How South Koreans can apply for Cambodian E-Visa

Cambodia has been growing as the favourite tourist hub spot among explorers from different nations. Especially the people from South Korea who like the travel experience of Cambodia. Cambodia has seen an exponential rise in the tourism sector, of people travelling to this beautiful country, from the past couple of years. Many of these tourists belong to South Korea. People are being fascinated by the natural beauty that Cambodia offers to its tourists and its natural ponders. No wonder why one must not want to visit this beautiful nation. South Korean President Moon Jae-in or his wife first lady Kim Jung-sook also visited Angkor Wat in Cambodia.

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Over the past year, 6 million people have visited Cambodia. Out of the 6 million tourists, South Koreans were among the most famous guests. There were more than 350,000 South Koreans who visited Cambodia. Along with some other conditions, the people from South Korea need to have a Visa to enter the Kingdom of Cambodia. However, it's easy and simple to get an e-visa for Cambodia. It is essential and necessary to have an e-Visa. It does not take very much time, you can apply for it, and it takes less than 20 minutes to get the e-Visa in your hand.



We have prepared a list of a few questions that will help you to know the process for applying for Cambodian e-Visa:

What is the Cambodian e-Visa?

Cambodian e-Visa is issued by the government authority that provides visas for tourists or businesses. The authority has been granting e-visa for people from different nations other than Cambodia to enter this beautiful country for tourism or business or any other purposes.

Citizens from the nations like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Sri Lanka are not qualified for the Cambodian e-Visa. However, U.K citizens can apply for this Cambodian e-Visa


If you have a South Korean Passport, do you need to have a Visa to enter Cambodia?

Yes, you need to have an e-Visa, even if you have the South Korean Passport, to enter Cambodia. To know more about the requirements to get the Cambodian e-Visa, you need to click here.


As a South Korean, what documents are required to apply for e-Visa?

Few things are required to fulfil the Cambodian e-Visa necessities. For South Koreans, the process to apply for the Cambodian e-Visa is simple and easy. The list of things that are needed to apply for Cambodian e-Visa is given below:

  • A Valid Passport: Your passport must valid for at least six months from your date of arrival in Cambodia. Every South Korean citizen needs to fulfil this condition to get an e-visa for Cambodia. If the passport's expiry is in less than six months from the date of arrival in Cambodia, you might not get your visa approved. Your application for Cambodian e-Visa will be denied. It must also have 2 blank pages on your passport for stamping.
  • An Email address: You will have to provide your email address, in which the copy of your e-Visa would be sent to you. Although your e-Visa is connected to your passport, you still need to show the printed copy of your e-Visa that has been sent to you in your email. When you arrive at Cambodia's immigration, the officials will ask for the printed copy of the e-Visa and your original passport.  
  • Digital Photo: You also need to have a current passport size photograph for applying for Cambodian e-Visa, which is supposed to be in the digital form; it can either be in JPEG or PNG format. 
  • Health Insurance: You also need to have Health Insurance if you apply for Visa Type E, the business e-Visa for Cambodia.
  • Other Documents: You might need to have some other supporting documents if applying for the Visa type E (business e-Visa). You will need to have an investment project, Employment Certificate, letter of sponsorship from the local, labor contract, Certificate from Educational Establishment, Patent Certificate, etc.


How long can you stay in Cambodia if you are from South Korea?

If you are from South Korea, you can stay in Cambodia for 30 days as it's a Single-Entry type of visa. You can enter Cambodia from the date your visa is given to the following 90 days. You cannot enter Cambodia after the completion of 90 days.


Do you need to apply for a Cambodian e-Visa for your kids too?

Yes, every person who wants to visit the country would require an e-Visa.


What are the different kinds of Cambodian e-Visa issues to South Koreans? 

Cambodian Government issues two different kinds of e-visa: -

  • Visa Type E: This visa is issued for business purposes
  • Visa Type T: It is issued for tourism purposes.


What if you have made a mistake in your e-Visa application?

If you have made a mistake in your application, you should contact the customer support team as soon as possible, help you straight away, and guide you through further procedures

How does the e-visa to Cambodia look?

visa for india from australia

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