Business Bringing You India! Know Details Before Applying for Indian Visa

Business Visa to India
Published on: 21-09-2020

Business Bringing You India! Know Details Before Applying for Indian Visa

Unlike a passport, a country visa is an endorsement to enter, stay, and leave a country other than the native country. A visa can be many types like tourist visa, student visa, business visa, work visa, etc. Visa is stamped or affixed in the passport of the applicant. Visa Is not needed for every outside country. Those countries have a visa agreement with your citizenship country, you can travel to those countries without a visa. For else countries, you have to apply for a visa before traveling there. Other eligibility and details depend on the country you are applying for.

Indian business visa

business visa for India

In India, similar types of visas like tourist visa, business visa, employment visa, student visa, immigrant and non-immigrant visa, and so on are available. In 2014, the Indian government launched the electronic visa process, that is, the online visa application system, for around 43 nations, which now became open for around 169 nations. Because of the e-visa system, many business travelers now can easily apply for the Indian visa online, avoiding the long in-person applying formalities. It is very time-saving for busy entrepreneurs and business owners.

Business visa is issued only those who are going foreign country to attend business meetings, making contact, for sales related commitments on behalf of the foreign country. The traveler should not earn any income from India. As of now, in 2020 till the COVID-19 situation subsides, a traveler has to present a self declaration to the immigration administration at least before 3 days of departure. The declaration document will contain travel history, medical history, current health condition, and the acceptance of self quarantine for 14 days, 7 days of institutional isolation at own cost and next 7 days of home isolation under self monitorization, after arriving India.

Eligibility for the Indian visa

 check Eligibility for the Indian visa

The window of Indian business visa application got extended from 30 days to 120 days, which means at most, before 120 days of expected trip date, the traveler can apply for the visa till 4 days before. The visa requires 4 days to be processed. Only in some cases, it gets delayed. After issuance, the Indian business visa has 1year of validity. There is some eligibility to be fulfilled for an Indian business visa.

  • The foreign business travelers are visiting India for some industrial establishment of dealing in some projects, or some ventures, etc.?

  • Foreign nationals need to visit India for attending board meetings, business meetings, technical meetings, etc. or to sell industrial products, consumer goods.?

  • The outsider coming to India for the recruitment of the workforce.

  • Travelers coming to India have consultations about exhibitions, trade fairs, business gatherings, participation for trade fairs, etc.?

  • The traveler, on behalf of a company, is the business partner or client of some company in India.?

  • The foreign national is a buyer of a company located in India, coming to check the quality, categories, and specifications, to give orders, to transact suppliables, for further negotiations.?

  • Trainees of multinational companies are coming to attend training sessions or for some training assignments in the company branch located in India.??

  • Foreign residents visiting India is a foreign direct investor or foreign portfolio investor of India, coming to India for monitoring and supervising projects and their executions.??

  • Senior professional or experts of firms, tour, and travel agencies, coming to India for projects related to public sector undertakings, national value, the business of foreigner tourists, etc.??

  • Personnel is associated with sports events, international sports, sports organizing agencies, remuneration agencies, etc.?

The foreign resident applied for an Indian visa, can be accompanied by family members or spouses. In that case, they also have to apply for a business visa, and their visa should be applied after receiving the visa of the main business visa holder.


  • The Indian e-business visa is to enter India two times within the validity of the visa.?

  • The e-visa is no extendable, is strictly valid for 1 year.?

  • One can apply for a business e-visa once a year.?

  • Applicants must book the onward or return ticket before applying for e-visa.

  • During the staying in India, the traveler must have a good and decent financial fund to afford the cost of living in India.?

  • The foreign nationals must carry a copy of the approved e-visa all the time of their time in India.?

  • The applicant?s passport must have 6 months of validity from the arrival in India and also the passport must have at least two blank pages for the stamps by the immigration and border control authorities in India.?

  • The business e-visa can not be used to enter Indian restricted areas including military areas.??

  • The individual having international travel documents and passports having subtle issues cannot apply for an Indian e-business visa.?

Cost for Indian business e-visa

Over 165 countries can apply for Indian e-visa. So definitely the cost will be different depending on those countries? processing time, processing equipment and labors. One can apply for Indian e-visa according to their hurriedness.

  • Standard processing ? It will take about 96 hours. As it's the cheapest alternative, most candidates go for the standard one.

  • Rush processing ? It goes on to take about 72 hours. The cost sure goes a tad bit higher when you compare with a previous option.

  • Super Rush processing time ? It will take the least of all, i.e., 48 hours. You may expect, the price going up and higher.

The foreign traveler can hold their native currencies and can hold them with transfer wise borderless account. The travel can use the currency by getting the exact real mid-market currency exchange rate. With Indian e-visa one can experience the Indian culture along with their business settlement.

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