Top Places For Shopping In India
Published on: 01-07-2020

Go On A Shopping Spree To India?s Top Destinations!

India is a country with many states and cities around. There are so many places you would like to travel and explore in India. People love traveling and exploring every corner of the world. Apart from that, people also love shopping. As we already know, India is a colorful country with a lot of places to visit. You can find many popular shopping destinations in these cities where you can enjoy shopping with your family and friends. We will discuss here the top 10 places for shopping in India. You can shop for some unique things in shopping destinations at a cheaper rate.

Top 10 places for shopping in India

You can find many shopping destinations in India. Let us now give you an idea of these top shopping destinations that you can visit either all by yourself, with your family, or with your friends.

places for shopping in Delhi

1. Delhi

It is not called the capital of our country for no reason. This city has everything to offer, including the best shopping places. This city tops the list when it comes to finding quite extraordinary items in the markets. The experience that the visitors or shoppers from all over the world get in this city is something very compelling. You will find both shopping malls and street markets in this beautiful city. You can find items starting from clothing, accessories, food items, electronics, handicrafts, and automobiles. Another fact is that you would not even have to worry about the prices of these items. They are quite affordable. You can also bargain at the given prices. Some of the marketplaces in Delhi are:

  • Delhi Haat
  • Sarojini Nagar flea market
  • Palika Bazar flea market
  • Vasant Kunj Malls
  • Rajouri malls
  • Lajpat Nagar
  • Connaught Place
places for shopping in Kolkata

2. Kolkata

Another beautiful city, also known as the city of joy, Kolkata has many shopping destinations. This is such a city where you can find many exquisite items. It is the largest shopping place in the whole of East India. There are so many markets in Kolkata where you can buy affordable items, be it clothing, accessories, handicrafts, toys, jewelry, automobiles, cooking items. The marketplaces in Kolkata are also quite popular because of the exposure that they hold. Some of these popular marketplaces in Kolkata are:

  • Gariahat Market
  • New Market
  • Dakshinapan Market
  • Hatibagan Market
places for shopping in Mumbai

3. Mumbai

We are all familiar with the city of dreams, Mumbai. This city is also a dream city for all the shopaholics out there who love shopping. You can find many designer boutiques, flea markets, malls, and other shopping arcades that are quite famous. You can buy as many fancy clothes in the markets of Mumbai as you want to. Every clothing item you find here is of the latest design. Apart from clothing, the Mumbai marketplaces are also known for selling many unique artifacts and designer accessories. Youngsters and fashionistas love Mumbai markets because of the varieties of fashion items and food outlets that they find here. Here are some of the places in Mumbai, you can enjoy shopping:

  • Linking Road
  • Fashion Street
  • Colaba Causeway
  • Zaveri Bazar
places for shopping in Jaipur

4. Jaipur

This is indeed a colorful city when it comes to shopping. This vibrant city of Rajasthan offers beautiful leheriyas, batiks, and bandhani prints on almost everything. The clothing, accessories, and footwear that you buy from the markets of Jaipur are quite colorful. You can also find silver jewelry, lac bangles, blue pottery, silverware, home accessories. These items are ornamental, authentic, affordable, and authentic. The markets where you can find these items are the:

  • Bapu Bazar
  • MI Road
  • Johari Bazaar
places for shopping in hyderabad

5. Hyderabad

Do you love to shop for pearls? If you do, then your next shopping destination should be Hyderabad. You will find Hyderabadi pearls in abundance in this city and can buy them at affordable prices. You can also find other pieces of jewelry that are semi-precious. Apart from jewelry, you can buy antiques, electronics, and the most famous Khara dupatta of Hyderabad.

  • Begum Bazaar
  • Laad Bazaar
  • Koti Market
  • Char Minar Bazaar
  • Inorbit Mall
places for shopping in Lucknow

6. Lucknow

Lucknow is not only known for being the land of kebabs but also perfumes(itr), and chikankari. You can get to buy the most popular Jadau jewelry that is quite an exquisite find in this city. There are many shopping districts and small shops in this city. You can buy these popular items from the following marketplaces:

  • Aminabad labyrinths
  • Hazrat Gunj
  • Gadbad Jhala
places for shopping in Kashmir

7. Kashmir

Kashmir is a beautiful place to visit. The pashmina shawls and the silk carpets are the reason for the popularity of Kashmir markets. You can also buy beautiful handicrafts and a box of saffron from Kashmiri shops. The suits that are adorned with Kashmiri embroidery are also bought. You can find many local shops here where you can bargain on the prices of the items you buy. You can also buy Kashmiri rugs from some of the Kashmiri outlets. The decor and the silver jewelry are also bought from the markets of Kashmir. Some of these markets include:

  • Lal Chowk Shops
  • JK Handloom
  • Main Market Road
places for shopping in Jodhpur

8. Jodhpur

Known for its beautiful handicrafts and wears, this is another vibrant city of Rajasthan. You can find both ethnic wear and traditional wear around this place. This city is a paradise for every shopper out there. You can buy many traditional pieces that are quite popular here. The clothes, accessories, and footwear that you can buy from here are quite colorful. You can also buy leatherworks, paintings, and jewelry from the marketplaces of Jodhpur. Some of the markets you can visit here are:

  • Station Road
  • Nai Sadak
  • Mochi Bazaar
places for shopping in Varanasi

9. Varanasi

People visit Varanasi for two reasons. One of them is hopping for sarees. The elaborate embroidery and the fine weaving are what attract most saree lovers to this holy place. The gold and silver thread embroidery on the famous Banarasi saree is quite intricate and exquisite. You can also find unstitched fabrics, brassware, silk scarves. Some of the marketplaces where you can find these items are:

  • Dasasmaved Road
  • Mehrotra Silk
places for shopping in Kerala

10. Kerala

Everything you find here would seem very natural the moment you visit Kerala. This city is known for being God?s place or the God of small things. You can get many items that might seem regular but are extraordinary. It is because of the kind of aroma that this place carries. The items that are available here are coffee, spices, aroma oils, jewelry (only pure gold), handicrafts, antique coins, cashew nuts, banana chips, statues of devotees, and temple items. The shopping places from where you can buy these are:

  • Kochi Market
  • Connemara Market
  • Lulu Shopping Mall

Final Words

Shopping can be like therapy to so many people out there. No matter where you go, you would not be able to refrain from shopping if you find a great market nearby. There are some beautiful sites to visit in India. These cities offer a lot of sightseeing destinations to tourists and the local people as well. You can find many products in the markets there that are quite interesting and unique. So, visit these places and explore each market place in India.

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