How To Get An Indian Visa On Arrival For The US Citizens?

Indian Visa On Arrival For The US Citizens
Published on: 08-06-2020

How To Get An Indian Visa On Arrival For The US Citizens?

People who travel to India will need to have a Visa to enter the country legally and without any complications. There are a few selected countries that can also get a visa on arrival in some of the airports in India. The US is one of those countries whose citizens can apply for an Indian Visa on arrival, but that is for selected individuals who meet the requirements to qualify for such a visa. You can obtain a visa to have hassle-free processing of your application.

Visa on arrival for US citizens in India

All US citizens will need to have a valid US passport and should have a valid Indian visa to enter and exit India for whatever purpose they have. Without a verified electronic travel authorization, Indian visas cannot available for US citizens upon arrival in India.

The validity of eVisa for India

The validity of a visa for India typically begins on from the day of arrival. You cannot apply for visa 120 days before the expected arrival. The permitted stay for your visit is for 180 days for all the citizens of the USA.

Requirements for online visa application

You should always keep all the important documents for the visa application processing. You should have a scanned passport size photograph and a recent digital photo of yourself. You will have to have a passport that holds validity for 6 months after the date of arrival in India. You have to make an online payment for the visa fee. This processing of the application can take a few days to get authorized and verified. You will receive the visa via email after your application is successfully accepted approved by the immigration authorities. At the time of arrival in India, you must present the visa along with your passport to the immigration officials.


Q. How long does it take for the visa for India to get processed??

Ans. It can take from a few working days to 2 weeks to process the visa application for India.?

Q. When will you receive the visa??

Ans. After the visa is processed, you will get the visa sent to you via email that you have provided in the visa application form.?

Q. Can US citizens get the visa on arrival??

Ans. All US citizens must get a visa before they arrive in India. It is mandatory to get a visa before you come to India.?

Q. How to submit the visa application fees? ?

Ans. You can pay the visa application fees via electronic payment at the time of the submission of the visa application. The applicant must submit the visa fees. ?

Q. Can US citizens get an online Indian visa? ?

Ans. Yes, US citizens can get an online Indian visa. ?

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