Top 10 Lakeside Destinations in India Ensuring a Gorgeous Wedding

Top Lakeside Destinations in India
Published on: 16-07-2020

Top 10 Lakeside Destinations in India Ensuring a Gorgeous Wedding In 2020

Destination weddings are the new norm. Every couple wishes to get married in a picturesque location with a few of their family members around. The concept of having hundreds of people over for days is a thing of the past. Marriages have become a more private affair in the modern world. If you are planning to get married any time soon, having a spot near a lake or in the middle of it is the best possible location. The serenity combined with a beautiful view makes a good spot for pictures and celebrations. Here is a list of some of the resorts and destinations that you should consider while choosing a location.

Why Should You Choose A Lakeside Destination?

You need not visit somewhere distant or book a place nearby. The locations are exquisite and are top spots for destination weddings. Before exploring the options, here are the advantages of getting married on a lakeside:

  • The weather will be perfect. If the marriage is supposed to take place during summers, having it by a lakeside will provide an ambient environment. Moreover, lakes are perfect to sit around or swim during summers.
  • It provides a mesmerizing landscape. You can have your pre-wedding photoshoot with an exceptional background. Your guests will also love to roam around the place and explore whenever they are free.
  • Weddings necessarily do not have to be on the lakeside. You can have your wedding or any other ceremony in a houseboat. To make a wedding memorable, experimentation is the only solution. A wedding in a houseboat is a rare and unique event.
  • It is a wholesome deal. You just have to book the required hall or lawn along with the rooms. You do not have to book different places. Since the location is lakeside or in the midst of the lake, you do not have to worry much about the decoration as the view makes up for the most of it.

How To Book Your Favorite Spot?

Booking a room is easy. You have to make a call and the reservation is done. This is not the same in the case of a wedding. The wedding requires a lot of planning and a lot of factors. You will have to spend months planning a wedding and hope you have not forgotten anything. Plus, if you do not pay much attention to details, you might end up spending extra than you should.

Planning a wedding proves exhausting. You have to take care of the guests, plan ceremonies, buy dresses, choose a menu, and so forth. Instead of managing the work yourself, you could hire a wedding planner. The planners are experts in handling destination weddings. You should preferably go for a planner which has expertise in the area. You will not have to worry about the wedding and it will prove to be better than imagined.

What Are The Top Lakeside Destinations For A Gorgeous Wedding?

Here is a list of the top spots for lakeside wedding destinations. These have been compiled by taking into account various considerations. Some of these considerations include the frequency of bookings, the ease of accessibility, types of amenities provided, and so forth:

Kumarakom Lake Resort

1. Kumarakom Lake Resort, Kottayam

The resort is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake, Kerala. The serenity of the location is unmatched. The calm does not interrupt but makes celebrations even better. The landscape is mesmerizing and the weather is pleasant all year long. The resort boasts halls, lawns, and luxurious villas.

It is one of the best lakeside destination wedding places. Except for the marriage halls and lawns, the resort also provides the option of getting married in a houseboat. You and your partner can tie the knot in the midst of a lake. The place truly makes the wedding memorable.

Taj lake palace udaipur

2. Taj Lake Palace, Udaipur

The resort is in the midst of Lake Pichola. The whole building is an exquisite piece of architecture and is built with marble. The services provided by the resort include a spa, swimming pool, sites for yoga sessions, and so forth. It is the perfect place to be in and will give your guests the time of their life.

The location is the top choice of many. Destination wedding planners often eye this place. The landscape is breathtaking. The resort is equally beautiful on the outside and the inside. Udaipur is already famous for destination weddings and this location is one of the prime spots.

The Lake Resort

3. The Lake Resort, Naukuchiatal

Except for having a beautiful view of the lake, the resort is situated somewhere in the middle of an oak forest. It is probable the location with the best setting on the list. Nothing beats the view and the temperature of this location. It is situated in Kumaon Hills, Uttarakhand. It is a bird watcher?s paradise as you can see many endemic and exotic species here.

If you wish to have a wedding amidst nature, this is the perfect location. The lake allows boating and other activities that could keep your guests indulged. Since the resort looks over Naukuchiatal Lake, the view can never get banal. The resort is quite vast and makes a great place for a large gathering.

The Leela Palace

4. The Leela Palace, Udaipur

Another location around Lake Pichola is the Leela Palace. It is situated adjacent to the lake and its main attraction is the Sheesh Mahal. This part of the palace overlooks the lake and is best suited for a wedding. Your guests can enjoy mouthwatering dishes while looking over at the lake. The architecture is magnificent and is inspired by the unique architectural style evolved in Udaipur.

Beyond the lake, you can see the Aravalli mountain range. The grandeur and luxury of the hotel are unmatched. You could choose to glide across the lake in a boat or a cruise to get a better experience. The place is better suited for a comparatively smaller gathering.

Jagmandir Island Palace

5. Jagmandir Island Palace, Udaipur

The location is better suited for couples who do not wish to be directly next to a lake. The artificial lake, Pichola is walking distance from this resort. The finesse in the architecture of the palace is astounding. Every place inside or outside is picture-perfect. It is closer to the city and therefore, more accessible in comparison to other hotels nearby.

It is a 17th-century palace and has many attractions nearby. All sorts of amenities are offered to guests such as private dining with room service, free Wi-Fi, and so forth. If you wish to offer your guests a luxurious and comforting stay, Jagmandir Island Palace is the place to be. The palace is a popular choice for weddings for not only Indians but foreigners, too.

Bal Samand Lake Palace

6. Bal Samand Lake Palace, Jodhpur

The palace overlooks a 12th-century reservoir. It is situated a few kilometers outside of Jodhpur but is easy to access. The palace is mostly built of red sandstone that makes way for a royal wedding. Compared to other palaces on this list, this looks more aesthetic and genuine.

Bal Samand Lake Palace has very few rooms. If you wish to have a more private party, this is the place to be. Else, you might have to book a nearby hotel or resort to accommodate your guests. The limited rooms are extremely luxurious and offer a lot of privacy. If you want a secluded and quiet place with all the luxuries, this is the place for your wedding.

The Oberoi Udaivillas

7. The Oberoi Udaivillas, Udaipur

Not too close and not too far; the Oberoi Udaivillas are just at the right distance from Lake Pichola. The villas are surrounded by lush green gardens to provide a 360-degree view of splendid natural beauty. One of the most gorgeous lake resorts, you can host a large gathering here.

It is a common choice for many couples as it is bordered by a lake on one side and a wildlife sanctuary on the other. There is a lot of scope for adventure and leisure activities around. The Oberoi chain of hotels is famous for its hospitality but this particular resort proves the best for destination weddings.

ITC Kohenur

8. ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad

Nestled on the banks of Durgam Lake, the ITC Kohenur is comparatively different from other locations on the list. It is situated in the crowded and bustling city of Hyderabad. It is not a palace but yet a marvelous structure of the twentieth century. The rooms offer the latest amenities and the design is sophisticated.

If you wish to book certain rooms instead of the whole place, ITC Kohenur is the best on the list. Moreover, your guests would get to savor the traditional Hyderabadi dishes. Also, the city is easier to reach via a flight as it connects to most of the locations in India.

Coconut Lagoon

9. Coconut Lagoon, Kottayam

If you do not prefer Rajasthan or the lively city of Hyderabad, Coconut Lagoon is the right wedding destination. It is situated on the banks of Vembanad Lake and the only way to reach it is to take a boat. Unlike other popular destinations, this forms a rather new and different location. Moreover, the entire culture is different which adds to the charm.

If you wish to do something different and make your guests have a unique experience, the Lagoons will fulfill your wishes. Udaipur is quite popular for destination weddings but Coconut Lagoon is altogether a different scenario. Your guests can try the traditional dishes and relax amidst the lush green surroundings.

The Raviz Resort And Spa

10. The Raviz Resort And Spa, Ashtamudi

The deluxe resort is situated on the banks of Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam. The place offers a delicious choice of seafood along with other cuisines. The resort offers a wide variety of rooms, heritage villas, private villas, etc. It is spread over a comparatively large area and combined with the landscaped lush gardens; it proves as the best place for a leisurely walk.

The lake provides an exotic view and the freshness instills a sense of calm. You can have your marriage in this exquisite location. Despite being situated in the city, it does not cause any trouble. The experience here will prove to be different and unique. The resort is a mixture of age-old architecture and contemporary lifestyle.


Q. Can The Resorts Be Booked At Any Time Of The Year??

Ans. Yes, depending upon availability, they can be booked at any time. Though, it is advisable to check whether the weather is suitable or not. Certain resorts on the list provide the best experience only during a few months when the climate is preferable.?

Q. Are All The Basic Amenities Available At These Locations??

Ans. Except for being lakeside, the resorts and palaces are themselves luxurious. They offer the best-in-class services which include a spa, dining facility, room service, laundry, Wi-Fi, and so on.?

Q. Can The Entire Resort or Palace Be Booked??

Ans. Depending upon your requirement, you could book the entire place. A few of them are typical hotels and you could book a number of rooms. While others have comparatively fewer rooms and you will have to book the entire place.?

Q. Can Ceremonies Be Performed In The Middle of The Lake??

Ans. Most of the lakes allow boating. If the lake is large enough, you could choose to hire a houseboat or a cruise. Consult with the required resort of the palace to know more and make the appropriate arrangements. ?

Q. Can The Locations Be Easily Accessed? ?

Ans. The palaces or resorts are not usually situated in the middle of the city. Regardless, they are all close to the respective airport. Arrangements can easily be made for ferrying the guests as they serve as a common destination for weddings. ?

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