, the Indian government came up with the concept of e-visa, in partnership with more than 150 countries. The upcoming content speaks in more detail about the entire procedure for the citizens of Tonga.

How would Tongans get the benefits of e-visa?

Tonga is one of the nations registered amongst the 150+ countries mentioned above. Thus, the citizens are eligible to apply for an Indian e-visa. This document is the electronic version of the conventional visa. The differences that it is issued only for a short-term stay within the nation (maximum up to 1 year) are digitally linked to the passport.

In easier words, the passport scanning creates a digital signature of the authorities on the e-visa. It thus grants permission to Tongans to enter Indian territory. Therefore, this entire feature has added up to the overall convenience of such a category of visitors.

Under what cases are the e-visa granted to Tongans?

E-visa is meant only for those Tongans aiming to visit India for a short duration, till one year as a maximum. Thus, the following cases define the short-term visit to India:

  • Vacations with the family and near ones to visit parts of India.

  • Recreational activities like yoga camps, spiritual talks, and many such.

  • Visit the functions organized by known acquaintances.

  • Medical treatment in case of serious ailments.

  • Business purposes include seminars, conferences, presentations, sales pitch, amongst others.

  • Educational purposes like short-term courses, paper presentations, student competitions, and many such.

Thus, the e-visa can be granted only under the situations mentioned above.

What are the eligibility criteria for the document?

The following points define the overall eligibility of Tongans to apply for this document:

  • Registered citizen of Tonga.

  • Passport validity of at least 6 months from the time of arrival in India.

  • No criminal record or cases registered under the Court of Law of any nation.

  • No interlink between passports i.e. individual passport for each traveling member.

  • Sufficient proof of finance to support the entire duration of stay within the country.

  • No holder of diplomatic powers or special powers given to government officials.

Therefore, as a Tongan, ensure that you meet all of these criteria to ease up on the overall procedure.

What are the types of e-visas and their validity period?

The Tongans are eligible to apply for the following categories of Indian e-visa:

  • Tourist eVisa, which is meant only for casual visits to India, like vacations, visits to acquaintances, homes, recreational activities, or voluntary work. It is valid for 1 year and allows a maximum continuous stay of 90 days per entry multiple times in a year.

  • Business e-visa, which is meant for the individuals coming to India for official purposes like business conferences, seminars, paper presentations, and others. It is also valid for 1 year and allows a maximum continuous stay of 180 days with multiple entries. Under special circumstances, the continuous stay can be extended and it requires the permission of the Indian embassy.

  • Medical e-visa, which is meant for the treatment of Tongans suffering from serious diseases in the Indian hospitals, under proper care and cheaper expenses. It also allows a fixed cap of co-travelers visiting to support the patient. It is valid for only 60 days and allows a maximum of three entries into the country during the entire period of validity.

Therefore, define the purpose of the visit to apply for e-visa under the right head.

What are the general documents required for Indian e-visa?

Irrespective of the category of e-visa, the Tongans need to submit the following list as part of mandatory documents for Indian e-visa:

  • Recent passport-sized and color photograph.

  • Scanned copy of the first two pages and last page of the valid passport.

  • Proof of citizenship under the official records of Tonga.

  • Police verification to chuck off the doubts of any pending criminal cases.

What are the additional documents required?

In addition to these, special documents are also required that are specific to each category:

  • For a tourist e-visa, you need to submit proof of travel and accommodation during India's entire period of stay.

  • For business e-visa, you need to submit the invitation letter, allowing entry into the official purpose. Alternatively, if you are an organization employee, then registered ID proof in company records can also work.

  • For medical e-visa, the referral document stating the ailment history and exact name of the Indian hospital for treatment is mandatory.

Therefore, ensure that all of these are prepared to avoid any kind of end moment issues.

What is the procedure for the application?

Now, the Indian e-visa application hardly takes 10 minutes to complete. Go for these steps to complete the entire procedure:

  • Visit the eVisa Mart website and open up the window for a fresh application.

  • Fill up all details & upload the necessary documents as per the format and size specified in the form.

  • Complete the payment via any of the online methods and receive the confirmation via e-mail.

With this, the document's processing starts, and you can expect the same to be delivered at your mailbox within 2-5 days of payment.

What are the different packages of processing?

There are three different categories of processing that defines e-visa fees and time to get the same:

  • Standard processing: - will issue this visa in 5 days after completion of payment.

  • Rush processing: - will issue this visa in 3 days after completion of payment.

  • Super rush processing: - will issue this visa in 2days after completion of payment.

Thus, select the service based on the emergency of obtaining the e-visa.

Are there any other charges associated with Indian e-visa?

No, Indian e-visa does not ask for additional or hidden charges apart from the application fee.

What are the perks are given to Tongans?

The Tongans are allowed to enter and exit from the registered list of 28 airports and five seaports. They can also enjoy the same rights as that of the other foreign visitors, including price concession on certain commodities and services.

Is the e-visa transferrable?

No, the purpose of Indian e-visa is non-transferable. It is hence intended to be used only for the situation mentioned in the document. Do not try to bypass this to earn penalties. Also, ensure that all of the bookings are aligned with the dates to have an overall hassle-free experience.

In case of any challenges, the Tongans can freely reach out to the registered grievances cell. Their queries would get answered within a few hours.

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