Wet Lanes of India During Monsoon
Published on: 18-09-2020

Visit the Wet Lanes of India During Monsoon

India is a diverse place with several cultures. It offers its guests various foods, languages, religions, and people of different ethnicities. Every other kilometer offers a new culture that is why foreign tourists get attracted to the country.

Each state is unique from the other. The tourists love the vast customs, festivals, and dances of a different type. They cherish ladies wearing lehengas and sarees differently in a different state. The weather is also different in different regions. Every state is India welcomes its guests with different climatic situations. Goa has to offer exotic beaches, Himachal has snowy mountains, Rajasthan has sand, the north-east offers greenery and the heart of country Delhi has unique world heritage sites. This colorful diversity never fails to impress its tourists whether local or foreign.

Concerns while travelling:

Concerns while travelling during monsoon

While traveling, the most concerning thing are the weather of the destination. So, checking it before traveling is important. Talking about India, its beauty doubles during rains. Traveling across the states during this time will be the best experience of the lifetime if done properly. India has a great range of destinations that can make any holiday the best. During monsoon, the rivers flow till the brim, waterfalls glitter and greenery covers mountains which appear to be a bedsheet of leaves from far away. Sitting in the lap of greenery drenched in water drops overjoys the heart and tourists witness incredible India.

Not every person is so full of heart to take the risk of traveling during wet months. But anyone who loves monsoon can try the beauty of this amazingly populated country in august.

Traveling during rains has its perks and demerits that India offers.

Pros of Visiting India During Monsoon:

India During Monsoon

Less Crowded:

The country with a population of 1.2 billion approximately is expected to be crowded at any time of the year adding some million tourists to its population every year may scare a foreign tourist to not visit the place. Visiting India during monsoon months will be different because there are fewer tourists and every place is less crowded. Not every tourist is excited to soak in rain and experience the adventure. Traveling India during monsoon will offer a different scenario.

Cheaper Accommodation:

Monsoon is the least traveled month in India. So, the accommodation is quite cheaper than the high tourist months. As the places are less crowded there is no need for advanced bookings so the plans can be changed surprisingly.

Hotels at this time offer special services to attract tourists to their accommodation because of the less tourism. At this time, it is advised to visit hotels and check their services personally.

It Doesn?t Rain That Often:

The northern parts of India are not that wet as compared to the southern and eastern parts. So, there is no need to cancel the plans because of it. There are times when it rains heavily and traffic is struck for hours but it does not happen often so it is okay.

Beautiful Landscapes:

The beauty of nature is extreme during these months. The locals may come out to celebrate. During monsoon months vibrant colors and festivals like Janmashtami and Ganesh Chaturthi can be witnessed.

Cons of Visiting India During Monsoon:

Not the Cheapest Fares:

Traveling anytime is not easy. During the less traveled months, the fares may be a bit expensive than regular months.

When It Rains, A Lot:

There are times when it can rain the whole day and may even cause flooding. The traffics gets strucked for hours. At mountain regions, the landslides may cause terrible accidents and that may restrict the adventures.

Many Sites May Be Closed:

National parks or reserves are closed during the monsoon months. This means no jungle safari and sightseeing. Some may visit the country only for the rich wildlife but may not even get a chance to see it.

Some Beautiful Places to Visit During Monsoon in India:


?This place is few kilometers ahead of the Bollywood city Mumbai and approx. 90 km away from the airports. This place offers lovely green sheets of grass and dancing trees drenched in vapors. The most amazing delicacy of this place is masala tea and hot Vada pav that may force the tourist to say ?Wahh?. Tiger?s Leap, Bhushi Dam, and Della Adventure are the famous sight-seeing.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands:

?The beautiful union territory of India has some beautiful offerings to do. The best sunrise and sunset views can be watched on the beaches. This is an exotic place to experience some great adventure water sports. Havelock Island and Radha Nagar beach are must-visit places here.


The place is must visit for romantic couples who want to witness some Bollywood like romance scenes under the sparkling waterfall and among the exotic flora and fauna. Visiting Coorg would be an amazing experience during rains.

The place is great for adventure sports like trekking, camping, and mountaineering. Abbey Falls and Raja?s Seat is a must-visit for everyone.

Leh and Laddakh:

This place is the destination for bike lovers who want to do some lone road trips witnessing the cool breeze on the face. During monsoon, the place looks so fresh and offers the best Maggie anyone can ever eat. The place is known for some peaceful Buddhist Monasteries and Shanti Stupa. It also has the world's most extensive mountain ranges surrounded by subalpine forests. The Leh Palace and Nubra Valley are recommended for camping.


Also known as Las Vegas of India this place is not just for casinos and gambling. It has much more than just beaches and betting. The place becomes exclusively beautiful during the rainy season and the water brings more romance to the weather. The Dudh Sagar falls are extremely beautiful and the Mandovi River Sunset Cruise is advised for a romantic evening.

India is an extremely beautiful and exotic destination for monsoon tourism. Monsoon may offer some cons but they cannot stop people to witness some great destinations. The weather at most places is so romantic that some may not even want to leave their rooms but every destination has some great offerings for adventure enthusiasts.

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