Self-Declaration Form for Air India Passengers

Self-Declaration Form for Air India Passengers
Published on: 14-09-2020

Everything About Self-Declaration Form for Air India Passengers

Nowadays, most of the foreigners want to visit India and also want to explore the country's unique cultural heritage. After closing India's border due to Covid-19 pandemic. The Indian government has permitted travellers to enter the territory. However, one needs to follow all health guidelines while entering and travelling in India.

Passengers of Air India would know about India's Self Declaration Form. This document will always keep tracking foreigners entered in India and providing more and more information to the visitors to face the Covid-19 pandemic.

One needs to relax because eVisa Mart will provide this form. This gives you a chance to enjoy a simple, fast and trustworthy service.

What Important Requirements Needed to Enter India During Covid-19?

Important Requirements Needed to Enter India

Yes, when you enter India, you need to Be Quarantined due to the presence of Covid-19 in India. In India also the health authorities want to control this Covid-19 pandemic without taking a risk with the lives of any foreign traveller or Indian Citizens. For those reasons, 14 days of being quarantined which includes 7 days at the institution and 7 days at home.

How is being Quarantined at an institution?

How is being Quarantined

The Indian government has made some centres where international travellers can stay for 7 days for quarantine, and also they need to pay for the quarantine by themselves. In some specific cases, you can ask for having total quarantine at home. These are some reasons which could lead you to have a total of 14 days quarantine at home:-

  • If you are pregnant women or have a child of age less than 10 years

  • If you have a death in your house or family or have any clinical illness

  • You have a negative Covid-19 test

These are some specific scenes in which you can get allotment to home quarantine just after proving your required documents. The Indian Health authorities will provide you with the final answer.

Do foreign travellers or Indian citizens need to provide a negative COVID-19 test?

Do citizens need to provide a negative COVID-19 test

This depends on your choice that either you want to have an institutional quarantine or have a full home quarantine. In case, if you choose to have a 14-day house quarantine, then you need to provide Covid-19 negative tests while my applications This test should be done within 96 hours before the travel date you have and you should have your test from a trustable source.

What documents does one need?

What documents are required

For Self-Declarations form one needs to have these following items:-

  • One needs to have a scan of their passport with having a view of the photo and some other required personal details

  • One needs to have a valid email address

  • Payments, eVisa Mart takes a small service charge which one could pay with credit or Debit card or by PayPal

This all will require your details and also your travelling details. In case you want to have home quarantine you can provide these documents to support up your case like child identification, medical reports etc.

What is the eVisa Mart processing time?

What is the eVisaMart processing time

For making the processing time of eVisa Mart more convenient, there are 3 procedures and each one costs its respective price. Here are the 3 method that eVisa Mart provides for making processing time more convenient:-

  • Standard Service- It takes a moderate period waiting for Self-Declaration form

  • Rush Service- You can take help from this service if you are in a rush

  • Super Rush Service- These service charges the most but also give you the fastest services

Choose the service according to the time you have.

What processes does one need to undergo for a Self-Declaration Form?

If you apply for the Self-Declaration Form through eVisa Mart, you need to follow these given steps:-

  • Firstly, provide all the information asked in the online form and choose the processing time, i.e. Standard service, Rush Service, Super Rush Service.

  • Secondly, review all your answers that you filled in the form and choose a payment method that is either by PayPal or by debit or credit card.

  • Lastly, attach your passport scanning your passport. In case you are trying to request for institutional quarantine, upload your supporting documents.

Is there any unique process after my arrival?

Yes, you will go under the process of thermal scanning which will check your temperature. The medical personnel will check that you have or not any symptoms of coronavirus. During this whole process, you need to provide the Self-Declaration form for final valid entry.

After this process is completed, then you will be provided with the facility approved by the Indian government for the first week of quarantine. After you complete your quarantine days, you will be ready to visit India.

Is eVisa Mart safe or not?

It is 100% safe. All processes that undergo eVisa Mart are very safe, and the system works under security regulations, and the individual's information is kept with full security.

So, if you want to visit India during this pandemic, you can take help of eVisa Mart to come and visit India.

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