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About Canada e-Visa (ETA)

Canada is the world's 2nd biggest country on the planet. Canada also has some of the most beautiful sceneries to offer and an excellent place for travelers to explore. Canada is also a country that hosts rich urban. In 2015, Canada authorized ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization), which gave the permission to qualified residents to visit Canada by just filling up an online form before landing in the country. The application form of Canada ETA is elementary and straightforward to complete. While filling the application form, candidates are supposed to give personal information, contact details, passport details, etc. Also, candidates will be required to respond to a few mandatory inquiries such as the background check, medical history, etc.

When the ETA gets finalized, it gets electronically connected to the applicant's passport. The ETA is Valid for five years or until the passport of the candidate does not get expired. In case the candidate gets a new passport, he or she will require another ETA to visit Canada.

How to Apply for a Canada ETA:

Applying for the visa is the simplest of all steps.It takes less than 5-7 minutes to complete your form and sit
back and relax.Follow these steps to get ready and pack your bag.

Online application

The candidates need to fill the application with the supportive documents, pay the fees online and then finally submit the application for verification.

fill out application for US evisa online
Visa Approval

The visa approval letter will be sent via e-mail. The candidate does not need to visit the embassy physically.

receive document of US evisa online

Once the candidate arrives at the destination, they must show the documents along with the passport.

US tourist eVisa

Why Should I choose ?

Getting a visa can be challenging, especially when you have a hustle-bustle life and do not have time to look after the administrative processes required for the visa. Hence, in this case, you can trust a visa professional, and none another hand, eVisamart.

Evisamart is the one-stop destination for applying for Canada e-Visa, and the professionals of the company will take over all the processes. You no more have to visit the embassy or rely on the government forms when you have the back of the professionals from eVisamart. Our e-Visa experts will offer you exceptional services and assess you till the time you do not land. We will make sure that you have safe travel and all your needs are fulfilled.

Canadian Government has given the ETA permission to 50+ countries, and their residents can visit Canada with multiple entries. Your ETA will be valid for 5 years and you can stay continuous for 180 days. Individuals applying for the ETA have to pay fees online and submit the documents online allowing them to get the ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). The approval of ETA is sent via e-mail.

To get a Canada ETA, the candidate must have a valid passport and a few documents such as identity proof, address proof, payment verification, etc. Just e-mail us your queries, and our experts will get in touch with you at the earliest.

Types of E-VISA:

Canada ETA: -
ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) is a prerequisite for foreigners to enter Canada via air. Through the ETA, foreign nationals can visit Canada for a short period easily. This way, the Canadian Government can have a close look at who wants to visit the country and do background check accordingly. The ETA, once approved, then gets connected to the passport of applicant. Getting a Canada ETA is not very much challenging. A foreign national can avail ETA to visit Canada for multiple purposes such as tourism, business, personal, etc., and the maximum duration for each time is six months. The ETA is valid for five years until the passport expires before that.

All the U.S. Permanent residents who are Green card holders also require an ETA to enter Canada along with the Green card.

  • Travelers who are free from the Canada ETA:
    • Travelers who have a valid Canadian visa.
    • All the French residents in Miquelon and Saint Pierre are flying to Canada directly from Miquelon and Saint Pierre.
    • All the foreigners traveling – to or coming from the United States on a flight that halts in Canada for a refuel.
    • Have legal status in the United States.
    • Foreign nations traveling on a flight that has an unscheduled stop in Canada.
    • Travelers are traveling through the Canadian air terminal under the Transit without Visa or China transit program.
    • Flight monitors, agents who will be working in Canada for the future.
    • All the members of the Armed forces of any nation who are assigned under the Visiting Forces Act visiting Canada to complete the formal obligations.
    • All the diplomats that the Canada Government authorizes.

    Documents Required :
    Here is a life of documents required by the candidate:
    • A valid passport with at least six months of validity from the date of arrival in Canada.
    • E-mail Id of the traveler
    • Contact details of the traveler
    • Emergency contact number and e-mail id of the traveler
    • Debit/Credit card or PayPal details.
    Essential Instructions about ETA:

    Essential Instructions about ETA:
    Here are some of the instructions that the foreign nationals should keep in mind before availing ETA for Canada:

    • Before even boarding the flight to Canada, the visitors should have an approved ETA. Otherwise, they will not enter Canada.
    • Visitors also should have a valid passport with continuity of at least six months after the arrival date in Canada.
    • If your passport gets expired, you have changed your name, adjusted your gender, and are no longer a citizen of the country, which was mentioned in ETA, under these circumstances, you should apply for another ETA.
    • Travelers traveling from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China need to mandatorily have a passport given by the Hong Kong SAR, to be eligible to apply for Canada ETA.
    • All travelers from Taiwan need to have a passport authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Taiwan, consisting of a personal identification number. Only then the Taiwanese citizens can apply for the ETA.
    • Travelers from the Vatican City State need to have a travel document or passport authorized by the Vatican to apply for the ETA.
    • U.K. Citizens who come under the following passports can apply for the Canada ETA:
      • British Resident
      • British' Subject' with an abode privilege in the U.K.
      • Overseas British Nationals
      • Overseas British resident
      • Overseas British region resident that has is a citizen of U.K. through birth, naturalization, descent, enrollment in the following British territories:
        • Anguilla
        • The British Virgin Islands
        • Falkland Islands (Malvinas)
        • Montserrat
        • Saint Helena
        • Bermuda
        • Cayman Islands
        • Gibraltar
        • Pitcairn Island
        • Turks and Caicos Islands

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    Eligible Countries
    Andorra Czech Republic Israel, must have
    a national Israeli passport
    Netherlands Slovenia
    Australia Denmark Italy New Zealand Solomon Islands
    Austria Estonia Japan Norway Spain
    Bahamas Finland Republic of Korea Papua New Guinea Sweden
    Barbados France Latvia Poland Switzerland
    Belgium Germany Liechtenstein Portugal Taiwan
    Brunei Darussalam Greece Lithuania Romania (electronic
    passport holders only)
    United Arab Emirates
    Bulgaria Hong Kong Luxembourg Samoa United States ( Only
    Permanent resident or Green
    card holders can apply)
    Chile Hungary Malta San Marino United Kingdom
    Croatia Iceland Mexico Singapore Vatican City.
    Cyprus Ireland Monaco Slovakia
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    E-Visa FAQs
    What is an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) to Canada?

    Since the year 2016, ETA has been made compulsory by the Canadian Government for all the visa-exempt international nationals who wish to visit Canada via a commercial or chartered flight. The ETA is connected to the traveler's passport and gives the traveler to stay six months continuously in Canada. Approved ETA has 5 years of validity from the dates of its approval or until your passport expires. ETA can be used for multiple purposes such as transit, business, tourism, etc. Applying for a traditional Canada visitor visa is an additional tedious interaction; however, ETA's decision comes within hours or a day, as the process is fast.

    What are the benefits of the ETA framework?

    The primary reason for the framework's existence was to distinguish between travelers who were eligible to enter Canada and those who were not. For instance, individuals with a bad past, such as criminal records, are prohibited from entering the country. Proper screening is done to check who should be given approval for the ETA and who should not be given.

    Why is an ETA required to enter Canada?

    Earlier, there was limited scope by the Canadian Government to screen the visitors entering the country. Hence, to make entry and exit very easy, in 2015 Canadian Government introduced the concept of ETA. Just by filling an online application form, the visa-exempt countries' residents can apply for the ETA. This helps the Canadian Government to do a thorough background check of the application.
    When this data and travel details are presented, the Canadian Authorities investigate them and choose whether the candidates meet the prerequisites and the qualities required. The system at that point answers naturally offers the responses before your travel date. The Airline, at that point, verifies with the Authorities that an ETA Canada was approved.

    In Case my travel authorization is not approved, what should I do?

    If your travel approval ends up failing for some reason, you will have little possibility of getting the visa. You will be required to visit the Canadian Embassy or the department in your own country and fill out a visa application form. You will be required to submit your visa application form with necessary documents or even different things needed for your country's Canadian experts.
    If you do not get a confirmation mail with the application number in 72 working hours, you will have to submit the online application form again. You can subsequently apply for the ETA.

    What factors should I remember in mind to travel to Canada without any hassle under the ETA program?

    Firstly, you should be a resident of one of the nations that have been exempted from getting a Canadian VISA. Also, you are required to have a valid passport. To pay ETA charges, you must hold a credit or debit card that supports international payment.
    If you have proper funds to support your visit to Canada, it would be best to convince the Canadian migration official that you have connections to your nation of origin like a job, property, study, or financial status to ensure you get back to your country.

    What is the information I need to fill out in my Canada ETA application form?

    ETA application form is very easy to fill. You require a few minutes to fill in your information. While filling the form, you have to answer a couple of questions such as personal details, passport number, nationality as stated in the passport, issue date and expiration date of the passport last name as mentioned in your passport, birth date, state, or city of birth, etc. While filling the application form, make sure you have all the relevant documents ready. Whenever you're finished with this data, you will at that point need to finish the contact information and other traveling information, which incorporate the departure of your flight.

    I'm heading out to Canada through the boat, cruise, or driving across a border. Do I need an ETA?

    No, ETA is only required by travelers visiting Canada either by a commercial or chartered flight.

    With an approved ETA, for how long can I stay in Canada?

    With an approved ETA, travelers can stay up to 6 months in Canada. The Canadian border officials decide the specific period upon arrival and then stamp the traveler's passport's specific duration.

    I am a US citizen and a Canadian resident. Will I require an ETA?

    No, all US and Canadian residents are excluded from the ETA prerequisites.

    I have a Canadian travel visa, and I am also holding a passport for a visa-exempt country. Do I still require an ETA?

    No, in this case, you can travel with your current passport that has an approved Canadian travel visa stamp. If you want, you can apply for an eTA utilizing the passport of the visa-exempt country.

    How long it takes to get the Canada ETA approved?

    Mostly an ETA application takes about an hour to get approved. However, in some exceptional cases, the application would require a few days or weeks also. In Case any additional information is needed, then authorities will reach out to you.

    What is the duration validity of approved Canada ETA?

    When your ETA gets approved, then there is five-year validity upon arrival or until your passport expires, whichever dates happen first.

    If I am visiting Canada without stopping, still will I need a visa?

    If the applicant is from a country that is not visa exempted for Canada travel, you will be required a transit visa to go through Canada without stopping. The transit visa is needed regardless of your journey will be under a span of 48 hours. If the applicant is from a country that enjoys a visa-exempt status, you would require an ETA to visit Canada. However, if you are coming from the United States, you will not be required to submit a transit visa.

    Will I visit Canada if I have not got any official email for my ETA's approval?

    No, until and unless you have the official permission and an ETA confirmed, you cannot board the Canada flight. An approved ETA is a must.

    Can I apply for the Canada ETA on behalf of the other person?

    In Case you are a guardian or parent of a minor who is below 18 years or applying for someone from your travel group, you can apply for a visa on behalf of them. On the ETA application form, you will be required to demonstrate that you have applied for the other person and also state the relationship you share with the candidate, on whose behalf you are filling the form. Ensure you have all the necessary documents of the candidates you are serving the state, such as employment form, travel information, personal details, contact details, etc.

    In Case if I have made some errors, will I be able to rectify the mistakes?

    Unfortunately, the errors cannot be rectified on the ETA application. You will be required to fill a completely new application. Hence, while filling the form, candidates must be cautious about entering details and checking it thoroughly.

    If I have a criminal record, will I still be eligible to apply for the Canada ETA?

    Yes, if you have a criminal record but are clean now, you can apply for the Canada ETA. However, you will be questioned to clarify your criminal record. Each clarification will be inspected, and post the inspection, you will be given the ETA.

    I had a new passport, and my ETA was attached to the previous passport. Do I need a new ETA to visit Canada?

    If you have a new passport, you will have to apply for a new ETA to enter Canada with your new passport details.

    How can I check for the status of the ETA I have applied for?

    You can check the status of an eTA application by visiting the Check Status page of the website.

    Can my application process if my payment fails?

    Successful payment is essential for the application to get submitted. If the payment fails in the middle, the application will not go further.

    How can I pay for my Canada ETA?

    There are multiple ways to pay for the Canada ETA online, such as using your debit card or a visa master card. You can also pay by PayPal.