Now travel from Vietnam to India - apply for e-visa online today!

Indian Visa for Vietnam Citizens
Published on: 12-11-2020

Now travel from Vietnam to India - apply for e-visa online today!

Though tours and travel are restricted in most parts of the world, considering the current scenario, people are still actively making plans. Some are obliged to travel, and others want to go out to have some fun and enjoyment. If you are someone who belongs to either of these categories, then you probably need to know everything regarding your travel, but what are the most critical aspects of all? Well, have you considered the methods of Indian visa application, If not, then this article will be able to inform you regarding all the techniques you can get.

So what is the most efficient method of visa application?

Well, have you considered e-visas online? If you do not know about them, then rest assured. E-visa is a virtual form of the document. You can visit an online visa website that allows you to carry on with these services. You can mention your details and email address. After the visa gets prepared, they will deliver it to your email. You can download it and get a hardcopy of it for better function. It is one of the most logical methods to get the task done. This way, you can stay inside your house and place the order for an eVisa anytime.

What are the factors you should keep in mind while filling the visa application?

Visa is one of the most vital documents that you need if you are traveling outside the country. The people who are traveling from Vietnam to India will need to get one for them, as well. Some of the factors that you have to keep in mind include the fact that you cannot mention any wrong information on it. What will be the consequences? If it has minimal and minor mistakes, then there will not be any after-effects, but if it contains several errors, then your visa will get rejected. Now, no one wants that because if it gets denied to the applicant, then most of the countries put a stamp on the passport, which can later cause hindrances in future applications. While it does not mean that you will have no permission to apply again, but it will obstruct the process.

One of the other factors includes the timely-application of the document. Sometimes, your visa can get rejected for many reasons, and if it happens at the last minute, then you will not have the permit to travel. While for a tourist, that is not severe damage, but for a businessman, a student, patients, medical practitioners, Etc, can face a lot of harm. So, ensure that you get your visa on time.

Can you apply for a student visa online?

Well, you cannot get a student visa online. But here is a list of the kinds of documents you can have:

  • Tourist e-visa

  • Business e-visa

  • Medical e-visa

Apart from these, if you want to apply for any other type, then you will have to go through the traditional method of acquiring the same. You need to understand that currently, India offers only these types of visas online. So, if you fall into these three categories, then you can go for an online mode of application today! The process is straightforward and user-friendly, as well.

What is the process of online application?

Well, if you want to fill the online application, then the first task is to visit the portals that allow e-visa services. Next, you need to select your destination. After that, you have to fill a form. You have to choose the type of visa and the processing time. Once you have filled it, you get to review the data and then pay for the services. You need to know that once you have paid for the e-visa, you cannot make any changes. So, make sure that you have made a wise decision. After the payment is complete, you will have to fill in some personal information. Once you press the submit button, you will receive the confirmation mail. After that, you will receive your visa within the specified time.

What is the processing time?

It refers to the amount of time within which you want your e-visa. The online portals usually offer three categories:

  • The general regime is of 5-days.

  • The rush hours refer to 3-days.

  • The super rush hours, which is for 2-days.

So, when you are applying for an online e-visa, you can choose any of these options to get the visa.

What if you want to apply for your family and friends?

Well, if you want to apply for family and friends, then you have to obtain their documents for the same. What are these documents? Well, it includes a photograph of themselves with plain white background, a scanned image of their passport, and the last page of the passport. These are the documents that you need to have. After this, you can follow the same process as mentioned above to get the information you need.

What if you make a mistake online?

If you make any mistake, then it is your job to contact the support team immediately. You can communicate with the customer service representatives and inform them regarding the same. Rest assured that the customer services will assist you in the best manner possible. They will calmly listen to your doubt and answer them carefully. You can trust them, as they will handle the entire matter for you.

Is it safe to get a visa online?

Well, people often doubt the credibility of online portals and services, but you can trust these services. You will not face any problems in regards to the online payment methods, and you will not have any issues with the customer services. You will receive your document on time, as well.

One can say that although eVisa Mart services are credible and reliable. So, if you are looking to travel outside the country, get your e-visa today!

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