Ways of Saving Your Time at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Saving Your Time at IGI Airport Indian
Published on: 21-09-2020

Ways of Saving Your Time at Indira Gandhi International Airport

Among the most popular airports providing an entry in India to tourists traveling from international places is New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Kolkata(former name, Calcutta). Indira Gandhi International Airport is the name given to the New Delhi airport which is the busiest airport in the case of traffic caused by passengers. It has got its name after a former Prime Minister of India. Its location is near Palam which is 15 km from the South-West to the New Delhi railway station and a distance of 16 km from New Delhi city center. The passengers are free to choose a taxi, bus, or metro rail to reach the airport.

Three units in the airport

1.) Terminal 1D

There are check-in counters along with departures for domestic flights. Apart from check-in counters, there are security checkpoints and shops. (Serves airlines from IndiGo, SpiceJet, and GoAir) Interactive map.

2.) Terminal 1C

This terminal is present to have the arrival of domestic flights. Other amenities include baggage reclaim, taxi desks, shops, etc. (IndiGo, SpiceJet, and GoAir are served through it)

3.) Terminal C

The arrival, as well as departure associated with International and Domestic flights, takes place. When you arrive in India through an International flight, you are likely to land through this terminal. (Air India, Alliance Air, Jet Airways, Vistara, Air Asia, and other international airlines get the service through this terminal)

What you should know about eVisa Mart

When you are having problems related to your travel visas, you should contact eVisa Mart. It is a multinational company that is responsible for providing online solutions to any issues with travel visas. The passengers are provided with their visa using a computer, smartphone, or tablet to maintain simplicity, ensuring the least chances of receiving a rejection, security, and a supporting team which can be contacted 24*7.

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What is the Evisa associated with India Tourist?

The document needed to enter or cross the Indian Territory which is linked to your passport. It is a document officially provided by the Government.

What is the validity period of E-Visa in India?

This particular kind of visa is available for one year from the date it has been issued to the person. The condition is that the person must enter India in limited time after its issued date.?

Documents required to properly apply for E-Visa in India

apply for E-Visa in India

Following are the documents required to apply properly:

  • In PDF format, the digital copy of the bio page available on your passport

  • In JPEG format, your digital passport picture

  • For the payment, there should be a credit or debit card or an account in PayPal

What are the waiting period and money charged for getting the E-Visa for Indian tourists?

Following are the three options:

  1. Standard processing ? It will take about 96 hours. As it's the cheapest alternative, most candidates go for the standard one.

  2. Rush processing ? It goes on to take about 72 hours. The cost sure goes a tad bit higher when you compare with a previous option.

  3. Super Rush processing time ? It will take the least of all, i.e., 48 hours. You may expect, the price going up and higher.

Can you make a single entry or multiple entries using the E-Visa for Indian Tourists?

The foreign Tourists are allowed to make multiple or Double entries where they can stay continuously for minimum days of 30 days to a maximum 90 to 180 days depends on their nationality or visa type.

What is the right time to apply for an Indian tourist E-Visa?

What is the right time to apply Indian visa

According to the Indian Government, the tourists must apply 120 days before the date they have decided for the beginning of their trip. With our services, you are free to apply anytime. Your application will shift for matching the right time to apply the application.

It is advised to not keep the application for applying for less than 4 days before the arrival date. There might be some unseen delays that might affect your application getting applied.?

If you have more doubts. Where to get the right answers?

Our website provides the best and fastest services so that people can contact us anytime. Our customer services are always free to chat and provide the required help. You can browse our website and find relatable FAQs.

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