Learn the New Smart-Tech Biometric Technique of Traveling to India Today!

Smart-Tech Biometric Technique of Traveling to India
Published on: 14-10-2020
Learn the New Smart-Tech Biometric Technique of Traveling to India Today!

As fun as it sounds, traveling is not as easy. You have to consider several factors when it comes to touring to some other countries. You can have many uncountable reasons for the same, such as tourism, medical purposes, business purposes, educational purposes, etc. So, how do you ensure that your travel is tension-free? Well, if you are traveling to India, then you have to know about the new biometric system for traveling to India that they have installed in some places to ease your visit to the country. The best part is that you do not have to pay any high value to avail of these services. Isn?t that the best?

People who have a busy schedule or travel across the world for diplomatic purposes do not have enough time to go through so many procedures that they conduct at the airport. In such cases, you have to visit the place early, go through a security check, immigration, and other processes to get into the flight. When you visit the destination, you have to go through the entire process all over again. In such scenarios, the biometric system can come in handy. It will give you more time to focus on other vital aspects of your journey.

What is the biometric data system?

If you are unaware of the same, then you need to understand that this system will reduce the time you have to spend at the Indian airport. Using this method, you can get out of the place faster. The system allows you to scan your picture, fingerprint, and take your signature on an electronic pad. You can conduct the procedure in your country in your time-zone. You will have to undergo the entire process in India anyway, so why not do it in your comfort zone? This way, when you visit the country, you do not have to go through the same procedure. You can pick your luggage and leave the airport immediately.

Is this process available in all the countries?

No. India has got diplomatic missions with 178-countries across the globe. Out of which only 152-countries had the biometric system. Recently, the nation added eight countries to the list, as well. You will have to go through the official list from the online portal. If you belong to any of these 160 places, then you can use the biometric system. If you are traveling from any other country, then you have to go through the regular procedure. India is trying to increase the availability of the biometric system. So, whenever you get time, you can avail of these services through the regulated process.

What is the process of fulfilling the requirements for this system?

To ensure the requirements for this system, you have to keep a photograph of yourself without any musings and plain white background. Following that, you have two options:?

  • You can visit the airport to get the task done. There you have the option of a biometric kiosk where you can put your photograph for scanning and your fingerprint. Next, you have to put your signature on a tab, and it will register all the information under your name.?

  • The second and best method is to visit the online portals on the internet. There you have the option to apply for e-visas. When you are filling the e-visa form, you can submit the information for the biometric system. Naturally, the next question that will arise in your mind is - how will you scan your fingerprint? Well, you can screen it through your phone and upload it on the portal as and when needed.

What is the visa procedure?

You must be aware of the online availability of e visa. You can visit the best online websites for the same. There you have to select the type and the processing time of your visa. Next, when you have to review the data and then make payment for the same. Once you have gone through all that, you have to fill another form of personal data. At this stage, you will get the opportunity to fill the application for the biometric system. Using this procedure, you can get the e Visa as well as the chance to leave the Indian airport early.

Is it okay to carry the softcopy of the e Visa?

No. You will have to carry the hardcopy or a printout of the e-visa that you receive in your email. The websites send the visa to the email address you provide, but it is your job to ensure that you get the printout of it. The airport security or the immigration department will not accept the softcopy of the document. It is against the rules and regulations, as well. So, whenever you receive the e-visa, get the hardcopy of it immediately.

How much will the entire process cost?

The cost of the process depends on the type of visa plus the processing time you decided. It means that you do not have to pay any value for the biometric system. The cost of the same will range between $89 to $151. You have three different types of visas, and they have bifurcations, as well. Summing that up to the processing time will give you the exact value that you have to pay. For the specific information, you will have to visit the online portal of these services providers. This way, you can verify other details, as well.

How do you ensure that they provide excellent services?

Visa acquisition requires a lot of personal information that you would not want to leak; as such, how do you know that you can trust these portals? Well, you have to keep in mind that not all the sites have permission to conduct these services. So, whenever you visit these sites, you can check the security services they offer along with the customer review. If the customer has given an excellent critique of the services, then you are good to go.

What is the processing time?

It refers to the amount of time that you have given them to prepare and send your visa. In every case, you have three options. The first choice is to 5-days offer in which you receive your document within 5-days of applying. Next, have the three-day time duration - known as the rush hour. Lastly, you have the super rush time duration in which you require your document within 2-days. These are the time durations that you get to acquire your visa after applying. You can choose either of them to get the same.

What is the payment procedure?

The payment procedure is straightforward. You can use the credit card, debit card, Etc, as the online portals accept any of these methods for the payment. If you use any other procedure, then your payment will not get accepted. You can rest assured regarding the security as the entire payment procedure is encrypted. So, no one can hack into the system to deviate the payment or gather data of any kind.

What are the different visas you can apply for online?

You have the option to apply for three types of e visas:?

  • Tourist e-visas?

  • Business e-visas?

  • Medical e-visas.?

Apart from these, if you want to apply for any other type of document, then you have to follow the traditional method. Does this mean that you can get the biometric system for these three only? Not necessarily. Some websites offer the biometric system irrespective of whether you are getting a visa or not. On the other hand, some sites insist on getting the document to apply for the biometric system.

Would you need a visa if you are traveling on a cruise?

Yes, you will need a visa if you are traveling on a cruise. Irrespective of the medium of transport, you have to get the doc. It is because you are going to enter the boundary of some other nation, which is why you need legal permission to reside in the country and conduct all the activities for which you have come. So, ensure to carry the hardcopy of the document if you are traveling on a cruise to India.

When is the right time to apply for the visa?

Experts suggest that you should get it at least 30-120 days before your departure. It is because a lot of places do not allow you to book the tickets without a valid visa. So, ensure that you have the same before the time of your departure.

The biometric system and the e-visa procedure has made travel to India an effortless process. The diplomatic nations can enjoy these beneficiaries to travel to the country and get their task done. The best part is that it is less time-consuming and does not cost much, as well. So, if you are visiting India, give this method a try today.

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