Top 10 Romantic & Honeymoon Places In Uttarakhand

Top 10 Honeymoon Places In Uttarakhand
Published on: 17-07-2020

Top 10 Romantic & Honeymoon Places In Uttarakhand

A honeymoon period is one of the phases that is looked forward to by many. It is important to choose the right destination so that you can have fun and enjoy its beauty. One such honeymoon destination in India is Uttarakhand. The location has a beautiful winter beauty with snowfall and valleys. There are lush meadows that will make you fall for nature. Since you would have a wedding bucket list, you can choose the destination that suits your needs the best. The weather during summer is pleasant as the temperature mostly stays below 25 degrees. However, the winter will easily reach sub-zero temperatures with snowfall making it the best honeymoon destination.

The state was previously known as Uttaranchal and is located in the Northern part of India. People have referred to it as Devabhumi due to the sheer number of temples and religious places here. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims each year for the purification of their sins. It is among the country's top tourist spots due it its hill stations, mountain peaks, national parks, temples, and forest reserves. The Ganges and Yamuna, two of the holiest rivers of Hindus originate here. It has 44 monuments that are nationally protected and also houses the best boarding school in the country.

Here are the Top 10 romantic & honeymoon places in Uttarakhand that you can visit. However, do ensure that you do not visit during the monsoon as landslides are very frequent.

Auli - Romantic places in Uttrakhand

1. Auli

If your dream is to enjoy adventure sports with your significant other, then Auli is the destination for you. It has glorious scenic views with a wonderful climate. A breathtaking road trip can be undertaken from Haridwar to Auli which is one of the biggest attractions here. If the travel takes a toll on your energy levels, take a break in one of the quaint hotels that have a beautiful view of the Himalayas. You can visit it both during the summer and the winter as it is the ideal destination for nature and adventure-filled honeymoon. The major holiday attractions include skiing, touring lakes, and watching the sunsets. It is accessible by a cab from Rishikesh or a road trip from Delhi.

Dehradun - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

2. Dehradun

The 'Dun is one of the honeymooner's favorites and is the capital of Uttarakhand. It is located in the Doon valley and provides tourists with beautiful views of the Himalayas. This makes it a sought-after honeymoon spot. The climate is mostly pleasant all year round and can be visited at any time of the year. The main attractions include the Tapovan, Robber's Cave, Tiger Falls, and the Asan Barrage. It is easily accessible by air through the Jolly Grant airport and by road from Delhi.

Jim Corbett - Romantic places in Uttrakhand

3. Jim Corbett

Imagine a calming retreat in the foothills of the Himalayas for your honeymoon. Sounds wonderful right? The land of the roar is the ideal place for an adventure-filled honeymoon. You can take a safari to the land of wilderness and if you get lucky, you can even spot an elephant or a tiger. The main attractions include the Kosi river, Jhirna range safari, Girija Mata Mandir and the Corbett falls. It is easily accessible by a train from Delhi.

Kausani - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

4. Kausani

Another great honeymoon destination is Kausani with its views of snow-capped mountains. It is certainly a hot honeymoon spot due to its peaks and grasslands. The views of Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Nanda Devi are sure to give you goosebumps. To top it all, the sunsets are spectacular. It is also home to the confluence of beautiful rivers and temples that make it a must-visit honeymoon destination. The star romantic destinations include Rudradhari caves, terrace farmed fields, dense jungles, staring at the night sky, the tea estates, and the Baijnath temple. It is easily accessible by road which means that you can take a long road trip.

Mussoorie - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

5. Mussoorie

Imagine clouds suspended mid-air and topsy turvy road rides. That is the best way to describe Mussoorie, the true queen of the hills. It is among the top honeymoon spots of the state and will surely not disappoint you. The main attractions include the Tibetan settlements and the Happy valleys. The other attractions include Benog Wildlife Sanctuary, Lal Tibba, Mussoorie lake, Lake Mist jhula ghar. You can easily take a cab from the Dehradun railway station.

Nainital - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

6. Nainital

This place has a happening market and beautiful lakes surrounded by mountains and viewpoints! Nainital will surely give you memorable and romantic experiences to remember! It is among the most sought-after spots for honeymoon in the North. Most of the resorts are budget-friendly and comfortable. The star attractions are Nainital Lake, Naina Peak, Tiffin Top, and the snow viewpoints. It is easily accessible by rail as it is 34 km away from the closest railway station.

Ranikhet - Romantic places in Uttrakhand

7. Ranikhet

If you wish to have a private or a secluded honeymoon, then Ranikhet is a must-visit. It is quiet, secluded, and most important, it is picture perfect! This makes it perfect for your Instagram posts and stories. Sunrises and sunsets are among the attractions of this beauty. The other attractions include Mount Trishul, Bhalu Da, Chaibatia Garden, and Woodville point. It is easily connected by the nearest railway station which is about 75 ks away.

Rishikesh - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

8. Rishikesh

While this may not be your first choice, if you life going on adventures, then Rishikesh is a great honeymoon destination. The weather is always good and this makes it a great choice for adventures. The star attractions include Shivpuri, sunsets, river rafting, and bungee jumping. The best way to travel would be through a bus or a cab.

Valley of Flowers - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

9. Valley of flowers

Imagine the beauty and serenity of flowers surrounded by fog and mist! This is truly a romantic honeymoon destination for newly married couples. It is a complete blend of nature and thrill. If you and your significant other intend to start your life with some adventure, then this would be the best destination for a trek. With the background of the Himalayas, this beauty will give you a vivid range of colors that combine both flora and fauna. This fairytale land will be the destination of your dreams. You can take a beautiful photo shoot with the backgrounds of picturesque and pristine beauty. Ghangaria is the base camp from where you can reach the valley on foot.

lansdowne - Honeymoon places in Uttrakhand

10. Lansdowne

Last but not the least, is Lansdowne. It is a charming spot where you will not disturb anyone on your honeymoon. It is a cantonment area with beautiful views. The climate is pleasant throughout the year with a calm environment. You can take a cute, romantic walk along the trees or go bird watching. You can even trek, camp, or take a quick boat ride. It is accessible by rail and road.

Thus, if you want your honeymoon to have a slice of beauty and magnificence, Uttarakhand is your go-to. No matter how long or short your honeymoon period is, this is sure to provide you with a quick romantic getaway. Simply choose any of the destinations mentioned and create a honeymoon plan!

However, you must remember that you can be easily prone to accidents since it is a mountainous area. You must take certain precautions to stay safe. For this, the first thing that you must do it to listen to the directions given by your tour guide. This is because he is experienced in handling excited couples and can sense danger. Secondly, always carry a bottle of water, some snacks, and medicines in case of any emergency. The situation of a landslide is always unpredictable. Thirdly, if you are pregnant or if you have any heart ailments, do not risk going for treks. Make sure that you always stay on the right footpath. All these minor adjustments can go a long way in ensuring that your trip is truly enjoyable. Here are some FAQs to help you plan your trip!


Q. What should I include in my honeymoon budget??

Ans. Since your trip is most likely to be a package, ensure that you have enough money on hand for emergencies or contingencies.?

Q. What is the best time to visit Uttarakhand??

Ans. Uttarakhand has a pleasant climate throughout the year. This means that you can visit it at any time of the year. However, July and August must be avoided as they are monsoon months. This is because of the possible landslides. ?

Q. Is Mussoorie accessible from Delhi??

Ans. You can travel by road either through a private taxi or a bus. However, since there are no direct buses. You would have to shift in between. ?

Q. What are the famous places in Uttarakhand??

Ans. It is mainly popular due to the Char Dhams, sacred places, and the hill stations. You can check out the aforementioned list for the same.?

Q. Is Uttarakhand good for honeymoon? ?

Ans. Yes. Numerous hill stations have a pleasant climate with an amazing ambiance. This combination makes it worthy of a romantic and peaceful getaway.

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