Indian Visa for Nauruan
Published on: 12-10-2020
Indian Visa for Nauruan

India has always been a traveler's destination; recently, India has opened its gates to about 150 countries, including Nauruan, to apply for an India electronic visa. The advantage of this Visa is that if one wants to visit India from Nauruan, they do not need to go to the Indian embassy for procuring a Visa.

The Republic of Nauru is the smallest island nation in the world to the south of the equator. Due to its small size, it has no capital. While most of the Nauruan can apply for a Visa, it is better to check your eligibility; this can be done using the visa checker. To use this, you need to add your country of origin, and for the destination, you need to choose India. All the information you need will be on your screen in a few minutes.

What are the requirements for an e visa to India for a Nauruan?

Before applying for your e visa, you need to get a few things in place. It is not a long list but a short one so that your visit to India remains a beautiful memory. Here's a list of things you need to have before you apply for Visa to India:

  • Valid passport

The first thing you will need is a valid passport, it is not difficult to obtain a passport, and if you already possess one, it is good for you to check its expiry date. The passport is an important document while entering in foreign countries and it should be kept carefully and safely so that nobody can make any mischief with the passport.

  • A digital photograph

The next requirement is a recent digital photograph of yours. The photograph must be a proper one with no facial expressions. The photograph should have a white background, and you should upload this photograph when you are told to do so.

  • The passport scan of the information page

The information page containing your personal information like your name, address, age, etc., needs to be scanned and uploaded. The photo page with specific information should be clear and legible. If the information is not clear, then your Visa may be rejected. So be careful while scanning it, make sure that the information comes out as clear as possible.

  • Mode of payment

Payment is easy with Visa; it has multiple payment methods. A debit card, credit card, popular choice of payment.

  • Copy of your business card and the letter of invitation

Suppose you want to enter India for business purposes. In that case, you need to provide your business card copy and the letter of invitation to make it clear that you are visiting India for business purposes.

  • Letter from the hospital of India

If you are applying for a medical visa and the object of coming to India is for health reasons, you need a letter from the hospital you will visit for your medical checkup.

The application for Visa

The application for eVisa for Nauruan has been divided into three simple steps:

  1. Feed the personal details such as name, address, Email address, passport information, date of birth, marital status, etc. the type of Visa needed should also be mentioned here. It would be best if you also chose the processing time for the Visa.

  2. The second step includes revision and payment; accurate information should be provided. Once it is uploaded, it cannot be corrected, so before submitting your information, you need to double-check because wrong information may lead to visa rejection.

  3. The third step is a personal questionnaire, and you have to upload your recent photograph here. If they need additional documents, it should be uploaded here. Additional documents depending on the Visa you are applying for.

After all the three steps are completed, you have to submit the application and wait for the period you have mentioned in the first step. When the Visa is ready, you will be intimated through your Email. If you have any problem understanding the guidelines, you can always call the visa office where there is 24/7 customer service to guide you through the proceedings.

Types of Visa Nauruan can apply for

  • Tourist E visa

  • Business E visa

  • Medical E visa


Frequently asked questions

What is the processing time for a Visa for Nauruan?

The processing time depends on the Visa you apply. There are three options you can choose from:

  1. Standard processing: it takes 96 hours to form the day of your application, and it is the cheapest.

  2. Rush processing: it takes 72 hours from the day of application and cost a bit higher than the previous one.

  3. Super rush processing: it takes 48 hours and is the costliest of the three.

What happens if the Visa expires and a Nauruan overstays?

Overstay is a serious offense with legal complications, so always check your Visa. If you want to extend your visa, you have to collect the information from the Indian embassy.

How many days can a Nauruan stay in India?

A maximum of 90-day continuous stay is allowed to a Nauruan with multiple entries, and it also depends on the Visa you are applying for. A designated point of entry has to be chosen by Nauruan for the Indian E visa to be valid. There are about 28 airports and 05 seaports you can choose from. If you want to land on any other point of entry, then a consular visa is required. For that, you need to go to the Indian embassy.

For a Nauruan to apply for an E visa for India is easy because everything can be done online without going to the Indian embassy. Double-check all the information before you upload the details to the site because once uploaded, it cannot be corrected, and your Visa may be rejected.

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