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iVisa Review
Published on: 12-01-2021

iVisa Review:

When it comes to planning a trip, we all feel all excited and energetic, but planning a trip is not that simple as many things need to be taken care of. An overseas trip can become a burden, especially when the aspect of Visa is attached to it. There are several documentations, steps, rules, guidelines, regulations involved which one needs to keep in mind. Hence, this is the reason why we resort to visa service providers such as iVisa or eVisa Mart to help us ease the entire problem of Visa.

Customer Service:

Although one can go after the government bodies without an agent to get their Visa, and this might even save?you extra bucks, but in the end, it is going to take extra time and will make you all agitated. To buy peace, you should go in for a visa agent who can help you with the entire tedious process.

The customer service department has a massive role in making or breaking the company's name. When the problem of Visa is involved, there are multiple things which one needs to consider, and it does make the individual go into a panic mode. At that time, all the lounge for his professional guide who can help them out. This is where the role of customer service comes into the picture.

Both iVisa and eVisa Mart have an excellent customer service department with them, both of their biggest USP. However, in terms of comparisons, eVisa Mart is better due to its excellent customer reviews. The biggest USP of eVisa Mart is its pro-active approach to what customers lounge for.

Effective Services:

What travelers look for is a streamlined process of getting a Visa without them doing much about it. In this case, when it comes to providing effective services, no doubt both iVisa and eVisa Mart are excellent, and there is tough competition.

For eVisa Mart, customer satisfaction has always been the number #1 priority, and they would go to any extent to satisfy the needs and wants of the visitors. This is where eVisa Mart earns those extra brownie points. Although there are no such complaints about iVisa as well, those sparky reviews of excellent compliments are the ones which set eVisa Mart apart from its competitors.

Pricing Structure:

Of course, when it comes to pricing, you should be ready to spend a little extra when compared to government institutions' pricing. But the little extra price is worth it. When comparing the two, eVisa Mart has a straightforward and transparent pricing structure that attracts visitors. Nobody likes to have hidden costs involves from time to time, which in the end irritates them.

On the other hand, although even iVisa's pricing structure is simple, but not as direct as it is of eVisa Mart.

iVisa Summary:

Over the years, iVisa has built a big name for itself, and no doubt it comes under the top visa service providers. However, not everything is positive always. A few negative reviews of the company have put the brand name under a tough spot, which has led to its ratings going down.

eVisa Mart Summary

Customers have very few negative comments to give to eVisa Mart due to them' excellent quality services. There were very few negative reviews from the customers because that was due to no company's fault. With over 1000+ reviews, there have been excellent ratings. Hence, negative reviews are far-fetched. Due to the fantastic reviews, it attracts huge crowds, mainly due to transparent pricing.

How to Get the Visa?

In terms of getting access to Visa on eVisa Mart or iVisa, it is straightforward. On both the websites when you visit the home page, you will get the option to put your nationality and the destination you plan to visit. However, from here, the functioning of both the websites are different. The website of eVisa Mart is direct as it does not complicate anything. All the instructions are given carefully. All you have to do is follow the rules. Your visa application will also get submitted just in minutes. The pricing will also be appropriately mentioned, without any hidden costs involved. Visit the official website for more details.

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