What You Should Do If Your Tourist Visa To India Gets Rejected?

what if your visa to india gets rejected
Published on: 29-05-2020

What You Should Do If Your Tourist Visa To India Gets Rejected?

India is a global attraction when it comes to tourism. It attracts several tourists from around the world to come visit the beautiful country for all that it has to offer. The procedure to enter India and enjoy a stay in the gorgeous lands of the country requires non-Indian citizens to apply for a Visa. This can even be an e-Visa and requires people to fill an application online and pay the required fees.

Most of the times, the Visas are granted. It is not very often that one?s Tourist Visa for India is rejected and the question arises of what to do if Tourist Visa gets rejected. But the answer actually lies in the fact that you need to ensure that you have done everything that you can so as to make sure that no application is rejected. What this means is that more than anything else, an application form that has been wrongly filled or has a lot of discrepancies is likely to be rejected as compared to an accurately filled genuine application.

What should your next steps be?

More than the steps that should be taken after your Tourist Visa has been rejected, what is actually important is preventing any sort of rejection and leaving no scope or reason for your application to be rejected. Here are a few steps you can take, so as to almost ensure that your Tourist Visa application isn?t rejected:

  • Check whether the country you are coming from or whose passport you hold is a country that is eligible for the e-Visa.

  • Fill in every necessary detail cell in the e-Visa application. Do not leave anything empty, especially if it has been marked to constitute important information elements.

  • All of the details filled in should be correct without any mistakes.

  • Be sure of the fact that your passport will be valid when you are visiting the country. If it?s validity is of less than 6 months from your date of arrival into the country, you are likely to be ineligible for a Tourist Visa.

  • Make sure your intention of visit has been clearly submitted, if your intention of return isn?t clear, you are likely to be rejected.

These are just a few facts one can keep in mind while applying and filling in the forms for Tourist Visa to visit India.


Q. Where can you find the application for the e Visa for India??

Ans. The Visa application for obtaining a Tourist Visa to India can be found on the eVisa Mart website for the same. ?

Q. When are your chances of Tourist Visa rejection high??

Ans. Your chances of rejection will be low if you follow all of the basic points and fill in the application honestly, carefully and with every single detail being given the required attention. It is important to be alert when filling the forms. ?

Q. What can you do to avoid Tourist Visa rejection??

Ans. To avoid Tourist Visa rejection, follow the basic tips mentioned above and do not make any attempts to lie or hide anything from the Government of India. Any such attempt found will result in an inherent rejection. ?

Q. Is it necessary to provide all of the important details??

Ans. It is very important to provide all of the details which have been marked as important and necessary. It is in fact better to provide all the answers to the questions asked in order to eliminate all chances of rejection.?

Q. How long does the processing of the Visa application essentially take? ?

Ans. If you fill out the form in the proper manner, and have not left any scope for mistakes, the general minimal time taken for the processing of the Visa is 3 to 4 days. ?

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