Travel Alerts And Safety Tips For Visitors Traveling To Karnataka

Travel Tips For Visitors Traveling To Karnataka
Published on: 13-07-2020

Travel Alerts And Safety Tips For Visitors Traveling To Karnataka

One of the largest states in South India, Karnataka is an incredible destination to dig into some cultural history. The state is known for its amazing coffee plantations, mesmerizing scenic beauty, and rich wildlife. Its capital Bangalore, now known as Bengaluru, is the IT hub of India. With the continuous expansion in the field of science and technology, it is considered as the ??Silicon Valley of India??. A trip to different places in Karnataka can be a joyful experience. The state offers all the elements for a perfect vacation and a peaceful trip.

If you are a first-time traveler to Karnataka, you must keep some travel tips in mind. Whether you are with your friends, family, or simply backpacking solo, you should be careful about the pros and cons of the place you are visiting. Hence, let?s take a look at the best places to travel in Karnataka and the safety tips as well!

Best places that are worth your visit in Karnataka:

It is impossible to cover the whole state of Karnataka in one single trip. There are lots to explore and hunt for if you are a true travel freak. In short, you should take out your time and plan thoroughly, before you visit the state. However, some of the best places that you should definitely not miss out are as follows:

Traveling alerts to visit Coorg

1. Coorg

If you are looking for peace and greenery around you, Coorg is one of the finest places that are worth a visit. Dating back to the time of the Puranas, this place is home to Abbey falls and is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations too. Indulge yourself in the lavish spa sessions, while you explore the beauty of nature around you!

Traveling alerts to visit Mysore

2. Mysore

A trip to the state of Karnataka is incomplete without visiting Mysore. Home to the precious and exotic heritage palaces of the king of Mysore, the place simply sparkles before your eyes. It is possible to rent a car and head straight to Mysore and come back within a single day.

Traveling alerts to visit Bangalore

3. Bangalore

Known as the IT hub of India, Bangalore is known for its high rise buildings and vast technological infrastructure. A trip to the city is incomplete without visiting the lavish gardens, thereby making it ??the garden city of India??.

Traveling alerts to visit Chikmagalur

4. Chikmagalur

If you are an explorer, then Chikmagalur should be on your travel list. Located at the heart of the Mulliyangiri hills, this is the most famous hill station in Karnataka and quite famous among couples and newlyweds.

Traveling alerts to visit Hampi

5. Hampi

If you are interested to dig into some cultural history, pay your visit to the historical sites of Hampi. The place is rich in diversity and 5th-century medieval architecture.

Travel restrictions and important aspects to note when coming to Karnataka:

Travelers gearing up for their trip to Karnataka should understand the terms and conditions of traveling to the state. Although you will not encounter harsh restrictions of any sort, it is better to stay safe and alert from all aspects. Hence, some of the most important travel alerts are as follows:

best time to travel to karnataka

1. Know your best time to travel to Karnataka

Since Karnataka is known for its diverse landscape, it is important to know more about the weather first. You do not want to stain your experience in the state simply because the weather was cooperative. Therefore, you have to choose the best time of travel, based on some recommendations. Previous travelers and other enthusiasts recommend the months of October to February as the best time to travel to Karnataka.

Experts are of the view that the sky stays clear, and you may witness a completely magical experience. It is also recommended to avoid the rainy months, from June to August. Rains in the city of Bangalore and other parts of the state can be harsh. Even water clogging with increased traffic jams is a possibility and this can completely you?re your experience. Therefore, if you want to avoid the extreme South India heat or the fierce rain months, plan your Karnataka trip during the winter months only!

verify cab prices before riding

2. Verify cab prices before riding

One of the biggest travel tips and alerts that travelers should be aware of is the cab prices. If you have picked up your own package, be prepared to spend some extra money as the cab prices are relatively higher. If you are traveling from Bangalore, the prices vary due to the high demand of travelers in the city. For outstation and city tours, the cost varies as per the peak season and off-season in the state. Can prices during the rainy season also increase? Similarly, hotel prices can be high and low too. You must figure out the place of stay and how to get the perfect cab ride before coming to the state.

finding your favorite food

3. Finding your favorite food can be a little troublesome

As a part of South India, Karnataka is famous for its authentic South Indian dishes. Although it is a completely new experience to try some of the local cuisines, some of you should be alerted about it too. You may not get your favorite burgers or pizza unless you are in Bangalore. Since the food might not be to your taste, you must carry some light eatables with you, in case the local food is not suiting you. Keeping some medicines handy is also recommended.

honeymoon packages to the state

4. Honeymoon packages to the state can be expensive

Karnataka in recent years has emerged as one of the top destinations for honeymoon in South India, alongside Kerala. It is largely favorable due to its greenery, the natural landscape, and the blissful atmosphere. Couples planning their first trip should be aware of the package cost. The surge of travelers has led to travel agencies and hotel companies to increase the price of tour packages. The cost may be slightly above your expected budget. Therefore, planning out your trip is mandatory.

Plus, once the trip is booked, there is no looking back, as the companies fail to comply with your request for cancellations. Instead of letting go of your hard-earned money, pay attention to the details of the package always. Keep in mind all the exclusions and inclusions of it.

book your cab for travelling

5. Book your cab beforehand for traveling to and fro the airport

Karnataka has more than one airport. Apart from Bangalore International Airport, tourists can fly down to Mangalore airport as well. This airport is much nearer to the hill-stations of the state. Before you even reach the airport, make sure that you have your cab booked in advance. Although finding the right cab to your destination isn?t tough, you may be cheated as well as tricked of extra money. You would definitely want to escape the embarrassment and trickery at the start of your trip.

Thus, you should book your cab in advance for safety reasons. It is best recommended to contact your hotel before you land in the state and travel safely to your required destination.

beaware of the bangalore traffic

6. Beware of the Bangalore traffic

Although Bangalore is one of the fastest-growing cities in the state of Karnataka, travelers should be extremely careful about the Bangalore traffic. You won?t want to mess with the high intensity of cars and public transport that hits the road during office hours. Plus, rain in the city can make things twice difficult and exhausting for you. In such a situation, travelers must make a point to start their journey as early as possible. Before the city wakes up to traffic lights, you should be able to get ready to hit the road. This will not only save your time but will further enrich your experience about the city.


Q. How safe is Karnataka??

Ans. Karnataka as a state in South India is safe. The crime rate is very less and tourists need not worry about illegal activities going on. However, in order to avoid all sorts of unfortunate activities from taking place, you must keep the local police number handy. In case of trouble, dial the state helpline number for immediate assistance. Calling the hotel staff can also help in such a situation.?

Q. Can I go to a pub or bar in Bangalore??

Ans. It is definitely possible to go to a local pub in Bangalore. Most of the bars in the city ask for your ID. Therefore, make sure that you carry one with you. For foreign travelers, you should keep your passport handy as well.?

Q. Is there any specific foreign tourist restriction in Karnataka??

Ans. Foreigners traveling to Karnataka should carry their passports and visa with them. Although there is no restriction of traveling ordered, it is better to stay safe and act according to the norms of the state. Foreigners may not be allowed to enter sacred Hindu temples in the state, due to control imposed by the temple authorities.?

Q. Is the food in Bangalore too costly??

Ans. Food in Bangalore can be a little too pricey due to the high demand of travelers and working professionals in the state. Since Bangalore is a professional city, along with a popular tourist destination, the cost of living and other expenses in the city are comparatively high. ?

Q. What are road safety conditions? ?

Ans. For travelers, taking necessary precautions when crossing footpaths is recommended. Some local drivers do not abide by traffic rules and this may cause unwanted accidents. Hence, always avoid busy streets and look carefully before crossing the road. ?

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