Cambodia e-visa for U.S. Citizens

Remember to add Cambodia to your travel list if you are a U.S. citizen arranging an outing to Southeast Asia. This secret gem of a nation has been overshadowed for quite a long time by its more well-known neighbors, such as Thailand and Vietnam. With over 21 regions, 4,000 temples, and 13,400 cities, an ever-increasing number of vacationers place Cambodia on their list. There are several activities in the purported "Place of Stability and Prosperity."

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It would help if you first acclimated yourself with the nation's rules you are moving out to before you can bounce into the excitement and experience of traveling abroad. It would be perfect if you met the Cambodia visa requirement to enter the country for your holiday. It's quick and convenient to get a Cambodia visa for U.S. residents, and it will take you less than 20 minutes to fill out the application form.
If the e-visa process is not obvious, then here are a few answers to the most common inquiries.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the Cambodia Visa Requirements for the U.S Residents?

You need to mention a small number of information before you apply for your Cambodian visa. Here is a short and simple summary of the things you require to fill out.

  • Valid Passport: Before entering Cambodia, every traveler should have a substantial United States passport. Similarly, you should ensure that your Passport is valid for at least half a year from your arrival date in Cambodia and must have 2 blank pages. Otherwise, you may be refused your visa application.
  • Latest photograph : The online Cambodia visa application allows all travelers to have a new digital format passport-sized photograph (either in JPEG or PNG).
  • Significant email address: Even though your e-visa will be linked to your Passport, getting a copy of the approved e-visa in case anything goes wrong is necessary. Via your email address, you will obtain a copy of your e-Visa. This duplicate must be printed out only if you need to show it to the immigration official when you arrive in Cambodia.
  • If applying for a Visa Form E (business e-visa), you must have health insurance.
  • Supporting Document: Investment project, sponsorship letter from local, Certificate of employment, Labor contact, Patent certificate, Certificate from Educational Establishment (if apply for Visa type E(business e-visa))
  • Required Data: The application will ask you a few questions about your background, which may also not be limited to:
    • Person details (complete name, address, date of birth, and so on)
    • Information on Passport (passport number, expiry date, nationality, and so on)
    • The reason for the visit

What are the Instructions to Apply for a Cambodian e-Visa from the USA?

To begin applying for your Cambodia visa, you should start applying online. The application will then ask you for basic details such as your name, last name, passport information, and the reason for visiting Cambodia, if you have any family members living in Cambodia, and so on.
The interaction is easy, and most people can complete the form in less than 10 minutes. After you've submitted your application, you'll have to wait for your Cambodian e-Visa application to be accepted.

How Long Can a U.S. Resident Stay in Cambodia?

Their right to stay in Cambodia is dependent on the visa they applied for and the terms of that visa. The United States residents will be permitted to remain in Cambodia for up to 30 days after their initial entry. The Cambodia online visa provides the potential for an extension. Citizens of the United States who need more time in Cambodia can apply for a 30-day extension.
This refers to holders of U.S. government-issued passports who wish to fly to Cambodia for tourism. U.S. residents who wish to stay in Cambodia for work, research, or other purposes should refer to their nearest government office in Cambodia and apply for a standard visa.

For the US citizens, for how long is the Cambodian eVisa valid?

This e-Visa is valid for 90 days from the date of approval.


Your Passport should have 2 blank pages and a validity of 6 months from your arrival date in Cambodia.

Which types of Cambodian evisa available for the U.S. Citizens?

The Cambodian government provides two forms of visas to American citizens. These are the ones.

  • Visa Form T: -If you're visiting Cambodia for tourism, you'll need this visa.
  • Visa Form E: -This visa is issued for business purposes if you are visiting Cambodia.

Would I be able to travel to Cambodia with a Refugee Travel Document?

No, it's not real. If you have a valid passport, it will be best to enter Cambodia.

How long does it require to recieve an e-visa for Cambodia?

Residents of the United States can rest assured that obtaining an electronic authorization to travel to Cambodia is an easy and fast operation. It takes minutes to finish a couple of steps needed to present an application. A secure internet connection and the least supporting documentation are all you need (as featured previously). After submission, the ordinary waiting period for the e-Visa request to be processed in 3 business days. It may take longer for a few applications to (up to 5 business days). It can occur around holidays or when the form or supporting documentation is incomplete and more information is needed.

Can U.S. Residents Enter Cambodia through Land Border Crossing Points?

Electronic visa holders can enter Cambodia by air and land at a few line crossing points: -

The land crossing centers that U.S. people will use are coming up next:

  • Cham Yeam-territory of Koh Kong (from Thailand)
  • Banteay Meanchey territory – Poi Pet (from Thailand)
  • Area of Bavet – SvayRieng (from Vietnam)
  • Border Post TropaengKreal, Stung Treng (from Laos)
  • The following air terminals can be used to reach the country:
  • Phnom Penh International Airport is located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.
  • International Airport Siem Reap
  • Sihanoukville International Airport is located in Sihanoukville,
Cambodia Outsiders must carry a printed copy of their e-Visa and the Passport they used during the application process.

What if my Passport expires earlier?

Is your Passport set to expire within half a year of your arrival date? You are not fulfilling the Cambodia visa requirement at that point. You will first have to apply for a new passport and you can apply for your e-visa after getting your new passport.

I still have questions; where can I read more info?

Try not to worry if you're still overwhelmed by this e-Visa; you can get it here by contacting Someone will be available 24 / 7 for you. Or you can find more detail on this e-Visa here.

visa for india from australia

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