Is It Safe To Travel India After COVID 19?
Published on: 17-08-2020

Is It Safe To Travel India After COVID 19?

2020 is the year that has got the whole world into a standstill. Not a single country was prepared for this pandemic. COVID 19 has bought many doubts regarding travel across the countries. The borders were closed and people were confined to their homes. The whole world was in chaos, the economy came down to the deepest low. The whole world was on the lockdown mode. Schools and offices remain closed and most of the offices and schools are in the work from home mode. The airports were closed and all the flights were canceled. People could not return to their own countries. India too was badly affected though not like China, Italy, and America. The government imposed lockdown as soon as they came to know about the pandemic. Now slowly the country is coming back to its normal self. People are getting out of their homes by following the guidelines by the government. So is it safe to travel India after COVID 19? It is a question that cannot be answered in a simple yes or no.

travel to India safe amid COVID 19

Is travel to India safe amid COVID 19?

Most of the countries including India had canceled their flights due to the pandemic. But slowly the government is taking measures to bring its citizens back. But even now it is not safe for other nationalities to travel to India unless it is extremely necessary, though the government is taking great care to keep the fights clean and sanitized; it?s still not advisable for foreign nationals to travel to India.

precaution are taken by government of India

Precautions are taken by the government of India for Air Travel

The Government of India is taking all the necessary precautions for a safe international flight. If you are traveling in an international flight these are the mandatory guidelines you need to follow:

  • Being under quarantine for fourteen days after you reach India. People can undergo home quarantine in special cases such as pregnancy, human distress, serious illness, and parents that are accompanied by children under ten years of age.

  • Mandatory thermal screening has been introduced by the government in all airports, asymptomatic are allowed to travel after the screening.

  • All the flights must be sanitized and disinfected and the airports have to undergo the same procedure. While onboard the passengers must wear a mask. Environmental hygiene, respiratory hygiene, and hand hygiene are all to be taken very seriously.

All these are mandatory after you have traveled on an international or domestic flight. So the answer to the question is it safe to travel India after COVID 19? The answer is: yes you can after taking all the necessary precautions and following all the guidelines put forward by the government of India. But it is still not advisable for foreign nationals to travel to India.

precaution should take if travel to India

What precautions should I take if I travel to India during COVID 19?

The COVID 19 pandemic has put all human life to a complete stop. All are forced to sit inside their homes, malls, theaters, and restaurants are closed. So all the enjoyment you want has to be done inside your house. Even visiting relatives is not safe at these times. But if you need to travel there are some precautions to be taken:

  • Social Distancing: People have to keep a safe distance of at least one meter if you have to go out. Go out only if it?s extremely necessary.

  • Sanitization: Always wash your hands thoroughly after coming from outside. Keep a sanitizer with you always and use liberally whenever necessary.

  • Self-quarantine: If you feel that you are having the COVID19 symptoms, quarantine yourself as soon as possible and inform the health authorities immediately.

Avoid going to social gatherings like marriages, parties, etc. travel by bus, train, or auto is to be done only if necessary. The best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is to stay at home and be safe.

Will there be any change in the COVID 19 situation shortly?

All the countries worldwide are trying their best to find medicine for the COVID 19 and until it is possible all travel has to be restricted, and the people have to learn to live with this. Wearing a mask, keeping social distance, not going to any social gatherings, etc has to be followed strictly. Once there is a vaccine or medicine for this virus, life has to go on like this and is it safe to travel India after COVID 19? Do it if only it?s a matter of life and death, otherwise, it is best to avoid it.

What are the things you should avoid in this situation?

The best way to keep you safe in this situation is to avoid certain things:

  • Avoid traveling and do only if it is extremely necessary.

  • People above the age of 60 and children under the age of ten should completely avoid going out.

  • Try to build up your immunity.

  • Wear a mask if ever you need to go out and avoid talking to people when you are outside, you can talk to them through phone.

  • Avoid going to places where there is a lot of gathering like marriages, parties, etc.

  • Always keep a sanitizer with you, and avoid touching surfaces unnecessarily.

The corona outbreak has taken a toll on travel, with most of the people canceling their booked flights and deciding against traveling. The health officials have warned the people not to travel unless essential.

Can you travel without risk during this pandemic?

Even if you travel by following all the guidelines it is not entirely safe or risk-free, even if you are young and healthy. The mortality rate has been quite low but it is always good to be on the safer side. America, Italy, China all have taught us what this virus can do if we don't stay safe. So the best way for you to stay away from the virus is to stay at home. If you still want to travel then here are some things you should consider:

Age: If you want to travel, your age is to be considered, because older people have the risk of getting infected and it might turn fatal. So older people should avoid traveling. Young children and young adults too can be infected but the mortality rate is low in children and young adults, they can survive the attack. And if they start showing the symptoms they have to quarantine immediately and health officials have to be notified.

Medical History: People with medical history need to be very careful and avoid traveling. People with diabetes, respiratory infection, cardiovascular disease, cancer all have the risk of getting infected if they are not careful.

If you need to travel to another country it is best to take self-quarantine, even if you are not infected. And you have to completely avoid traveling to countries that have high infection rates.

The Bottom Line

The whole world is fighting hard against this virus. And all the governments are trying their best to keep their citizens safe. So let us also do our part. Let us help our government to fight this virus and make the country safe, and to do that; you need to follow the guidelines given by the government very strictly. Always clean your hands with a sanitizer, use a face mask whenever you go out, keep social distance, avoid crowds, always keep yourself and your surroundings clean, and seek immediate medical assistance if you develop symptoms. This way you can make your country safe and protect others from getting this infection. Do your bit in fighting this virus and avoid traveling unless and until necessary. Keep yourself safe and the country will become safe automatically.


Q. Is it safe for a foreign national to travel India amid COVID 19??

Ans. With the government of India trying to bring its citizens back to the country, it is not safe for a foreign national to travel India.?

Q. Can I travel without the risk of infection in India during the covid19??

Ans. It is best if you avoid traveling but if it is extremely necessary then strictly follow the guidelines while traveling.?

Q. How can I keep myself and my family safe in this situation??

Ans. The best thing you can do for you and your family is to stay at home and stay safe, travel only if necessary. ?

Q. Is there any age restriction during this outbreak? ?

Ans. The people with a medical history and older people who are more than 60 years of age should avoid traveling of any kind as there is the risk of infection and it may turn fatal too.?

Q. Will everything be normal again??

Ans. The whole world is trying very hard to find a cure for this virus but until then it is better to follow all the guidelines strictly.?

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