VisaCentral Review | Performance, Customer Support, and Pricing

VisaCentral Review
Published on: 22-01-2021

VisaCentral Review:

Planning a trip can be very stressful because you need to reserve flights and hotels, buy travel insurance, and plan your journey. Certain countries make visa-free travel for certain nationalities, while others have rigorous visa applications a nightmare. Fortunately, many businesses are speeding up the system so that things are smoother and faster for you.

Customer Service

The visa services exist to simplify visa applications, but you need an agent to provide guidance rapidly if you are confused, particularly when you apply late. Plus, like any other business, you anticipate being treated with respect.

Depending on the employee, VisaCentral has patchy records of decent customer support. However, according to several reviews published on

In this category, eVisa Mart has been very good, with almost all reviews on Yelp and Trustpilot showing respect for eVisa Mart's abilities to customer service. Furthermore, eVisa Mart provides a live chat window that can be used for questions 24/7. Oliver said of Trustpilot: "It has been perfect to use the service to get the Visa to China, and has worked incredibly quickly to get you back with problems. The stress from obtaining a visa was perfect. It's going to use it again."

Efficient Services:

Many travelers use Visa services to streamline the application process and enhance their chances of success if they have left the business to apply for a visa at a very late date. Again, in this group, eVisa Mart scores incredibly high while VisaCentral falls further down.

By securing visas faster than expected, eVisa Mart consistently exceeds customer expectations. eVisa Mart notes the planned visa processing and delivery times openly, but several customers claim they have obtained visas before the indicated period. Someone said, evaluating Trustpilot that the application was the quickest ever in less than 24 hours, the visa was accepted and conveyed thanks.

Unfortunately, according to many customers visa central is a late visa delivery process, and some customers even report missing their ride. While most VisaCentral customers obtain their visas in time for their travel, consideration must be provided before selecting a company that sometimes misses the sign.


Of course, you don't want to spend too much on a facility that is not good for a cheaper alternative. The service cost of eVisa Mart is always upfront, and there are no hidden charges, but the same is sadly not true of VisaCentral.

All it takes to find that eVisa Mart is, in almost every case, the most modest is a quick price comparison between Visa Central and eVisa Mart's service charge. While on the application page, VisaCentral shows its service fee, some clients have reported that they were paid for items that they never agreed to pay on their final bill. In some instances, the service charges of VisaCentral are considerably higher than the consulate's fee so that you can equate it and eVisa Mart to see if you will pay less.

Ease of Use:

The purpose of the visa services' existence is to help in easy processes, meaning to have robust and pro-active processes that will make the value for money and the time spent. In comparison to this regard, we can say that both eVisa Mart and VisaCentral have a high score. But when it comes to choosing between the two, then eVisa Mart has the edge over the other for multiple reasons.

Both of these websites are easy to use and navigate. On both websites, one can choose their nationality and their final destination on the home page. However, this is an easy step, but things get complicated when they move further. VisaCentral asks the visitors for multiple documents and personal information. On the other hand, eVisa Mart does not ask for so many documents. Instead, it asks for fundamental personal information. Additionally, on the eVisa Mart website, there is a provision of a chat facility that allows the individuals to speak to an agent in terms of any problems in real-time. Moreover, eVisa Mart commits to complete the tourist visa application in minutes.

VisaCentral Summary

When it comes to reviews from the customers, there have been mixed reviews for VisaCentral. Although they do boast about some of the impeccable success stories they have had in the past, we advise the visitors to check out the similar services provided by other websites as the pricing is not very transparent here. Moreover, sometimes they have been issues with missed deadlines as well. There are high chances that when you approach VisaCentral, you can be assured to get a visa on time. Still, there are also high chances that you might end up paying double the price compared to the same services provided by another agency.

eVisa Mart Summary

Customers have very few negative comments to give to eVisa Mart due to them' excellent quality services. There were very few negative reviews from the customers because that was due to no company's fault. With over 1000+ reviews, there have been excellent ratings. Hence, negative reviews are far-fetched. Due to the fantastic reviews, it attracts huge crowds, mainly due to transparent pricing.

How to Get the Visa?

There are thousands of customers out there, who have been preferring eVisa Mart. There is a detailed review given on our website. eVisa Mart serves a vast platform of nationalities and streamlines the entire visa application by providing services, to multiple countries. To apply for the visa at eVisa Mart, you can visit the official website and enter both the nationality and destination on the homepage. You will directly get to check the cost, which will be transparent, and based on your requirements, you can either plan to go ahead or not. In terms of application completion, it will only take a few minutes.

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