Indian Visa, Applicant Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Indian Visa, Applicant Requirements
Published on: 11-12-2020

Indian Visa, Applicant Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

Visa is an official document or certificate of endorsement stating that you can join, leave, and stay for a specific country for a specified period or indefinitely. It is an authorized certificate with a passport stamp. After carefully reviewing and confirming all the credentials, immigration authorities of a foreign country issue visas. However, the visa authorization is provisional and subject to approval at the Immigration Officer's point of entry.

Like any other country, India too has its own visa requirements. Over the years, the Indian embassy has become quite strict in terms of offering visas to foreigners.

Here is a detailed guide on the Indian Visa Requirements and the documents you require for a visa:


Current signed passports must be issued by the applicant. Therefore, the original passport is essential; visas are labeled with a passport. The passport must be valid for a minimum of six months and should have two blank visa pages at the time of application and for the remainder of the journey upon arrival. Although to prevent issues upon entry six months after the date of exit from India is strongly recommended.

Requirement for photograph

The candidate shall send two (2) identical colored images in the passport-type format. The pictures should be recent and should not necessarily be the same for the passenger's use.

Travel proof

Apart from a travel agent or online booking tool (such as e-confirmation or online booking), the applicants shall send a computer-generated itinerary showing their departure from the country and their arrival/departure to their destination.

Proof of residence

The applicant has to submit the driving license or state ID with a legible color photocopy.

If you have no State ID and did not update your ID recently, you must also give the applicant a recent utility bill (sewer, water, electric)

Individuals who are below 18

The applicant has to submit a complete, signed, Notarized Authorization Form if the applicant's age is less than 18 years. Though not explicitly defined, both parents must sign the form (or a parent assisted by custody).

Additional Form

The applicant must submit one completed page form. Print your records (single-sided).

Requirements for Indian Visa

Guide for Visa Application

There is a 'Technology Manual' that is available. The directions are essential to obey. If the instructions are not correctly followed, the application will be refused. The applicant is strongly advised to print and reference the application guide during the visa application.

Request for visa

If you want to submit the document online, then you have to print and sign all pages. The applicant must sign the first page in a small rectangular box in the upper right corner, the second page on the signature line.

Further details on Business Indian Visas:

Letter covering company cover

The applicant shall apply for a company's Business Cover Letter (BCL). The BCL shall be an original signed document specifying the date, length, and intent of the trip. List the contact person and address of the host company and comply with the applicant's moral and financial liability.

Letter of Invitation

The applicant shall present the welcoming party or association with a letter of invitation. The letter should enter the applicant's details, provide details of the journey's intent, provide the visit dates, and sign with a company officer's contact details. Generally permissible are scanned/printed copies.

Certificate for Incorporation

The inviting company needs to send an exact copy of the 'Certificate of Incorporation' to applicants. A business certificate is a legal document concerning the creation of a company or company. It is a license for a state government-issued to form a company.

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