The Entire Process Of Getting An Indian Visa For The Dutch Nationals!

Indian Visa For Netherlands Citizens
Published on: 21-09-2020

The Entire Process Of Getting An Indian Visa For The Dutch Nationals!

Traveling is something that everyone loves to do every once in a while. One of the best ways to travel is to visit a different country where you will be able to explore new things, cultures, heritage, traditions, etc. This is a great way to learn about a country and know its people more. It is also known to reduce stress as a change of surroundings could make you relaxed and free from any worries of work. If you want to visit one such country that is rich in its culture, heritage, and traditions then you should consider visiting India!?

India is a land of beautiful monuments, historical beliefs, and one of the best cuisines in the world. On top of all this, if you are a Dutch National, you don?t have to be worried about the Visa process anymore!?

A Visa is an essential item for traveling to a country for a particular period without facing any hassles. The process of getting a Visa could get complicated as it requires you to visit the country?s embassy but in case you are a Dutch National planning to go to India, then there is nothing for you to worry about as you can simply get an E-Visa online!


online visa

A Visa is often issued to people for safety concerns before they travel to a new country but the process of getting a regular Visa requires a lot of work like traveling and visiting the embassy, filling up the details, paying the specified fee and waiting for a while before you could finally get your Visa.?

This normal procedure could be hectic from some people as it requires you to travel and get the permission in-person. The Government has now made the entire procedure simple as it has now been shifted online through what is known as an E-Visa now.

An E-Visa acts like a virtual or digital version of a regular Visa that has been officially prescribed by the Embassy, giving you the permission that you require for traveling in a specific country without any hassles.?

It is a verified and official document which could be acquired right at the convenience of your home as long as you have a smartphone or a computer device along with an internet connection!


Requirements for e visa

While the process of getting an E-Visa is simple, you will still be required to furnish a set of necessary documents without which, your request cannot be completed. The list of these documents has been attached below.?

  • A Photograph: You are required to furnish your recent passport-sized picture in which the background is clear and there are no facial gestures. Just a simple photograph. You should be able to scan it and upload it to the servers.

  • A Passport: If you do not already have a passport, it needs not to be said but you need to have it. You need to get the passport ready before you can even think of applying for an E-Visa. The process of getting a passport made is simple as well, so you shouldn?t have any problems even if you don?t have one.

  • Scanned Documents: There could be more documents specified by the embassy online, just see if there are any further requirements and scan those documents to attach them to your application.?

  • Payment Method: you can easily fix a payment method that is the most convenient for you and is also accepted by the embassy online. Debit and Credit cards are accepted on the site along with other methods as well.?

Types of E-Visas

Broadly, there could be 3 types of Indian E-Visas specifically For the Dutch Nationals, these are listed below.?

  • E-Visa for Tourists

  • E-Visa for Business

  • E-Visa for Medical Emergencies

Normally, people get Tourist E-Visa?s if they want to travel to India. However, if you have a specific reason for traveling to India apart from recreational purposes, then you could get an E-Visa other than the Tourist E-Visa.?

You will be required to furnish further documents apart from the ones mentioned previously such as a Card copy of your business as well as an invitation letter if you are going on a business trip for official purposes.?

Or, if you have a medical health emergency then you need to furnish a letter given by a hospital situated within India. This will get you the Medical E-Visa.

Time & Cost?

If you are worried about the entire expenses that you will have to incur on getting an E-Visa and the time that the procedure might take then here are the details. The expense of the Visa also depends on the time that is taken to process it. It is also dependant on the type of Visa that you are getting.?

The main types of Visa processing are:

  • Normal Processing: This type of processing takes approximately 5 working days to finish. It is a standard time so you do not have to pay any additional price for fast delivery. If you want, however, you can get the E-Visa even faster by choosing special options for faster processing.

  • Fast Processing: If you choose the faster option, you can get your Visa in just 3 working days! With this, you would also be required to pay a higher price since you are getting a faster delivery of the E-Visa.

  • Super-fast Processing: If you want the E-Visa as soon as possible due to some emergency reasons, it could be a good idea to take the Super-fast processing option that will provide you with your E-Visa in less than 2 working days! This is a good option for emergencies but you will have to pay an even higher price for this super-fast delivery.

Filling the Form

After you know everything about the types of Visa?s that you can get and the documents that you need to be ready with, you can select the processing period, and then you can get started with filling the application form.?

To simplify the process even further, you can take the assistance that will do most of the work for you and all you have to do is follow three simple steps.

For filling the form, all you would have to do is to fill out general information about you. This should not take you any more than 5-10 minut. You can also specify the time where you can choose whether you want a standard delivery or a faster delivery. Remember that faster delivery will cost you more. You should also specify the type of E-Visa that you wish to get like a Tourist or a Medical E-Visa.?

After you fill these details, enter your choice of Visa and specify a processing time, the cost will be finalized and you would have to pay the specified amount of money. You can lower the cost based on your choices so think before entering the above details. You should also make sure that all the information that you furnish is 100% true and there should be no errors or discrepancies in the entered details. This happens because the revision is mostly not possible so it might create a problem in your E-Visa process.

Once everything is done, you should upload a decent picture and fulfill any other formalities, if required.?


Another important factor that you should be aware of the E-visa that you?re applying for is its validity period. For how long will the Visa be considered valid? How many times could you visit India with the E-Visa? For how many days would it remain valid??

These questions could be answered by checking the validity of the E-Visa. You can get three types of Tourist E-Visas based on their validity.?

  • 30 Days Period: If you are visiting India just for enjoying a vacation then this is the type of E-visa that you should choose. This is the most common type of visa that people generally choose and is also the one that you can get without any hassles. You can visit the country two times with this Visa. However, the validity of this E-Visa is limited to 30 days after the arrival.

  • 1 Year Period: This also has a maximum stay period of 90 days but with a validity of 1 year and allows during this entire period.

  • 5 Years Period: It allows multiple entries and is officially valid until 5 years are completed but the is limited to 90 days.?

After knowing all the basic information, you can easily apply for an Indian E-Visa online while sitting at your home as long as you have an internet connection, specific documents, and a smartphone or a PC device.? You can then enjoy a fabulous trip to India, a country rich in its heritage and culture now!

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