What To Do If You Lost Your OCI Card? The Guide To Everything You Should KNow

What To Do If You Lost Your OCI Card
Published on: 07-10-2020
What To Do If You Lost Your OCI Card? The Guide To Everything You Should KNow

An OCI card is one of the important documents. Just like an Indian tourist visa, it helps people to travel easily. This card is needed by those people who are Indians but settled in foreign. This card makes it easy for them to travel to India anytime.?

But what if you misplaced or even lost your OCI card or OCI booklet just before your trip date? In that case, you would be in a terrifying situation. Right? It might lead to inconvenience. But you do not have to be anxious because the procedure to apply for a lost OCI card is not very tough. But you need not worry. We have an exact solution to your problem, where you will get all the help regarding how to replace a lost OCI card or OCI card transfer to a new passport.?

What does OCI Card Stand For?

OCI card means Overseas Citizens of Indian card issued to a foreign citizen of Indian origin who works or lives abroad. It allows them to travel to India anytime without bothering about rigid international travel guidelines. This card helps people to visit India easily to meet their family and friends or regarding their work concerns. It facilitates them to have a smooth and successful trip.?

Benefits of Having An OCI Card?

There are various benefits of owning an OCI card for a person linked to India but stays outside. Some of the major advantages include -

  • It is a life-long multi-purpose visa for India.

  • You can visit India multiple times without facing any queries.?

  • He/she becomes eligible for employment opportunities in the private sector like finance, economics, and educational fields and need not register under FRRO to seek employment.?

  • If an OCI cardholder lives in India, then he/she can use it as proof to apply for their PAN card or driving license.?

  • No need to visit police authorities for any length of stay in India.

  • No need to apply for a visa.

Eligibility Criteria -???

There are a few guidelines that you need to follow like-?

  • OCI card seeker must not have ancestors from Pakistan or Bangladesh.

  • Under the eligibility criteria for the OCI card, a person must be a citizen of another

country and should have the passport of that nation.

  • Before making an application for registration, a person should have been a resident in India for 12 months.

  • A person must be an Indian citizen on or after January 16, 1950.

  • He/she should belong to that part which is merged with India after August 15, 1947

Now let?s discuss how you can manage your new OCI card.?

Are You Looking for The Replacement Of Your Lost OCI Card Or OCI Booklet?

Below mentioned are the step by step instructions that one needs to follow to get their duplicate card in no time ??

  • Firstly, you have to file FIR at your nearest police station so that you have a proof of loss.?? ? ?

  • After that, visit the OCI page of the Ministry Of External Affairs and select the ?OCI? from the ?Miscellaneous Services? menu.

  • Enter details like OCI registration or file number, date of birth, passport number, etc.?

  • Then you have to select the ?Replacement of lost/damaged OCI card? option. There you?ll be asked to upload all the required documents and information. ? ?

  • Then print your form and take copies of passport-size photos and other documents. You have to submit them to your nearest FRRO office for the approval of the date and time.?

  • Then you?ll be called for an interview at the FRRO office. Once it is done, then within a month, you will receive your duplicate OCI card.

  • USD 100 or INR 5,500 is the current fee for replacing your OCI card.

If I have lost my OCI card, then when should I apply for my new OCI card??

Generally, it takes about a month to get your new OCI card. It follows a quite long process. Therefore, don?t immediately apply for a replacement OCI card just before your trip. It might take time.

What is the procedure to get a new OCI card if I have lost my card?

The procedure for applying for your new OCI card is as follows ??

  • File a police report.

  • Apply online for your new card.

  • Print, sign, and mail all required papers and documents.

  • Pay the required fees.

  • Interview at FRRO office.

  • New OCI card arrival.

What documents are required to apply for the OCI card?

?You?ll need the below-mentioned documents:

  • Passport size photograph

  • Any proof that shows their present citizenship.

  • Thumb impression

  • Evidence of self / parents / grandparents / great grandparents being a citizen of India.

  • Bank details

  • Criminal records, if any.

  • Medical check-ups

  • Evidence as spouse of foreign origin of an OCI cardholder or a spouse of foreign origin of a citizen of India.

What restrictions do we need to face while applying for an OCI card?

You have to face certain restrictions like:?

  • Any person or their parents/grandparents / great grandparents who had been a citizen of Pakistan or Bangladesh can?t apply for an OCI card.

  • An OCI cardholder does not have the right to buy agricultural properties.?

  • A person who serves as a member of any foreign military can?t register.

  • OCI cardholders are not allowed to take part in elections. This means they can?t enjoy the right to vote.

Who Issues an OCI card? When was it launched???

The Overseas Citizenship of India Card was launched in 2005 under the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2005. The OCI card is issued under the Union Home Ministry by The Bureau Of Immigration, which is run by the central government of India. It is allotted to those people who have migrated from the country and now live somewhere else.?

Why was an OCI card launched?

There were high demands of dual citizenship by the Indians who were living in developed countries. But the Indian constitution doesn?t allow its citizens to hold dual citizenship, that is why the OCI card was then introduced so that people can easily stay in their original country and at their workplace country, whenever they want for any duration.?

If I doubt that my OCI card has been stolen, what should I do in that case?

Whether you have misplaced your OCI card or if its stolen, in both cases, make sure you file a police report.

An OCI card is an important document. Since it?s a physical card, make sure to take care of it properly. Misplacing the card can cause lots of tension to you. Though, we have provided you the way regarding how you can apply for your new OCI card if you lost one. But its always advisable to keep all your documents at a safe place so that you don?t lose out on them. Happy journey!?

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