Is India A Safe Country To Travel For Spaniards? Here?s A Quick Read

Indian Visa for Spaniards
Published on: 17-09-2020

Is India A Safe Country To Travel For Spaniards? Here?s A Quick Read

Since time immemorial India has been a country that has attracted people from faraway lands. This exotic land holds immense knowledge, a vast history, and a rich culture that attracts travelers from all over the world. If you are from Spain and want to explore this incredible nation, there are certain things you need to be aware of; in this article of?Is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??Emphasis is given to certain details you need to follow when traveling from Spain so that your stay in this country remains a beautiful memory that you can share with your folks back home.

Things Spaniards need to know when traveling to India

traveling to India

India has become a popular destination for tourists from Spain as well as other countries because of its diverse culture and immense natural beauty, the following things need to be taken care of before you travel to this exotic place:

  • Documentation

If you have chosen India as your tourist destination, before traveling check all your important documents like passport, Visa, Health/travel insurance, tickets, and accomodation proof. Keep all documents soft copy with you as the immigration officer asks for documents at immigration check to verfiy your details.

  • Your guide

India is one of the largest countries in Asia, and you will find it quite intimidating if you are thinking of traveling alone. Take the help of a good guide so that he can help you make your travel easy and safe

  • Travel light

Is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??The answer to this question is that most of the tourist destinations of India are quite safe for tourists but being vigilant does not hurt. Small thefts and scams can take place so always travel light when exploring sites.

  • Cheap modes of travel

The bus is a very cheap mode of transport and it has service to every destination, but to go about internally you need to take an auto and for this, you need to keep the accurate amount of change.?

  • Food?

Every foreigner should be very careful about food in India because usually Indian food is hot, and tourists cannot handle the amount of chili put into their dishes, many fast food outlets serve international food like pizza hut, subway, etc. but if you are in India and have not tasted Indian food then it?s like you have not understood its culture, so try it once but ask them to put a lesser amount of pepper.

  • Hygiene

The next important thing you should keep in mind is hygiene; India is the second-largest populated country in the world and that has its effect on hygiene. So always keep your sanitizers and tissues with you while traveling. Drink bottled water and street-side juices are not recommended. Tea from the street side are very tasty as well as hygienic as they are served in small earthen pots and are the water and milk is always kept at the boiling point.

  • Dressing

If you want to know?is?India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??Your dressing style can convey a lot. India is a deep-rooted religious country and especially for women to wear short skirts and tight jeans can raise a few eyebrows, so it is always good to dress in Indian attire to feel safe. Comfortable Kurtis are available on the roadside and it is the best Indian attire that is comfortable as well as it covers your whole body

The above are some points you need to keep in mind when traveling from Spain to India that can make your travel an easy and safe one.

About India


Everything about this country is unique, and once a tourist visits this colorful and striking nation it is bound to remain as one of his/her cherished memories. If you are from Spain and want to know?Is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??It is better to get an insight into the country:?

  • Religion

India has a very deep-rooted religious culture and is a land of diverse cultural habits. Nowhere in the world will you find so many languages spoken and each culture has a distinct cuisine. So where ever you go in India you will find different kinds of food and different kinds of cultural habits and being a person from foreign land it is advisable to respect the religious norms of the particular state you visit.

India is a land of holy places and extravagant temples, mosques, and churches, and each has its style of worship. When visiting temples and mosques footwear is not allowed, you need to go barefoot inside a temple and a mosque. When a woman visits a temple in north India her head should be covered whereas women are not allowed to enter the mosque. All these different habits need to be followed very strictly if you want to have a good experience in India.

?India?s metro cities are a lot westernized and what you wear doesn?t matter there though religious places still follow their rules very strictly wherever you are. Otherwise, nobody is concerned about what you wear if you are in a metro like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, etc. but as you travel internally you need to keep the dress code according to the place you are visiting.

  • Beware of cheaters

Is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??Coming from Spain you may notice that?cheating is very common in tourist spots because you are new to the country and know very less about the place, you need to take the help of a guide, your guide will be the person who will know where to take you and through which route. He will keep you safe from cheaters and hooligans that can harm you especially if you are a woman. A guide can help you visit the best well-known spots and also if you are interested in other places which are not considered as a tourist spot but are more interesting.

  • Affordable?

India is a very affordable tourist destination. Several accommodations offer very low prices. You can check in with a family who offers accommodations for tourists and can get a good home-cooked meal, and these types of accommodations are very clean too. your guide will help you get a clean and affordable place to stay.

  • Diverse cultures

The best thing about India is its diverse culture. People follow different religions like:

  • Hinduism
  • Islam?
  • Christianity
  • Jainism?
  • Buddhism
  • Sikhism

When tourists come from other countries they find it amazing how people of different religions adapt to each other?s culture so well. All festivals are celebrated with the same pomp and splendor rand if you want to know India take part in festivals like Holi, Eid, Baisakhi, and lots more. This where the real India lies and getting involved in these incredible festivals you will understand why people are so much attracted to India.

Now about the main question of?is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??Here are some good reasons you can consider it as safe:

Though no country assures you 100% safety, India too has its small scams and thefts other than that it is safer than other countries because:

  • You don?t find people with guns roaming around the streets, and keeping unregistered guns is considered illegal in India. while countries like America are fighting for this, India is far safer on these grounds

  • Most of the Indian locals are good to foreigners and offer all the help they can to make them feel comfortable. Because they consider tourism as a source of income and try to keep tourists as happy as possible.

  • Women's safety can be averted if you are appropriately dressed according to the dress code of the place. Most of the locals respect women and will behave accordingly.?

  • The language will never be a problem because almost all Indians understand English and speak as well. Though they have their little slang but making them understand will not be difficult.

Spaniards with a weak stomach should be careful with?

  • Indian food, but lots of outlets are out there that serve international cuisine

  • Other than Jammu and Kashmir terrorism is not a threat anywhere else in India, but even in Jammu and Kashmir, it has been long since a tourist has been targeted.?

The bottom line:

India is one of the most incredible countries in the world, respect its culture and it will give the same respect back.?Is India a safe country to travel for Spaniards??Yes, it is safe but considering the recent pandemic, it is better to stay home and stay safe. but if the visitor cannot be averted then it is best to consider all that is important while traveling during this pandemic.

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