Visa On Arrival
Published on: 28-05-2020

What Is Visa On Arrival & Its Benefits?

As traveling has been made easier for everyone, the rate of traveling has reached high numbers. Aside from packing your bags and choosing places to visit when you reach your destination, you need to be updated on all the traveling rules and regulations. With the help of the internet, you can check the eVisa Mart website of the mode of transportation you have chosen to travel with and get all the information without leaving your house.

How to know if you are eligible for a visa on arrival?

As tourism makes a lot of contributions to the economy of a country, many schemes are introduced by the government. This also builds a relationship between different countries. Visa on arrival & its benefits is one of the major schemes that have shown a lot of positive changes in different countries. Before applying to get a visa on arrival, you must check your eligibility. Not every country needs a visa on arrival so you must check if your destination is included in the list of countries offering a visa on arrival. The objective of your visit must be something casual like meeting family or friends or a business meeting. The duration of your visit must be small and the return ticket must be booked beforehand. You can get into a lot of problems in case the validity of your visa on arrival expires.

Advantages of getting a visa on arrival

The procedure of getting a visa on arrival is very convenient. After filling out the application online, you can get the confirmation letter in two days at your home. To avoid any miscommunication, a confirmation email is also sent to the applicant to make sure that the right person got the visa. As there are many documents involved while boarding a plane, you can get a visa on arrival after you have reached your destination which can ease their journey. It is advised to read the rules of the country you are visiting so that there is no further problem while getting the visa.

, Unlike other documents, a visa on arrival & its benefits is easy to get because you do not have to get in a line and wait for hours. You can make the payment online which makes the process easier. As for the countries offering visas on arrival, they increase security in the country. They know about the purpose of the visit of a traveler and can prohibit anyone whose answer does not match with their expectation.


Q. What is the procedure for getting a visa on arrival?

Ans. The process is very easy because the person has to visit the eVisa Mart website and apply for the visa on arrival. It takes two or three days to receive the visa.

Q. What is the validity period of the visa on arrival?

Ans. The purpose of your visit must be short so that you are eligible to visit the country. When you get the visa on arrival, you only have six or fewer months to stay in the country.

Q. What happens if you do not have a visa on arrival?

Ans. When you arrive at the destination, you will not be allowed to visit the place. The government of the country will take strict actions towards you.

Q. Can you get a visa on arrival online?

Ans. Yes, it is available online only. You can receive the visa in two days.?

Q. How to apply for a visa on arrival again?

Ans. The procedure to apply for the visa is the same as before. Visit the eVisa Mart website to apply for a visa again.

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