How Much Does An Indian E Visa Cost From The UK?

Indian E Visa Cost From The UK
Published on: 01-06-2020

How Much Does An Indian E Visa Cost From The UK?

Visa is one of the must-have when in some different country than the home grounds. Everyone, whether a student, tourist, etc., is entitled to have it. It is an identity document that tells where a person hail. With a change in time, visa making has shifted from traditional to electronic methods. A large portion of e-visa applicants is the ones traveling from the UK to India.

How to apply for e-visa from the UK to India?

One can easily apply for a visa by using eVisa Mart or doing it Individually. Apply with eVisa mart mean for a more relaxed process but might cost a few greens. Applying with eVisa Mart, the process will be quicker. All one might need is the cost for e-visa and the required documents.

How much does it cost for UK citizens to e-visa to India?

A trip to India should not cost much for UK citizens. It varies as per the speculation and the span of a visit. Reason and the application fee for various reasons may vary as:

  • A tourist visa for a double entry for a month may cost you less whereas the same tourist visa for multiple entries throughout the year comes higher than the first one.

  • Except for the tourist visa, the Business, and Medical visa fee is higher than tourist visa and it comes with different validity periods like for business visa it is valid for 365 days and medical visa valid for 60 days

What are the documents required for e-visa?

Documents play a significant part in e-visa making. The papers required are:

  • A copy of the front and back copy of the passport. It is helpful when an identity check is required.

  • A few passport size photographs with a white background following specifications: A JPEG format, from a size between 10 to 300 MB, an equal height to width ratio (350 minimum and 1000 maximum) will make the process easier.

One must be very careful in uploading details and should give a check to the filled details and documents as a simple variation can lead to rejection. One may require to carry the passports of parents, job information, spouse's information, etc. to complete the process.

How to choose the right Indian visa?

With conventional and e-visa available, one might get confused if there is any difference. There are specific needs when an e-visa is more valid and vice versa.

  • The e-visa is more recommended when one has short trips as it is both time and cost-efficient.

  • The standard visa demands stamps and interviews. Embassy visits are involved and the visa is for a longer period up to 10 years.

Having a visa makes a person safe and secure. With e-visa available, the process of visa has become faster and efficient. It is essential to choose the right place for visa making as it involves your money but also requires personal documents and information.

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