Is India in your bucket list? Apply for the simplest visa options today!

simplest Indian visa options today
Published on: 25-09-2020
Is India in your bucket list? Apply for the simplest visa options today!

A lot of people from across the globe want to travel to India. Naturally, having no clue regarding the country, they have to go through proper research. You have to decide your traveling medium, expenses, places you want to visit, and the time you want to spend in the nation. So, one you are planning for so many things, then why not get a visa in advance, as well? Getting a visa month before travel is not ideal, so you should always choose to acquire it a week before your retreat, but what is the least time-consuming method of getting a visa?

Which is the best option to acquire a visa?

The best and the most effortless option is to get an e-visa or an online document. What is an online visa? Well, unlike going to the Indian embassy and finishing the paperwork, you can go to some of the websites that have a direct link to the organization. There, you can fill a form to apply for the e-visa. You also have to mention your email address. This way, you will not have to go out, and you will not waste your time, as well. The visa will get mailed to your email ID, and you can download it from there for further use. Is not that the best?

Where can you apply for the online visas?

Well, search for the term e-visa for India, and it will take you to the official website of the company that provides these services. There you can go through every information that they have given. If you still face any doubts, then you can contact them on their email address or call them on their numbers to clear it out. This method will ensure that you do not have to worry about anything. You will need 20-minutes of your entire day to fill and submit an application. Next, you will receive your visa within the specified time.

How can you fill the form?

Well, the process of filling the form is straightforward. It is one of the least complicated activities. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  • Firstly, visit the website and select your pick-up location and the destination.?

  • Next, you will reach a page where you will have to fill a form. The form will ask you to fill general information and select the type of visa and the processing time.?

  • After you have made your selection, you will forward it to the page where they will ask you to review the information you have mentioned and pay for the same.?

  • Once you have made the transaction, they will ask you to fill some personal information. After that, you can click the submit button, and your visa will get forwarded for further processing.?

The entire process requires a minimum of 10-minutes and a maximum of 20-minutes if you have any confusion or doubts. So, people who live a hard-fast life, or people who do not have enough spare time to go all the way to the embassy can use this method to get their visas.

What are the different types of visas?

When you are applying for e-visa, you have 3-types available. It includes the following:?

  • The first is the tourist visa that they have further bifurcated into the following categories:

  • The one with the validity of 30-days?

  • The one with the viability of 1-year

  • The one with the plausibility of 5-years?

The price of each of these visas depends on the processing time and their validity.?

  • Next is the business e-visa with the validity of 1-year.?

  • Last is the medical e-visa with the viability of 60-days.?

How much do these visas cost?

As mentioned earlier, the cost of each of these visas depends on the type and the processing time. You should know that this cost will increase if you ask for the visa in less than 3-2 days. In such cases, the price will range between $121-$152.

Do you need a hardcopy of the visa?

Some people think that receiving a visa online is enough, but that is not true. You will have to print out the hard copy of the document because they ask for the same at the immigration checkpoint. No one will accept the soft copy of the visa. If you do not have the hardcopy, then they will not allow you to board the airplane or the cruise. More importantly, you will need it upon your arrival in the country. So, make sure that you have a copy of your visa with yourself.

Can you enter the country at any port or seaport?

Whether you are traveling through an airline or you are traveling through a cruise, you need to understand that you cannot visit the country through any point of entry. The Indian e-visa is valid at designated 28 Airports and 5-seaports. If you enter through any other gate, then you will have to report to the Indian embassy on your arrival. You can visit the website of e-visa to find out the exact cities from where you can continue your tour. So, book your ticket wisely.

Do you have to get a visa for your minor children, as well?

The Indian rule is clear and straightforward, whether a minor or an adult, you are obliged to have a visa if you are not a resident of this country. As a foreigner, you will have to get the visa for your child whether or not they are an adult. So, make sure that if you are traveling with a minor, they have a visa, as well.

Many factors affect the decision of a visa, but if you follow the given steps, you will have no problems or hurdles what so ever.

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