Countries Do Not Need A Visa For India
Published on: 12-08-2020

Which Countries Do Not Need A Visa For India?

When you are traveling to India, you will need to have a Visa to support your trip. Visa can be applied online or going the traditional route. The Indian visa can be electronically processed or it could be processed manually. Whoever wants to visit India must have a visa otherwise their entry will be barred from India. You can visit India for business, work, or medical purposes. When you apply for an online Visa for India, you will have to submit some documents that will authenticate your purpose of visit to the Indian subcontinent.

The e-Visa will be approved and sent to you before you travel to India. Before the departure from your country, you will receive a copy of your visa that you will have to present at the time of arrival in India.

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What is a Visa?

A visa is a conditional authorization processed in a document format. This document is granted by a formal territory to all the foreigners who want to travel to another country. This piece of the document allows the people to enter, exit, and stay in a country. Visas can also include all the limits that can put on the duration of stay and the territories that the people want to enter. The visa may contain all the details regarding the date of entry and date of exit, working status, permission to visit, and so on.

Most of the visa applications are filled out and completed in advance of the arrival in a country. There are a lot of formalities that have to be met such as explaining the reason for the travel, details about the visits of the previous countries, and other security and financial matters. Visitors can also be asked to pass security and health checkups. This is done during the arrival in the country. Citizens of many countries may enter other countries without a visa. These people are granted a visa on arrival. This process simplifies the Visa application and approval process.

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Importance of a Visa

Visa is the most crucial document along with the passport when you want to travel, not only to India but other countries as well. If you are an Indian citizen and a resident of India and you have an Indian passport, you will be able to visit all the countries that allow Indian citizens entry and exit. You will have to go through a complete verification and authorized visa application process to obtain the visa. There are around fifty-eight countries across the world that also allow Indians to travel without a visa. You can obtain a visa on arrival at the time you land in those countries.

If you are a holder of an Indian passport, you are far more powerful than the neighboring countries surrounding India such as Pakistan and Bangladesh. You can travel Visa-free in countries that are situated in the Middle East, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. When you travel with a visa, your travel is a lot cheaper as you don't have to pay heavy amounts of visa fees and the commission that you would give to the travel agents and embassy consultants.

Indian travel around the world, but the most popular destinations for Indian visitors is in the Asian region. Some of the most favorite destinations are Thailand, Mauritius, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan. These countries provide visas on arrival and this reduces the time that is put into the visa application process. In many countries, the visa on arrival allows people to stay for up to 30 days. Some countries allow staying for only 15 days. You can even extend your visa.

which countries donot need visa for India

Which countries do not need a visa for India?

Tourism and travel are some of the most important sources of revenue for India. This is a tool that is significant for economic growth. Tourism helps to generate profits for companies and employment in the nation. India is one of the leading countries when it comes to tourism and travel. It's historic beauty, culture, tradition, and natural landscapes are the main attractions for the tourists. Many foreign nationals visit India every year from all across the world. In recent years, India has seen a major rise in the tourism sector and has witnessed significant growth in revenue.

The citizens of the countries that are eligible to travel to India should have a passport and a visa. There has been an increase in the tourists? visas. India allows a few countries to travel to India with a visa on arrival. This means that the eligible countries' citizens do not have to get a visa before their visit. The government of India has introduced a scheme for the citizens of a few countries that can visit India without a visa. The nationals from these countries can obtain a visa on arrival as soon as they land in India.

Indian Tourist Visa at the time of Arrival

The major purpose and object of the tourist visa in the arrival scheme are to bring in more foreign nationals to visit India. The ultimate plan is to increase the tourism of India and gain revenues. People from the following countries can also obtain a group visa on arrival. All the foreign tourists that are traveling in a group of four and more than four can arrive in India and get the group via by getting a pre-written itinerary.

The validity of an Indian tourist visa on arrival

The tourist visa on arrival shall be valid only for countries that are eligible to travel to India without a visa. The visitors can enter and exit the country anytime between the validity of their visa. The visa is valid for up to thirty days to the nationals of the countries.


Q. What is the purpose of an e-Visa??

Ans. An e-Visa is an electronic visa that is processed electronically. If you wish to enter India for travel, you can fill out the visa application online. The purpose of this visa is to simplify the process of visa approval.?

Q. What is a visa of arrival and what countries are eligible for an Indian visa on arrival??

Ans. Visa on arrival is a temporary visa that is issued after the visitor has reached India. Only a few selected countries are permitted to enter India without a Visa. The countries that are eligible to apply for a visa on arrival are as follows- Singapore, Japan, Philippines, New Zealand, Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, Finland, Myanmar, and Cambodia.?

Q. Can you apply for a visa on arrival at an international Indian airport??

Ans. You can apply for a visa on arrival when you arrive in India. However, you should belong to the eligible countries that are permitted to enter India and stay on a temporary issued visa on arrival. The visa process will take only a few minutes. This is time-saving and also less effort is required.?

Q. For how long is a tourist visa valid??

Ans. An Indian tourist visa will be valid for up to thirty days. It will allow one visit for only thirty days in India. You can apply for a tourist visa online. If eligible, you can get the visa on arrival.?

Q. How long will it take to process the visa application??

Ans. The Visa application process can take from anywhere between two to fourteen business days. You will have to submit a complete visa application along with the visa fees. The payment can be made online. After the application is processed, the visa processing will begin. Once your visa application is processed and approved, the immigration authorities will send you the visa via mail.?

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