VisaRite Review | Performance, Customer Support, and Pricing

VisaRite Review
Published on: 09-01-2021

It isn't easy to secure a visa for entering China because of the strict requirements of China.

eVisa Mart, a company that can easily access community China visas for many nationalities, and VisaRite, an organization dedicated to obtaining a wide variety of China visas for US passport holders, are checked and compared to help you find the right China visa acceleration service for your needs.

Support for Customers

There are visa services that ease the process of a nightmare application, which ensures that excellent customer service is necessary. There can be uncertainty of all kinds with the completion of forms and selecting the additional papers, and travel agents must quickly and respectfully answer all queries.

Similarly, the eVisa Mart service has received excellent reviews, with many customers reporting that their staff is helpful and that they answer questions within minutes.?

Service performance

In customer service terms, both eVisa Mart and VisaRite are on an equal basis. Still, eVisa Mart is now the only visa-speed service that can receive a China visa for US citizens without visiting the consulate or posting documents. VisaRite also supports the tourist category of applications. Still, its traveler website states that travelers have to send a passport, completed application form, and supportive documentation to the VisaRite address in groups of five or more individuals. It takes 10 to 14 working days for VisaRite to complete the process and less than five working days for eVisa Mart.

However, it is essential to remember that eVisa Mart can only procure community visas. Given the reputation of VisaRite, you may want to contact their professionals concerning all the other China visas.


This is a different category for eVisa Mart, as its price relative to their direct rivals is fair, and the Group Visa price is far more moderate than VisaRite. High prices and hidden charges have also been listed with VisaRite, while overall, customers were pleased with the service.

eVisa Mart allows you to receive a $170 Chinese community visa per person, including the consulate fee and eVisa Mart's service fee. You do not have to consider the shipping or packing costs since you do not need to give any documentation to eVisa Mart to receive your visa, including your passport.?Facility of usage

If the application platform for visa expedition is not intuitive and straightforward to use, investment in its services is not worth it. Travelers turn to companies like eVisa Mart and VisaRite for simplifying a notoriously bureaucratic visa procedure. Alongside good feedback from both companies, eVisa Mart retakes this category, primarily due to the lack of paperwork required to post a Chinese community visa.

However, that is not to say that VisaRite does not do well; its clients say that it clearly states what form of visa you need; however, in our opinion, the eVisa Mart website is sharper and more straightforward to navigate than VisaRite's.

Summary of VisaRite

VisaRite is a reliable and closely connected service with the US State Department and the Chinese Consulate, which means you have almost assured visa success as long as you comply with the conditions. We strongly recommend this company if you need a visa to operate, study, or fly alone in China. However, you could be better off applying for a visa at eVisa if you are traveling as a party of 2 or more.

Description for eVisa Mart

eVisa Mart is the only organization to receive tourist visas from the Chinese community without consulate visits and postal papers for 99% of its customers. It should be remembered that a group visa only allows you to stay for 15 days and that together you have to join and leave China irrespective of the size of your group. However, this is by far the best way to visit China, so we suggest that you visit eVisa if you only need one week in China.

How to obtain a visa?

You can visit the official website and follow the on-screen directions when you need another visa to a community visa. If you are traveling as a party, you can first enter your nationality and destination and fill out the simple application form.

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