Most Haunted Places In India In 2020
Published on: 15-12-2020

Most Haunted Places In India In 2020?

Nowadays, the number of people traveling in India has reached a higher level because they have understood the importance of traveling and its effect on their mind and body. People should take some time off their work so that they can bring positivity and change in their life. People should keep the important things in mind so that they can enjoy their vacation to the fullest. It is important to choose a place according to your choice and budget which will make your trip enjoyable and entertaining.

What are the most haunted places in India?

There are several places for people who want to choose a different place for their vacation. Following are some of the most haunted place in India:

1.) Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

One of the most haunted places in India is considered as the Bhangarh Fort which is located in Rajasthan. There is a relationship between the feeling of fear and the fort which makes people afraid of the fort. People get even more afraid of visiting a fort at night. This place has been declared dangerous by the government. This fort was built in 1573 under the rule of Bhagwant Das. The fear in people has begun when they heard the story about Baba Balanath who cursed the place because the fort was casting a shadow on his house. From that time onwards, no one has dared to establish a house near the fort. The tourists are advised not to visit the place before sunrise and after sunset.

2.) Shaniwar Wada, Pune

Apart from great colleges and educational institutions, Pune is home to various haunted places. There are many forts and places that give out a spooky feeling to the visitors. This place was established for Bajirao I in 1730 who became the ruler of the Maratha Empire. A major part of the place was burnt due to a fire accident. Visitors are only allowed to see the part that survived the fire. Some locals and tour guides have seen some weird things while being near the damaged part of the place. The story revolves around the family rivalry which made some relatives kill the prince. The cries of the prince can still be heard by some visitors in the nighttime.?

3.) Mukesh Mill, Mumbai

Mumbai is known for its famous places like Taj Hotel, Marine Drive, etc. It consists of places where some accidents took place and gave rise to a haunted place. One such place is Mukesh Mill which is located in the Colaba area which is famous for its famous monuments and buildings. This place was used for loading and unloading of products from different ships. It was located on the side of the Arabian Sea which made the business famous. After the business went out, a fire broke out which made the structure in a bad condition. It became so popular that many films and series shooting also took place. Some of the actors have felt something weird at the place. People heard strange voices and disturbances were created so that the shooting stopped. Many people have prevented shooting at this place because of the haunting ambiance around the place.

4.) Savoy Hotel, Mussorie

A large number of people find hilly areas best for their vacation. The weather is one of the most important things that attract more tourists to hilly areas. There is also a relationship between hill and haunting places. Hilly areas have many cottages and hotels that give a spooky feeling to the people near them. This hotel was started in 1911. It was popular for its outer structure and overall looks. But the horrific incident that made this hotel haunted was when a spiritualist was poisoned. The mystery behind the poisoning and murder of the spiritualist was not solved. After the incident, the guests have felt the presence of the person poisoned. They have also heard some noises and sounds of the footsteps of a person.?

5.) Tower of Silence, Mumbai

Another place in Mumbai is famous for its horror stories. The name of the place is different from the thing it is famous for. The story behind the haunting of the place is that there was a graveyard where bodies used to be left for vultures to eat. It is a very strong point to make the place haunting. While crossing this place, many people have felt the presence of another person. Some people even stop them from going near the place, especially during the night. People living near the tower have chosen to shift someplace else because of the voice and presence of other people near them and their family members. It has been considered one of the most haunting places in Mumbai.

6.) Dow Hill Kurseong, West Bengal

As reported by the locals in Darjeeling, this place is the main place for haunting activities in West Bengal. It is a high school where voices can be heard even where there is a summer or winter holiday. Not only inside the school, have many incidents taken a place near the forest. The forest has been found with many dead bodies. The mystery behind the murder has not been solved. There is also talk about a boy whose head is missing that is seen roaming around in the school and the forest. People feel the presence of another person and think that they are being followed. This has made them turn crazy which pushed them to commit suicide. The rising number of murders and suicide has become very suspicious and haunting for the locals.?

7.) Malcha Mahal, Mumbai

The capital of India is popular for many historic and old monuments. Even though this place is not famous for any ghost stories but it revolves around the sad and horrific story about the people who live in the house. A princess was living in the house along with her two kids. Once she died, her kids hugged her body and cremated it near the house. They continued to live there without meeting anyone from outside. They have restricted the place near their house so that no one trespass the boundary. If anyone is seen near the place, they are likely to get shot by the people living in the house.?

Final word

Many people are interested in adventure and visiting places where they can get some horror stories. Haunted places attract people who are interested in history and knowledge about olden times. When you choose a travel company, you can give information regarding the place you want to visit. They will find the best place for you so that you enjoy your trip.

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