Indian e-Visa Photo Requirements and Specifications complete

Published on: 10-02-2021

Here are the basic steps one needs to follow online visa photo process:

Step 1: Filling out the online visa application form

1. For the online visa registrations, the user needs to visit the official website.
2. Then the user would click on the 'Online Visa Application Registration' link, then click on the registration form to open.
3. Make sure to fill the application form properly with accurate details.
4. Once all the details have been entered on the application form, just click on "Continue to Next Page", post this the second page opens up. The user has to enter all the details in the second page and then click on "Continue to Next Page". This will redirect you to the third page of the registration.
5. The third page will contain the segment of "Photo Upload",

Step 2: Photo Uploading Process:

1. The photo of the applicant can be done through modes which are ? Either through the digital camera or web camera and scanning through the physical photograph.
2. The photograph has to be as per the parameters and guidelines for photo uploading through the online visa process. The guidelines will be as follows:

  • Image Format - JPEG
  • Image Size - Minimum size 10 KB and maximum size 300 KB.
    - Minimum Dimensions: Width - 350 pixels and 350 pixels height.
    - Maximum Dimensions: Width - 1000 pixels and 1000 pixels height.
  • Procedure to check the parameters in the photograph which is required to be uploaded.
    - By right clicking on the photograph, then just click on the 'Photograph' link.
    - A window will open that will contain all the information about the photographs
  • You will be required to click on 'Details' to view the dimensions that includes height and width of the image.
  • Changing the parameters of the photograph and make the changes according to the parameter guidelines.
    - Changing of the parameters of the photograph to right click on the image, then just click on the 'Open With', option on the 'Paint'.
    - Then the image will open in the paint.
3. In the paint, the user will have to click on 'View'
4. Check the 'Status Bar' and then click on the check box in case if it is unchecked.
5. Next, click on the select icon and as per the guidelines change the size of the photograph.
6. The dimensions can be seen in the 'Status Bar'
7. Once the dimensions of the image match with the guidelines, then save the image.

Step 3: Process of Uploading the Image on the Online Visa Registration Portal

1. In the online visa registration process, the third page contains the section of the 'Photo Upload'
2. Click on 'Upload Image'
3. The photo needs to be in the JPGEG format
4. If the user wants to re-upload the photo again, then he or she can click again 'Upload Photo Again' button.
5. The user can confirm the photo by clicking on the 'Confirm' button. Once, you click on the confirm button, then the pop window opens up which consists of message 'Confirm You want to upload the photo'

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