How To Obtain An India E Visa Online From The UK?

Indian eVisa Online From The UK
Published on: 05-06-2020

How To Obtain An India E Visa Online From The UK?

Every person traveling to India requires to possess a Visa when arriving in India. A few countries that have citizens coming to India may get a visa on arrival at some of the selected airports in India, however, most of them have to apply for the visa normally through the regular channels so that they can have successful immigration. The online eVisa can involve an extremely easy and hassle-free process to obtain an Indian visa. If you are a UK citizen or a resident of the UK, you can obtain the Indian visa by filling out the visa application with eVisa Mart.

The Validity of Visa for India for UK Citizens and Residents

The validity of the Visa for India is for one year. The validity typically begins from the day of approval of visa. You cannot apply for a visa for more than 120 days before the stipulated arrival. The incessant permitted reside for one trip is 180 days for citizens of the UK. The visa for India shall permit the UK residents and citizens to have multiple entries.

Visa Requirements for an Indian Visa

When you are applying for a visa for India from the UK, you must always keep all the essentials ready. You should have a valid passport and a recent passport-sized photograph. You must also fulfill all the other requirements to make sure your visa application does not get rejected and is successful at one go. You will have to pay for the visa fee.


Q. How to send the documents for getting Indian Visa??

Ans. You will have to visit the courier service to send all the documents. This is supposed to be done only if you are taking a traditional route. In the case of a digital visa, you are supposed to upload a digital copy of all the documents. ?

Q. How is E Visa received by the applicant??

Ans. The visa will be available online and you can simply fill out the application form and submit it. After the application is processed successfully and the visa is issued, the visa will be sent to the visa email that you had provided. This is automatically linked to the applicant?s passport.?

Q. What is the processing time for Visa??

Ans. The processing time for an Indian visa is generally 3 to 4 days after the payment of the visa fee.?

Q. What can delay the visa processing time? ?

Ans. If you have made any errors or submitted an incomplete form, then this may cause a delay in the processing of the visa application. ?

Q. What type of photo should be submitted with the visa application? ?

Ans. A recent passport size photograph with white background in a matte finish. ?

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