MyVietnamVisa Review | Performance, Customer Support, and Pricing

MyVietnamVisa Review
Published on: 12-01-2021

MyVietnamVisa Review

It's always an exciting prospect to visit various parts of the world, but not always easy.

For example, take Vietnam. Vietnam's vast landscape, rich culture, and adventure opportunity make Vietnam a very desirable destination for visitors from the United States and other Western nations. Several companies will help you get the right visa when it comes to entering Vietnam. MyVietnamVisa and eVisa Mart are two standard options for US tourists.

Customer Support

Because it is always good to work with a company that makes your experience convenient and stress-free, to obtain your visa can often be a challenging task. Both eVisa Mart and MyVietnamVisa seem more than appropriate in this regard. MyVietnamVisa was featured on many blogs, such as, which explicitly lists its customer support as an option for their use. On the other hand, eVisa Mart targets several favorable user reviews that frequently note its politeness and professionalism when communicating with customers. eVisa Mart often reacts to email inquiries very quickly, sometimes returning to new users on the same day.

Effective Services

Speed is an essential factor in the comparison of various visa facilities, as the visa process works. In most cases, you must send the passport with your travel details to the visa service in advance; they will collect the necessary information, build the visa, and then return it to you with the passport. Therefore, the company you select must return your passport and your visa before the departure date.

In the same region, eVisa Mart appears to have received universally positive reviews. Many travelers have recorded that eVisa Mart is particularly honest with precise estimates of turnaround times. Even the only few mentions of problems list eVisa Mart's vigilance in contacting customers and communicating mistakes until it runs the risk of hindering travel plans. In this regard, it solves the issue.


The third parties-providers that provide a fee-based letter of approval service are both eVisa Mart and MyVietnamVisa. It is therefore essential to compare their rates and see precisely why each one is different. eVisa Mart charges itself as a widely trusted premium service, so we expect it to be more costly. However, we were shocked to note, with their on-site calculators, that they estimated a cost of just US$30.00 for a single US tourist, while MyVietnamVisa seemed to be much cheaper. MyVietnamVisa charges a so-called "stamping fee" to its customers, which means a total of USD 65,00 for a one-way visa.

Usage Facilities?

The main reason for using a third-party agency to help you obtain a visa is to streamline the experience and make it more convenient than getting a visa from your consulate or embassy. MyVietnamVisa and eVisa Mart have both rated highly in this category, with users of the two companies discussing their different web pages' clarity and usability.

Recommendations and summaries

MyVietnamVisa is an incredibly successful way of acquiring a legal and practical visa in all respects. They look like a customer-oriented competent operation with a very high-performance rate.?

On the other hand, eVisa Mart seems to deliver a similar quality service, though charging for their work considerably less. This makes them an appealing prospect because they seem to be more budget-friendly and compatible with MyVietnamVisa.

It is recommended that book the ticket for your next trip to Vietnam through eVisa When you access the web, you must provide your destination and nationality, after which the cost of the service and your approximate processing time are shown on a second tab. This page also lists the different Vietnam visa requirements that serve as an inspection list to ensure that you have all the required details. You will be well on your way after uploading a handful of personal data and payment and providing copies of all additional essential documents.

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